Vidcon Interruption - Ep: 25

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 02.07.2012

Lizzie: Hey everyone, so this is different,
as you can see I am not in my room. Where am I exactly?
My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is VidCon!
Episode 25: Written by Bernie Su
VidCon is an annual convention about web video,
and I'm here to learn, hang out, meet people.
It's both an industry event and a great big party.
Anyway, I apologize if this video is shorter than normal, but,
I'm at a convention, and I think I found a quiet place to
shoot, but the longer I'm out here in front of a camera
the more likely it is that some random person will just pop up into my video.
Ricky: Lizzie Bennet!
Lizzie: Oh my god, what did I do?
Ricky: You don't recognize me? Lizzie: Ricky?
Ricky: Please call me Mr. Collins. Lizzie: Mister?
Ricky: Due to my calculating choice of a career path, I
have yet to achieve my doctorate degree, thus I'm still simply Mr. Collins.
Although I can understand you'd expect a man possessing my high level
intelligence and impressive pedigree would
surely have obtained doctoral status at such a young age.
Lizzie: That is not what I meant.
Ricky: Oh, what did you mean then?
Lizzie: Hey! Long time no see. What have you been up to? You look good!
Ricky: Oh well, my life is absolutely flourishing as you can certainly ascertain.
Lizzie: Yeah! What are you doing here?
Ricky: Well, as much as I'd like to delineate this a social encounter, I'm here on business.
I recently managed to secure a substantial windfall from
a most impressive venture capitalist firm!
Lizzie: So you're doing web video?
Ricky: Oh indeed. The VC is headed by a wealthy and influential woman and
I am plunging into the lush progressive frontier of online video.
Oh, this convention is a ripe harvesting ground and I fully intend to further of all of my-
Lizzie: Hey Ricky, Mr. Collins, can you, can we catch up later?
Ricky: Yeah sure, you do seem busy. Sorry.
Of course, Charlotte Lu! Where are my manners?
This brings back countless childhood memories of playground kick ball.
Oh, do you remember when you and I were betrothed in the second grade?
Lizzie: Oh my god, you know what, I don't really have time for this right now.
Ricky: Oh, yeah sure. But you know, let's catch up later it's been an amazing-
Lizzie: Wow, Ricky Collins. What are the chances?
But anyway, back on topic. Vidcon!
Fun, parties, chaos and networking opportunities!
Charlotte: You shouldn't have done that to Ricky.
Lizzie: He was being rude! Charlotte: He wanted to catch up.
Lizzie: In the middle of our video?
Charlotte: He did seem preoccupied. Lizzie: Self-absorbed? Charlotte: Opportunistic. Lizzie: Narcissistic?
Charlotte: Who are we talking about exactly?
Lizzie: Do you think that he know about the video diaries?
Charlotte: I don't think so.
Which is good because you called him a dick a few months ago.
Lizzie: Well, I mean, he just. Was I wrong?
Charlotte: Let's not burn any bridges. We can't insult people. Please be nice.
Lizzie: I am nice! Let's go enjoy Vidcon! Charlotte: Good call!
Captions by Taylor Brogan