OSIsoft: Directed Exercise  on Excel Web Access (EWA) and Connections. v2.2

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 24.05.2011


Directed Exercise.
In this exercise, what I'd like you to do is add a
text filter WebPart to the page that we've been working on.
So that was the page that had the
parameters originally and that we used in our previous
examples. Now how do we go about
doing this? First of all I'll add a WebPart
just like we've started adding WebParts before.
This is going to be in the list of filters.
And here is that list. You saw a screen print of it a few minutes ago.
All different types of filters are available.
I'm going to choose the one called Text Filter.

Again like all WebParts,
when we first add it,
it's not configured properly. So we need to configure it.
A couple of things I'm going to do, I'm going to
go ahead and give it a name and a title to make it a little
easier. So I'll just call this the Tag Name.
Now when I click on OK, that hasn't accomplished much.
As you can see, it's
labeled it properly. But that's about
all that we've seen here.
What I'd like to do now is actually make the connection between
the two. So to make the connection,
again, making sure that you are in Edit mode.
Choose Edit, Connections. We are going
to send filter values too. And then we get a list of the different
WebParts on this page. I want the
Excel Web Access WebPart.
Now this is where we get to choose
what we are actually going to be doing.
What is it that this Excel
Web Access is actually getting from
that filter. I would it like
it to get the filter values from the
WebPart. And I will configure this so
that we take that tag name and we
put that tag name into the named
range called tag_name
So if you recall, this is the list of named ranges in that
spreadsheet. I'll go ahead and choose finish.
And as you can see the configuration,
the connection has taken place and we've already removed tag_name
from there. And you can
see the nomenclature, it says sending values too.
It's going to be sending values to DLES Test.
That's the EWA. So I'll exit out of
edit mode.
And let me
go ahead and test this by sending a tag name.
BALevel.1 and press enter.
And that should initiate the transfer.
There we go. So we've sent that tag name over there.