Honi Comes Full Circle (A Tale for Tu B'shvat)

Uploaded by gdashdcast on 04.01.2011

In the land of Israel, the winter season is the only time it rains
And that year, there was no rain.
I'm so thirsty, we haven't had water in weeks
I'm so hungry, and my crops are dead.
What should we do?
Let's ask Honi the Circle Maker for help!
What can I do ya for?
There's no rain
Our trees won't grow.
Stop kvetching. I know what to do.
I'm going....to pray.
Hey God! These people really need the rain.
Please, send us some!
How's it going?
Nothing yet.
Hello God? These people really need the rain.
We depend on it for everything.
It waters the plants. It makes the trees grow.
And the trees give us shelter, wood, nuts, and fruit.
And, uh, the people aren't taking many showers lately.
Show some respect, that's God you're talking to!
He is going to get sooooo skewered.
And still nothing!
(bulging sound, light rain sound)
Come on God! I'm not leaving this circle until it really rains!
(thunderstorm sound)
(popping sounds, Honi singing)
Nice job, God. You rock.
Most people talk to God with respect.
But it's like they're talking to their dentist.
Honi and God talk like they're best friends.
Okay, boss. Gotta go. (boing sound)
What are you doing?
I'm planting a carob tree.
Why bother? That's going to take forever.
70 years, actually.
Exactly. You won't even be around to taste it.
Maybe I won't, but my grandparents planted carob trees for me
So I'm planting trees for the next generation to come.
That could have been the end of the story.
But it isn't.
For then, as the rabbis tell it
Honi fell asleep for 70 years.
Did you plant that tree?
My grandparents did!
Is the son of Honi the Circlemaker still around?
No, but I'm his grandson.
You look a little wiped out.
Here, snack on some carob.
Happy new year of the trees!