Using the Literature Resource Center

Uploaded by CCACLibrary on 25.11.2009

Today we will be spending a few minutes
with the Literature Resource Center
and I'll show you how to use it
to find information about authors
and their writings.
The Literature Resource Center contains
contains a wide variety of information
You can find: (see above)
You can access the Literature Resource Center
from the library's website (see address)
On the main search screen,
you can search by: Person (author)
- Name of work
- Keywords
- or within the complete text of articles.
If you are researching a piece of literature
like a book, play, poem, or short story
searching by its title is a
good starting point.
I'll search for literary criticism
on the novel "Love Medicine" by
Louise Erdrich
I'll choose "Name of Work"
Enter the title
and click "Search"
Search results are sorted in tabs
The first tab contains literary criticism
The second tab shows biographical articles
to learn about the author's life
and basic information about
an author's writings.
The third tab has topic and work overviews.
Most articles are available full text
so you can read, print, email
or save most articles.
For more precise results
the Advanced Search lets you
combine author, title, and keywords
into a single search.
I'll do another search
for Love Medicine
but this time searching for articles
that include the character Dot.
So I will end up with fewer results
but each will mention the character Dot.
If you have any questions
contact your library's reference desk
or via email at