Modifying an Arbitrary Waveform Using a 33500 Series Function Generator w/ Arbitrary Waveform Editor

Uploaded by AgilentTube on 29.07.2010

OK now that we have our waveform in our function arbitrary waveform generator which is now
outputting it to the scope. I’m going to show you how easy it is to edit the waveform
directly from the box – to manipulate or change the waveform. So, I’m going to my
arb menu and I’m going to select edit existing I’m going to select the waveform I’m currently
outputting. And my waveform editor is starting up this is a separate application inside the
box. Now I’m just going to select a single point to edit there are other options how
you can do it quicker and I’m going to kind a roll up the slope of my waveform and just
pick one and then I’m going to edit the voltage on it so I’m going to create a voltage
spike. And you can see the voltage spike on the editor that I created by just moving one
point up in voltage. I’m going to press done and save that, now that I have saved
that in main memory I’m going to exit the editor and I’m going to load that manipulate
waveform back into channel 1 So, Here we go and you can see the spike I added on the oscilloscope.
Very quick very easy no computer needed.