My Lovely Week movie 내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일

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Directed by MIN Gyudong
All for love
Away! Just 300 customers today, please!
- So away! - Hey, Mr. President!
- That's Mr. Chairman to you! - Just what are you doing?
Scaring the demons away so we'd make loads of money!
I'd be rich already if you paid for your drinks!
Oh, Just gimme a cup of ginseng tea!
Coffee is all I have.
Yeah? Are you trying to kill me with all that caffeine?
With all that life insurance you'll be a rich dead man.
Don't count on it.
I'll live to eighty when I can collect on all my policies.
After that I can die or not.
Because dead man will never know
if the insurance companies pay up or not?
Were you born this pessimistic?
There are those who make airplanes
there also has to be those who make parachutes.
Are these Korean tomatoes? And you did put honey and not sugar?
- Want me to take it back? - No, no...
Damn... I've got nothing to live for since Audrey went away.
I should go for a holiday in Rome once insurance pays up.
Hey, shoo! Go away!
Go away!
What do you want?
Need chopsticks?
Just two dollars for a bundle,
- made with real bamboo? - Oh, yeah? Bamboo my butt!
I know they're recycled Chinese ply boards.
- Hey. Got good glue... - Why don't you glue
your mouth shut?
Who needs your stinkin' glue?
I'll take one.
- Two dollars, ma'am. - Here you go.
What a stinge...
Look around the house and you'll...
notice a bunch of broken stuff...
stuff like this...
My glue can stick them all back together.
One, two, and three...
Jerks! They must have watered it down.
It's supposed to stick.
A leech
- Hello. - Changhoo, it's me.
- Oh, how are you? - I'm working on a holiday
thanks to you what do you think?
I know you have a recorder on.
I won't cuss at you, so stop recording me.
So, are you working these days or what?
- I'm working. - Then stop being a deadbeat
- and pay me back. - But I did pay you back last month.
The year of Withdrawal all the delayed bonds
You call $10 'paying back? '
You still owe $7800 plus $890 in interest.
I'll have your damn house repossessed
if you keep holding out.
Isn't that illegal?
Hey, I know you have a brain.
So stop using it trying to hide from me
and make some money with it instead!
And don't ignore my calls. It's not like I want to call you.
- I'll pay you back by this weekend. - Okay.
You said weekend, pal. Any longer and it's out of my hands.
- Yes, sir. - Okay.
The train has arrived.
Please step behind the yellow line.
That's two points.
You didn't go for three-points.
[A Fish Soup] We really hope that this ball
is hit over that faraway fence and becomes a homerun
that can give us our 34th angel and new hope.
Everyone here in the audience is holding their breath.
He winds up, and throws! The hitter connects!
It's going way back, back... and... and...
Homerun it is a homerun!
Coach Kim Sungrae turned the last pitch into a homerun!
- The New Life Project - Hypocrites!
Will now meet next week's child waiting for help.
My name is Kim Jinah,
and I want Mr. Park Seongwon to help me.
My mother said Mr. Park Seongwon
can do pretty much anything.
Please help us, Mr. Park Seongwon! So, please help us.
Mr. Park! Sungwon, wait!
People saw me beating up my coach at courtside on national TV!
Come on. At least take a look at her.
- I don't care what she looks like. - Then please do it for me.
- Are you kidding! - Come on, please...
- Sungwon, please... - I said I'm not doing this.
I haven't touched a ball in ages. There are bigger stars out there!
Get Kim Sangeun to do it.
Look, that would be very nice, but I can't!
Hey! The pay's good on this show.
I'll give you $1500 plus a refrigerator.
Look, what do I look like to you, huh?
Do I look like a looser!
Don't eat if you don't want to.
It's not like it was better when your mom was around.
The housekeeper will be here tomorrow.
Go to your room. Brush your teeth.
Cho Jiseok!
If people ask you who you're going to live with
- what do you tell them? - Dad!
Just relax and try to feel everything.
We can hold a beautiful butterfly even.
- Hello? - Did you eat, mom?
Please don't skip your meals, or you'll lose brain cells.
Mommy is smart so a couple of meals won't matter.
- I miss you, mom! - Me, too.
You'll see me in a few days. I'll call you later.
Take it easy and relax...
calm her down, nurse. It's all right, it's OK.
Take a deep breath, and relax.
It's all right...
Mom, I really miss you! I haven't seen you in ten days!
Me, too. But mommy's busy. Bye!
Hey, I told you to stop calling!
Doctor Heoh? It's me.
- Oh, sorry. How are you? - You know you're on TV this evening, right?
- Sure! - Be there by seven o'clock.
- Do I get center seat? - Of course.
- Who's on the other side? - Why do you want to know?
Helps to know the enemy.
Father Byun, Professor Lee... It'll be a tough match today.
...and a detective. - A detective?
- Yes. I - What's a cop going to have to say on a program like that?
These cell phone bills are just killing me.
Use a family program.
I use it with my girlfriend, and it saves money.
Yeah, it's always better in two's.
Aw, the jerks...
- then how about making me your family? - I'm all tied up.
- Now, what the hell is he in here for? - Well, it's...
You bastard! You tried to rape her?
What you did is unnatural, jerk.
Get off of me.
You know what I hate the most?
Do you know? You jerk...
What are you doing to him?
Beating him up like the animal he is!
All right. Don't push me!
What's the hurry, anyway?
It's just background footage so don't worry about it and be natural.
How the hell does she know me anyway?
Don't look at the camera!
- I knew you'd help me. - You know me?
Of course. We're family!
I've never even seen you before!
- This is my mother, Kim Yeonjoo. - Kim Yeonjoo?
- You are really her daughter? - Is she really your mother?
Hey. Your mom was lying.
- We were just friends. - You slept with her!
Hey, where is your mother?
Tell her to come here right now!
- She can't come. - The hell she can't. Where is she?
Up in heaven.
Mr. Cho? I think Sumin can make it big in Asia,
once she makes it in Japan.
OK, Sumin. Introduce yourself, And do it good.
Mr. Cho here is from Japan, all right?
You are pretty handsome.
Call me whenever you need help.
Don't worry about this woman,
she's my new stupid mommy.
I think he should be called Jasmin, after Sumin, of course.
Do you have an appointment? Wait! Jeonghoon!
What is it?
He just barged in. You get out. Out.
How could you!
I went through hell for two years,
and I'm not about to call it quits!
You're not sending me into retirement!
Now we will hear from someone who deals
with real crime, Lieutenant Nah.
What do you think?
Do you see a lot of copycat crime out there?
Too many, if you ask me.
Some 7th grade kid stuck a kid in the next class with a screwdriver,
and when I asked him why and he said
he wanted him to say this line from a movie.
He said he was being nice by using a smaller screwdriver.
If you say gangster movies make gangsters,
then do you mean people become cops after seeing cop movies?
Is that the case with you?
As I've already said,
people's minds are not as simple as that.
That's not all.
These kids started fighting with hammers after watching 'Old Boy.'
One got his skull fractured the other got a straw up his nose.
- Lieutenant. I - What I'm saying is kids will do whatever they see.
These delinquents are born with messed-up brains.
Sir, I am a neurophysiologist.
What do you know?
What do you know about behaviors and brains? What are you talking about?
- Do I have permission to yell, father? - It's the movies that reflect the harsh reality.
- Don't you think so? - The real world is
What you read in books.
How are you going to explain the rise in plastic surgery after 'Baywatch'?
You know I'm right. Kids mimic!
What rise in plastic surgery? And what was so great on 'Baywatch' anyway?
- Oh, I'm sure you know. - Wait. Excuse me.
- You'd choose that as an examp? - Stop!
Would you like to offer us an alternative viewpoint, father?
- An organization concerning religion... - Excuse me, father.
What I mean is that free expression isn't everything.
Isn't it all about the money?
They make the trash that leads to crime.
You wouldn't be saying what you're saying if one of your family were the victim!
If they have restrictions like that how are people going to make movies?
Now look here! Don't you know what's happening around the world?
Don't you know
in Europe, they got all those legislations because of the...
acidophilus scare?
Acidophilus! You mean Anthrax!
To you, that's a heavy metal band right?
They're all the same...
What do you know? Look here girlie!
- You're out of line. - Excuse me. Let's try to calm down.
And please stop being so stupid.
- How can you say they're the same? - Let me change the subject.
- Lieutenant! - I'm out of here!
- Turn it off! - But mom's winning...
Go to your room!
Who is it?
My name is Min Taehyun. I saw your wanted ad.
It was for a maid...
I don't think there should be gender discrimination...
but more than that I wanted to lower...
youth unemployment...
- Seongwon... - I can't do this.
- Why not? - Why not? You saw!
The whole country saw what a lousy guy I am,
- and now a deadbeat dad! - But you got paid for it...
You can have it back. Get someone else.
Wait. Excuse me.
- I'll throw in a water filter. - I have one already!
- I'm not doing this! Whatever you give me! - Look here, Mr. Park.
We don't care if you're really her father or not what counts is that she thinks so.
If you back out now,
I could turn you into a real deadbeat, and give it out as headline news.
If you think things are bad now,
I could make it a lot worse for you, so do it!
So just get your lines straight. All right?
Honey bunch-!
Calling me honey makes me sound old.
Just call my name.
Anyone can call your name,
but only I can call you my honey.
- We didn't even have a wedding. - But we're registered, dummy!
- Right. We're officially-married now, - Yeah!
- Honey-! - Honey...
Let's go in.
- You waited out here too long. - But why were you so late?
You guys should make up.
Things like that can happen in a debate.
Well, I didn't really mind.
How much did you all get? I barely got enough for a cab ride.
Even that is too much for you.
What a jerk...
Hey, watch it? How old are you?
What's it to you?
I have a kid who's more mature than you are!
How you became a cop is a mystery to me.
Judo Olympic team, 1988! And the police recruited me. Why do you care?
And I bet you're divorced. And it's no wonder, with a temper like that!
- Caveman? - You heard me!
Why don't you do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the head
with that gun of yours!
Oh, should I show you my gun?
- Hey, come on. Cool it. - Let me talk.
- You don't have the guts! - Why you!
Are you all right?
Did you just fondle me? I am going to sue your ass!
Look here, Lady! Now why would I fondle someone like you?
I have witnesses! Did you all see that?
- Hey, I didn't do anything! - You're in for it now.
You're dead meat!
Oh, yeah? Let's see who ends up dead.
How come they're working you so hard?
Well, nothing gets finished if I don't do it.
What's with the rice rolls?
I just felt like it. I'll pack you some tomorrow.
No, I'm fine.
By the way, you look awful sexy doing that...
You're too horny...
Well, I'll be sausage. You be radish. And we'll roll together in the seaweed.
What are you doing? Stop. Come on!
Hey, hey... don't... stop it.
No... don't... ha, ha...
#Kisses like a dream
#and the beautiful memories... your soft shoulders
#and your hands...
I see you're still quite jealous.
You have betrayed me. So now, I will betray you.
Slow down, Jisuk.
- Aren't you eating? - My dad doesn't eat breakfast.
Eat even if you don't want to, for a better day.
Keep him away from the TV, put classical music on for at least an hour,
and keep the bathroom floors dry.
Yes, sir.
I think a double-knot would look better.
Damn, I'm gonna be late again.
Why did I have to get so wasted?
What? Who the...
Who's this?
It's that crazy woman!
Well, now look at her passed out.
I was pulling it down. Your knickers were showing.
Wha... what did you just do to me?
Hey, hey... it's not what you think...
- I said go! - I didn't do it. I didn't...
Out. Just get out!
- Wait... this is the bathroom... - Oh. My God... I said out!
- A roll? - Yes.
- How much? - A dollar a roll.
- Give me one more. - Thank you.
Here's a dollar's worth.
All right, thank you.
- You're here again? - Is that any way to greet a friend?
Since you're sitting with another girl now, you're no friend of mine.
I didn't. She just came and sat next to me.
- Whatever! - She kept on trying to...
You know what? My mom said never go with wishy-washy boys.
- Just what makes me wishy-washy? - What do you want here?
Maybe you're sick all the time because you're so mean.
Good morning, Seongwon.
- I knew you'd come out. - Seongwon!
Good, good.
Tears come to your eyes thinking about Jinah. Cut!
That was great!
- No! Come on. - Guess we don't need that.
What's with all the sweat? Are you sure you're an athlete?
All right. Let's go one more time.
- - Mr. Park!
I've had it.
Come on, Sungwon. Please?
Pulling It down?
He didn't have the guts to take it off.
And what is with 'knickers'...
And poor Mr. Cop you're in trouble.
I bet he's scared as hell,
for losing this...
This is a war and we are soldiers
Mr. Nah, are you ready to die for...
- Wow, this is wonderful! - Isn't it a nice arrangement?
The discount store will go here and once the 'Cultural Alley' is built you have
a perfect business district.
I think the time has come where you should stop thinking
and make the big announcement...
What? What's wrong? Did something happen?
- I must thank you for everything. - Well... the thing is...
Well, people around me kept telling me I should set up a complex here...
I went to the hospital today apparently I have stomach cancer.
He said I have less than a month.
The world would still be beautiful without me, right?
Wait? Where did you go? Which quack was this?
When my husband was still my boyfriend
and asked me to marry him,
I should've said yes on the spot.
...but I didn't.
I didn't' think I was good enough for him.
I was sick all night,
then called the radio station
and dedicated this song to a Mr. Min in Mapo.
I fooled you! Wasn't I great? Don't you think
I deserve an Oscar?
Hey, I bet Audrey Hepburn can't top that.
Let me do it just one more time.
Go to hell! Get your shop out of my building!
What do you mean by that?
What are you looking for, sir?
- Dude, did you see my gun? - No...
Does anyone know why this was in a motel room?
I guess not.
Wha... wha... hey!
Just what do you want from me?
I'm here to see the captain.
But first you hand me that thing.
Get on your knees.
And apologize for calling me names and your attempted rape.
Attempted rape, why you...
You weren't attractive enough for that!
Well, I'm taking this to headquarters then.
All right, all right.
- I'm sorry, OK? Satisfied? - On your knees.
The hell with you! What are you gonna do?
Now, where's the headquarters?
- What the hell? Get off me! - Give me that!
- Get on your knees and I will! - Just give it up!
- Get off me! Let go! - I will just...
Let me go! Let go!
- I said let go! - Just what is with this woman?
Get on your knees first!
Hey, man. Hold her down for me.
What are you? Nuts?
I understand it's difficult but what is this?
I thought you hated stuff like this.
Don't move, it will give you more pain.
I have to get her!
As for you, I'll kill you!
Here. I'll take it.
Give me one.
I used it for a month,
and my teeth got real healthy for it. Just two dollars.
Hey, I told you not to come here.
Are you deaf or something?
Is it your first time here or what?
- Don't you have family, for Chrissakes? - I don't have family like you.
I only got a month to go, OK?
Things could get hard for you too one day.
Get a job, you bum. Stop coming back here, all right?
The next time I catch you I'll torch all your stuff!
This is the last time!
Why did you stop me? I wanted to die.
Don't worry. You won't last long with that heart anyway.
You won't have a heart or a stomach if you keep it up.
And isn't your pledge just a few days away?
Just forget about it
if you don't want to be a nun. Why keep swallowing poison?
Just think about what you did wrong.
Isn't he cute?
A flash in the pan but still a star.
Everyone wants to do his urinal duty.
Take a number just in case you want to too.
You're dad didn't know how to ski back then.
Only I knew how.
And all that falling got Jaekyung
very upset.
That's what gave him the guts
and he wanted to learn until he could.
Please, man.
Help me out just this once.
You're the only one who can right now.
But we're still too young to be afraid of failure.
You'll never stand on your own if I help you now.
That's what you told me when you left me.
Have you forgotten?
- Jaekyung, that's... ...that what?
I have a good life now. Don't drag me into your problems.
Listening to you made me come to my senses.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure there's a way out.
Let's get together sometime, OK?
Bye, now.
Don't let anyone in this house without my say-so.
Why are you crying?
Is it pity for me?
- All right. Coming through... - How was it?
- Did you get all his stuff? - Yeah.
There wasn't much.
Hey, everyone says he was talking to you.
It's no use lying.
He just asked for a cigarette and that's it.
Isn't that when you pushed him in?
Be brave and tell the truth.
- Hey! Who is this? - I think he's a suspect.
Did you push him?
- No... I... - Take him in!
Let's go to the the station.
Oh... you know, that lady...
Well, Ms. High and Mighty...
This is nuts.
Look I'm a busy man...
and I don't have time for this.
How can a woman get drunk and lose her bag...
What? Are you threatening again?
E... evidence? Hell, do whatever you want!
- Is the paperwork done? - All done, sir.
Put on your seatbelt.
What now?
Oh, man! I don't believe this!
It's no use seeing it again. The scene is gone.
They couldn't have cut it out.
I'm sure they knew what they were doing, dear.
Maybe we missed it.
Can we see that part in slow motion again?
What are we in your living room? You can't rewind.
Do you mind?
Who knows? I might end up like Audrey Hepburn.
If you're Hepburn then I'm Spielberg.
It's still not late for me.
That is exactly the moment when it is too late.
Even Audrey started out as an extra.
Stop comparing yourself to Audrey.
You can't compare 30 bucks-a-day extra to Audrey!
You're right. I'm just a lowlife extra.
But what's wrong with me?
There's nothing wrong with me? Look at me!
Look at her. She's crazy, right? Look at my toenails.
Did you do this, Sookyung?
Get me another room. Or take me out of here.
There aren't any rooms.
Why am I here? I'm perfectly fine.
What is this smell?
- Something's rotting. - She's driving me crazy.
- That's your brain rotting. - What?
Still don't feel anything?
Panic disorder plus neurosis.
We're going to increase medication but still be careful,
You're going to have seizures several times day.
What do you mean?
You think I'm playing with you? You think I'm pulling your leg, right?
You can be like this for life or get cured in an instant,
All depends on you.
Inferiority complex can kill.
Hey, hey!
I knew it would be you.
I thought you'd have wised up by now.
- Here you go. - I didn't steal it. I picked it up.
Hey stupid, you should have picked a nicer victim.
What's with all these coupons?
Another one of those types.
Who can't pass up free stuff.
Damn, she's younger than me.
Well, she looks good in her picture.
Hello. We found your bag so come and get it.
What? This ain't a pizza parlor. We don't deliver!
Damn, that pisses me off!
My stomach...
There's no hope at the end of the day.
But there is something waiting for me.
Bright and shiny like I had always imagined.
- Cut! - Good job.
How many times do I have to read this?
Lucky girl. She found her dad and got her surgery.
Dad? Who says I'm her dad?
- Want to go for a walk with daddy? - Enough already! All right?
You could try playing along, you know?
Damn, stop startling me. Geez!
Look straight ahead, all right?
You are so pretty. You must take after your dad.
Didn't I tell you not to tell people that I'm your dad?
Dad, don't yell at me. You're giving me headaches.
Let's go!
- Can I make a wish? - Just go ahead. It won't kill me.
Just make it and get it over with.
- Dad... - Hey,
will you stop calling me that?
I wish I can get you to like me.
Kim Changhoo. Get up.
We found no evidence of foul play
after viewing the video. You are free to go.
Rookies these day just don't have the guts.
Gotcha! All right!
You want to go a round?
- The toilet is... - Just outside the door.
What the? You think this is a 7-11?
Where's my bag?
- Is everything in here? - Why would a thief leave anything?
Well, thanks anyway.
- Is that your dinner? - It's more like breakfast.
Let's go out for a drink.
Now why should I drink with you?
It was a draw last time, so I want to settle things tonight.
How could they suspect you? The jerks.
Are you crying? Don't cry!
I'm scared.
He asked me for a cigarette
and he jumped when I told him I didn't have any...
Don't worry. It's not your fault.
My honey cannot die and leave me all alone.
He might as well have killed him. Bastard.
Hey, just ignore him.
I don't want to see his face around here.
Hey, cool it. Relax.
- You know, honey? - Yeah?
My boobs feel like they're going to pop.
They won't pop on you yet.
No, they feels really tight. My period is late, too.
Are you feeling OK?
I don't know. It was always regular...
You should take care of yourself...
Want some porridge?
- Give me soy sauce with seaweed. - Got it. A kiss.
A peck, or a kiss?
Give me both.
Hey, you have some imagination.
Why would I lift your skirt? You're not much to look at.
You must have a problem with the male sex.
Better than some lone ranger who's never even been married.
Hey, I was busy protecting the people.
Oh, please, look after your own life first why don't you.
Man, do you always argue like this?
Why are you not married yet?
Do you have a problem somewhere?
What was that?
Looking at your reaction I must have nailed it.
You are so cute.
What's the point, dickhead?
Shut up and let me think. All right.
Why did you get divorced?
All right. Get off the phone!
That's what I get for chasing after a man who didn't love me.
Then I found out...
that he prefers men over women.
- Are you interested? - No, thanks!
Man, you have a sharp tongue.
You bastard! Is that all you can say?
- Did he really like men? - Wise up, you asshole!
Hey, hey!
Go ahead and laugh, but I know you're scared.
You won't be laughing tomorrow bastard.
Hang up!
- Hello. - Yeah?
It's my first date with a man in a very long time.
But I can't concentrate with all your swearing...
so can you shut up and shove the bottle up yours?
Who the hell are you, bitch?
Well, I guess we'll need the long arm of the law.
Have a good evening.
Get that woman!
You there!
It was all my fault.
I won't do it again. I didn't mean it.
What are you doing?
Are you nuts?
Whoa! My head...
You scared me. Where were you?
I was in the men's room!
Dumb broad... ow!
My legs! She kicked me!
I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in.
Having trouble sleeping?
Yeah, ever since I paid her alimony.
Want a drink?
What is this? Never had it before.
It's called American Bulldog. It's the color of the sea.
They say just looking at it can make you feel happy.
- Do I look unhappy to you? - I don't know, sir.
Are you happy?
Ever since I started working here.
It's a very nice house.
- What did you think when you first saw it? - That you were rich.
- And me? - That you seem deserving.
- Is that all? - And you don't have any friends.
No... You have to use the knees.
You can't do it with just your arms.
- Is he really a basket player? - Geesh!
- Come on, just one. OK? - Look.
- 10 dollars a shot - Are you practicing hard, daddy?
Practice? I'm too busy working on my seminar.
- You're coming today right? - I don't know?
Look nice when you come. I want to show you my boyfriend.
Hey, little girl, why would I want to see your boyfriend?
- But you're a dad... - I don't want to. Leave me alone.
You see that?
- Hello? - Hey!
This is the hospital.
- Give me that... - I'm not a nurse.
Who am I? Who are you?
Get off the phone.
- I'm taking his pee right now. - Yoonyoung, Yoonyoung...
Hello? And how are you doing today?
Please. Do something about her.
- Were you the one who called? - I can't take a call right now.
- So I'll call you... - What did you lose this time?
No, it's not that.
I made too much food for my son's school festival and...
You want me to eat leftovers? You think I'm a pig?
Whatever. I'll call you later.
- My battery is almost out. - Charge it up again.
I left my charger at home.
God damn your excuses! I should sew your shut!
What a mouth!
You're supposed to take care of Jeonghoon, Sookyung.
Dad, Isn't my boyfriend cute?
Hey, good looks won't get you anywhere.
What really counts in a man is money.
My family has money.
- Well then. You got it made, girl - That isn't why I like him.
Do you have a girlfriend?
- Yeah, a truck load. - So you're a player, huh?
I can't help it. I have the looks.
So, was my mother just another one on that truck?
She was the first one on, though.
Anyway, where did you learn that song you sang on the phone?
It was the song you played for mom whenever she was in your truck.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I'm not really good at...
buying presents for kids.
It's for an eight-year-old boy.
It's $55.70,
by credit card.
Where are you going, all dressed up?
Why do you care?
- Get in. I'll take you there. - Do you know where I'm going?
Yeah. It's Shinsa-dong.
- How... how did you know? - I know everything.
I have to pay, right?
Just bus rates. Just get in. I'm wasting gas.
- Uh, oh... - What, what?
- I think it's broken. - Hold on.
- It's this thing acting up again. - Wait. Let me do it...
Don't tug on it. Be gentle...
I'd get there sooner by walking.
Things like this happen.
Stay put if you don't want to get hurt.
Let's listen to some tunes.
Pull out a tape from under there.
What the... What's a flower doing here?
I didn't know you had a sensitive side.
What are you looking at? Just put it on.
- No thanks. I prefer rock'n'roll. - Rock...
Just turn it on anyway.
- Where is it? - Watch out!
You trying to kill someone, jerk?
You don't own this road.
Well, I pay enough taxes for it. Butthead!
What the hell? Why you rotten bastard...
Move on, shithead!
He must be on drugs.
I hope you run into a shit truck and get shit all over yourself you stupid bastard.
You know, dumbasses are the same everywhere.
Wait, wait. You have to turn right up ahead,
Right, right... turn right.
- What... what... why are you... - I told you to stop.
You're still seeing him, aren't you?
You think you have the right with me like this? Huh?
I remember you saying you could die for me.
I thought about it,
but dying for you would be too embarrassing.
- Hey! - I'm sorry. Meet a nicer person.
It was nice knowing you.
Who do you think made me end up like this?
- I think you need a bath. - Hey.
At least this thing's all right.
Give me the guitar.
Bara... bara... la bamba...
What the hell is going on?
Turn it off. Now!
Stand up! Hold it straight!
But sir, I asked him to play with me.
There are things Jisuk wants to do, and I think you should...
I didn't hire you as his tutor!
Your job is done once you do all the washing and cleaning.
A few days of that and your manly self esteem is shot? Then leave.
And you had better tell the truth.
Did you take money from my wallet or not?
I did.
Didn't I tell you not to? What did you use it for?
I bought snacks with it.
It was for Jinah. She needs medicine.
Then why didn't you tell me?
Because you don't ever help anyone.
Can you really give your life for me?
Hey. I'm not that crazy.
Don't be mad, my honey...
Isn't there anyone better?
You two go well together.
What are you doing, lady? Man, I'm going crazy!
Let me go one more time.
'You two look gooey together.' You can's get that one line right?
- One more time. - How many time is that?
- Just once again. Please. - No, no, no. Enough already.
I'm sorry.
- Please, sir. - Oh, Christ! You tried, you did.
You take the apron off and go.
Five-minute break, everyone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Hey, you! Come here!
I told you to bring a lady not some old bar maid!
- I just... - Can't you pick the right person up?
- She just called me and... - Get the other lady back in here.
She's not here.
- Just get her here! - You sent her away.
That lady in the stall is great. Is she the star?
Hey, old man. Don't tell us what to do.
Even bar maids can change jobs and work the stalls.
How can anyone do better than that?
Just finish your drink and go home.
Hey, I didn't even have a drop, sunny.
Who the hell are you, old man?
But, wait a minute. Just who are you calling an old man?
Then what should I call an old guy like you, huh?
Can't you tell between a 'mister' and an old man?
- Are you her friend or something? - Yes, he is. You jerk.
You go well together. So go on.
What? Do you want a piece of me, huh?
Go ahead and hit me.
- I dare you. - You stop calling me an old man!
I'm sorry for yelling at you.
Things have been kind of rough lately.
No, sir. It's me who should apologize.
This is for Jisuk. You give it to him.
I don't want to spoil him by giving it myself.
And this is good lotion. Try it.
Hey, are you all right?
Get out, out!
Help me.
If you sing for me...
Wow... whoa... look at that bath tub.
The smell is far out!
Who are all these people?
All my former patients and their families.
Did you really read all the English books here?
Hey you?
- Yoojeong! - What?
- I do have a name, so use it! - Yes, ma'am.
Well, I've heard that you use movies for therapy.
Considering how nasty you are, do you actually enjoy those movies?
If it's not fun, we can't use it.
I learned from Rambo movies.
You know the 'kill 'em all' spirit.
Whoa... thank you.
Geesh... it's a miracle that I actually help other people.
I mean, I have enough trouble with myself.
Do you have any movies for my problems?
What is your problem?
My heart is always open,
but women never open up to me.
They say men and women can even be friends nowadays.
So? Do you want a friend? Or do you want sex?
What's wrong?
When someone suddenly wants to spend
the rest of his life with someone,
that means he wants to start his life all over.
'When Harry Met Sally.'
- Okay? - All right...
I'm leaving on Saturday. Just get my deposit money ready.
What do you want to do now?
What else?
What else can I do besides taking acting classes full-time?
Anyway, how long are you going to be doing this?
I didn't set up a date. Until I kick the bucket.
In the old days, they used to send horses down into mine shafts.
Since horses are smart animals they whine the instant they sense danger.
But the thing is, once they go in they better not come out,
because if they do, the sunlight blinds them.
I'm like that horse, you know.
What am I saying?
Just give me more egg rolls while you're at it
No, no... I'm paying. Keep your money.
The horse...
You two look great together.
Hello. It's me.
- Isn't it illegal to call me after nine? - Then call the cops.
Are you actually doing any work these days?
If you keep calling me like this, I probably can't.
You'll pay me back faster if you sleep less.
Do you have a kid?
I'm regretting the fact that I have one.
Then was your wife's period late, too?
Look here.
I'm not even married for crying out loud. Why are you asking me?
But you said you had a kid.
Well, she's not exactly mine...
it's a little complicated.
But why is your wife not having her period?
Maybe she's pregnant. You're in big trouble, bud.
So no periods mean she's pregnant, right?
Geez, what a blockhead?
How could you not know that at your age?
Anyway, don't even think about having a kid,
because your life will go down the drain.
- When my mom had me... - Honey!
- Yeah... - Jerk, he hung up.
Things will be hard with a baby right now won't it?
Not really.
The company's doing fine.
And if I got promotion.
Do you think we shouldn't have?
Where is Lieutenant Nah?
Go, Jisuk, go! Go, go, go!
Yes, yes, yes!
Watch where you're going, Jisuk. Watch where you're...
Hey, man. Out of my face.
Hey, look ahead ready, one, two, three
Maybe blood is thicker than water.
- You're changing. - Come on. I have not changed one bit.
You look at her differently now.
Just admit it.
It means you're not a bad guy at heart.
Yeah, right. In your dreams.
You let that girl brainwash you.
I'm doing things for her because I feel sorry for her,
and I like getting paid in the meantime. She scratches my back, I scratch hers.
Who cares if she's my kid or not?
It's all over once this show's over.
Why do you have to be my father?
I feel sorry that my mother met a man like you.
Oh, rise and shine. Where would you like to go?
- What? I - Then I will take you to a place, I choose.
Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going?
Can you hear my heart beating?
It goes badump... like it's gonna burst.
- Sing for me... - Don't.
#Kisses like a dream and the beautiful memories...
- I said stop! - # I loved them all...
Hey! I told you to stop, all right?
- This is why no one likes you. - What?
You're like cactus that keeps people away.
And what about you?
I don't see any visitors for you.
If this really is your second time here
If you keep complaining do you get what you want?
Or get less lonely?
Let's go back.
Hey, you have to take me.
Do you have your partner's consent?
After surgery, you get an IV shot and then go home.
The good one is $80 the cheap on 30.
Which one would you like?
Hey, sticky!
Hey, stop!
Stop right there!
Honey? It's me.
You're late. I made kimchi stew for you.
- I'm coming home now. - Honey!
Cheer up. It's not good outfits that make a good man,
but good thoughts.
- Says who? - Some old lady passing by.
Well, that's a weird lady.
Aren't you watching?
Those kids are sucking face over there!
I should've known when you picked this place.
Wha... what's wrong?
Don't touch me!
Are you trembling?
Or is it your cell phone on vibrate?
Why would I them, tremble?
I stay cool even when I'm fighting a dozen gangsters with knives.
You want to stop?
When was the last time you had a date?
The first and last movie I saw with a girl was 'Rambo'.
Man, that was 15 years ago.
A girl I knew from church.
She said she was going to the ladies' room and never came back.
I knew I should have seen 'Gone with the Wind' instead.
So? Did you go after her?
- No. I stayed 'til the end. - What?
I told you. Rambo made me a new man.
Bravo, Rambo, good job.
Can I ask you something?
If Rambo and Commando fight who wins?
Why are you asking me that?
Because you watched a lot of movies.
I really want to know the answer to that.
But I still can't figure it out.
All right
But here's something I'm really curious about.
How many stars do you think I'm worth?
I hear that's how you are rated these days.
You don't rate a movie after just the first ten minutes.
You have to watch it until the end.
Uh... excuse me, miss?
I'm checking on evidence
and I have to take a look at your condoms.
That is... there's a rapist we're after
and he bought a condom here.
Is this your first time?
- Four dollars. - I see.
What is this?
You're a four star. Minus three if you had dirty thoughts.
I had fun today. Bye...
Ugh! I knew it!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
I was driving
and Yeonjoo was in the car sleeping next to me.
I held her hand very gently.
And Yeonjoo suddenly said,
'This means we're in love.'
'This means we're in love.'
Then goes right back to sleep.
It was her sleep talk that made me fall for her.
Buddha said,
Don't chase after women who left you but find your lost self instead.
- Are you taking this challenge or not? - You crazy?
I don't need a dying kid latching on to me
when my life is already so messed up.
Maybe she really is your kid.
- The ICU... - On the left.
Open up, damnit!
- You are not allow to go there. - Excuse me, where is Kim Jinah...
Stop. You can't go in right now.
- How is she doing right now? - Are you her legal guardian?
Mister... Is she going to die?
How dare you take him away... he's my kid!
Who the hell said I hit him? Who, huh?
That's why we should settle it in court!
If he says he wants to live with his father let him! Let me talk to him!
Jisuk. Answer me clearly.
Do you want to live with daddy or mommy?
- Jisuk, why... - Bye... dad...
- Where did you put my medicine? - You should quit taking it.
Get out...
Get out! I don't need any of you,
Get out, get out...
Get out...
Don't need this...
How do you like it? Isn't the weather beautiful?
On days like this...
I saw your group dance without you and they were just terrible.
People were throwing cans at team,
they wanted you. They were holding banners with your name.
What about me don't you think I have talent?
This is how you used to dance, right?
Be careful.
That's so pretty.
To the right.
Is she trying to run herself out of business or what?
Excuse me?
What are you selling now? Not buying. Get lost.
- It's not that. I brought this... - What? Huh?
What the hell? Where did you find this?
- I found it by the bench over there. - Uh... geesh...
Write your phone number down.
I want to make sure nothing is missing.
- What? - Hurry up and write.
Are you done?
I think you have to cover it up more.
Yes, sir.
Don't you have a shop to run?
I thought you were kicking me out.
This is the apple tree.
I figured planting it on Judgment Day would be too late.
Pretty, isn't it? I was told it will bear fruit for sure.
We have to go in, Jisuk.
It's past third period already geesh...
Your mom would kill me if she finds out.
My mom doesn't like dowdy looking guys like you.
I know that already.
Stubborn, just like his mother.
Damn! Hey!
Hey, hey! Jisuk! Hey!
All right. I'm sorry, all right.
What do you want? Tell me. I'll buy you anything.
Jisuk, Jisuk!
Jisuk! Jisuk!
Hey, Changhoo. It's me.
I'm not calling you for the money today.
I'm quitting today.
Hey, are you listening to me?
Are you crying?
It's not like you to cry!
The other guys here are pretty scary.
Hope they don't get you and I'm sorry I had to hassle you.
Good luck with your baby and cheer up.
Cheer up.
Sweet home-made Kim-bob $1 for one.
I had a couple of drinks.
I just quit my job.
Because the whole world is going to hell.
A few days ago I gave guy a real hard time to get him to pay back his debt,
I mean why the hell did he spend money he couldn't pay back?
Looser, go kill yourself if you can't pay back.
So happens, he did kill himself here a few days ago.
I asked the dead guy's wife if she inherited his debts.
She did. So I told her she had some paying back to do.
I'm a coldhearted bastard.
What is the world coming to?
I'm on my way, Ms. Lee, so have a drink with me.
Off the phone...
Hey, mister!
- Got a cigarette? - What?
Man, jerks like me should smoke 10 packs a day and just die.
Yeonjoo, have a drink?
Don't you me?
Don't you?! Huh?
Hey, you're gonna get run over...
don't get yourself killed. Wake up. Hold this for me.
Why are you all alone?
Where's your mom?
Not around?
Hey. Look around the back alley.
He said he wanted ice cream...
Jinah! Daddy's here!
We are now having a final game for University Basketball Association
and broadcasting all over the country.
It's so neck and neck game. Mokpo Univ. Is leading a game by 1.
Now Myuingji Univ. Is ready for attack.
Passing to the left side, the ball is back to the center again.
To the Kim Sang-eun in the right side. Jumper! Got it.
Ah! Grab the ball in the Mokpo Univ. A long pass!
Lay-up! Got it.
The score is 93:90. The 3 point...
We still got a lot of time. What's the rush?
OK, listen. We're three points down. We have to take it to overtime.
Don't let them take a three-point shot.
You go in there, Sungwon. You go in there and steal the ball.
And hand it to Sangeun.
Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go get 'em!
Change Kim cheol- Park Seongwon
They just switched the player. It means they'll get last chance
and use Kim Sang-eun to 3 point strategy.
They want to go to the overtime.
Kim Sang-eun. Jumper! Too short.
Now all Mokpo Univ. Gotta do is just spending time.
Penetration and backward pass!
- Park got the ball. - He's gone too far.
- Kim Sang-eun. Right side. - They need to intercept the pass.
Just pass.
- He's hammering down to the rim. - What have he got in mind?
- What a shame. - Park may miscalculate the score.
Even though he slammed it to the rim, he just scored 2 points.
Yeonjoo! Yeonjoo!
I love you, Yeonjoo!
I love you!
Will you marry me? Yeah!
Park looks so happy and delight.
The whole team looks devastated, but he doesn't.
Yes, indeed. Now he's bending on his knees
and apologize to the manager.
Why are you away? Are you afraid of catching what I have?
I'm glad I have you, dad.
I thought your mom would do better without me.
It's all my fault.
She had a rough time giving birth to me, and I was sick from birth.
That made things hard for her the whole time,
but she's resting in peace now.
I made mom's life so difficult. Do you hate me for that?
Thanks. I was actually very worried about that.
Oh, geesh...
Mommy said she was sorry and that she loved you.
Uh, sir... it's been an hour already.
All right, all right. I know that already.
Huh? You're here.
- I'm sorry I'm late. - Sit down. Sit.
- But where is everyone? - Not a soul came.
They cooked up a scheme and decided to shun me.
But that's ok.
Go ahead and order something fancy.
Paik Namjun the artist,
who had become quite famous,
was asked, 'what more now? ',
He said, 'I want to fall in love'.
- Huh? - Fall in love.
- Love? - Yes, I was surprised.
When you look at a woman,
you have to feel her hidden beauty.
You have to feel something alive underneath.
To be alive means
being able to recognize the beauty in beautiful things.
On the other hand Viagra is not natural.
To take a drug to get it sticking up is...
How nice is the weather.
Thanks for everything.
Come up the day the building goes up.
I got a few good spots staked out for you.
No, that's all right. I don't belong in a fancy place.
Uh... Sunhee?
Oh, my. How did you know my name?
Hey, you think I didn't know your name all this time?
You will live another 20 years easy if you keep that temper down.
You want me to live twenty years all alone?
I'm not crazy. I'll croak after just five.
Oh, suit yourself!
Look, the theater's last screening is tomorrow so be there.
I don't want you to just leave like this.
I'll think about it.
You have to be there, if you want your deposit back.
I like things that are tossed and forsaken.
Because my life is like that.
Ever since I was five, my mom was a nun and my dad a priest.
Let's stay like this for a little bit.
Is this ok?
Of course, not.
You're going to leave me too aren't you?
Just let me do what I want.
I got a tie for you.
I wanted to be your friend,
but it didn't work out.
Guess I wasn't a very good housekeeper.
Things got worse after I came here.
I'm going to go back to teaching.
Jiseok has made me want to again.
No... all this was for the better.
Things are better since you came, now...
Don't skip breakfast.
Don't go. I have no one left. Don't do this.
I'm sorry.
Jeonghoon, Jeonghoon!
Jeonghoon! I'm sorry,
I'm sorry! Jeonghoon!
- Is it ready? - It's all ready.
Stay cool, now.
Jisuk is with me right now.
Hello? Is my boy OK?
Please let me speak to him.
There's a bench by the pavilion at Pagoda Park.
Please leave $5000
by 4 PM tomorrow. Don't tell the police,
and Jisuk will be all right.
Hey. Do you have any idea what you are doing right now?
I'm not going to stand for this.
You send my boy back right now or you'll regret it!
Did you think I'd actually just do as you say...
She hung up, sir.
It's your fault.
It's your fault, you bastard. It's your fault!
What are you gonna do now?
What's gonna happen to my boy?
Find him, you bastard! Get my son back!
It's your fault! Give me my son back!
Find him... just find him... find Jisuk...
Maternity diary? Labor and birth?
Aw, Christ... you can't even pay for the damned kid!
At five weeks, do you know what the husband has to provide? Huh?
You've got to have the little brat's trust.
Your offspring's precious but not other people's money?
That's a moral hazard, my man!
Where's your wife?
Is she seeing other men?
Well, we can catch her for you if you want.
#Sleep tight, my baby.
#In the yard and on the green knoll.
#The baby lambs and all the birds...
I have now realized your purpose for me.
I will forever serve you
if you allow him to live,
and I will never have desires for him again.
Lim Soo-kyung Age 21, Blood type B+
Yoo Jeong-hoon Age 21, Blood type AB+
You're awake. How do you feel?
What's so interesting to look at?
Where is Sookyung?
She left... for heaven.
It was total chaos yesterday.
She was screaming at us to save you, and then fainted.
Then she disappears only to come back to rip out all the doors.
And she's supposed to become a nun today...
$500,000 will be in your account. Get me a first-rate songwriter.
Oh. We should get Sumin to take some hormone shots
to give her height and posture...
Mr. Cho! What are you doing?
Canceling the contract. Sue me for damages.
You're making a very big mistake.
I've made bigger ones in my life. Please go now.
She's the chairman's favorite you know. You won't get away with this!
Take that makeup off her face.
I'm tired of canaries who can't even sing.
Can you check for Ha Sunae, please?
This is a hospital, and you have to calm down...
She can't get surgery... Sunae!
- What's is it? - Who are you?
- What's going on? - You can't go in there.
Please, doctor, Her name is Ha Sunae, and...
She's not here. You'll have to leave.
- You didn't even check. - The doctor did, and she's not here.
- Get up. - Sunae!
Yes, sir. This auditorium is in uproar from the heat of the playoffs.
In a moment, Park Seongwon will be coming on court.
Most people remember him as the collegiate scoring leader of '97
Long time no see.
What's up?
But today, he will leave the bad memories behind
and appear before us as an angel, a representative of hope.
From Hong Dong-man To Cho Jae-kyung
This isn't much, but everyone at the company made it.
I hope it keeps you warm.
I'm sorry I was so weak in front of you
I look back and I've been bad to you.
Please forgive me for my lack of courage.
I loved you in my own way.
Remember? Hope you remember that.
My kid's in primary school. Forget it...
No, now it doesn't matter if it's a thousandth or millionth letter.
I've never been missing you wherever, whenever...
I just want to stick with you If I can stand besides you...
I've always kept that in mind. Just want to contact eyes and...
...Just smile again. I miss you so much.
Please be happy.
Hey, keep your eyes open!
I think she's here.
Get ready.
Wait 'til she bites.
Team A, ready for action.
I've been looking for you, Mr. Chairman.
You have to sign the contract and turn it in now.
How could you ignore our calls?
Well, now it is done. Only thing left is raking in the money.
Congratulations, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Park has five minutes,
with which he has to fight two defenders
and score ten goals.
I hope he can show us the skills he had.
I think we got her.
Be calm.
Hey! Get Yoojung! Get Yoojung!
Heo Yoojung, Get him! Shit!
What the hell!
Hey, Stand right there. You asshole!
B-Team, go and get him!
Get him!
Please step on it.
What are you doing, sir?
I don't want that multiplex or whatchamacallit.
You can't back out on us now, sir.
Sunhee was right.
No one gives a damn about me but the people in my building.
Who the hell is Sunhee?
You can't do this now.
Hey, a horse comes out of the mineshaft and he goes blind.
What are you doing?
Are you all right?
- Are you OK? - What do we do?
Aw, shit. Just get her!
Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please.
I am here today, because my wife is very ill...
I... I... I broke her heart...
and she's hurting...
and might be in surgery as speak.
But I don't even know where she is.
If you all could, even for just a second,
pray for my wife's safe return.
Yes, accomplished.
I apologize that the passengers in...
He's OK, right? Is he OK?
Tell me. Where is he? Where's my Jisuk?
Nothing will happen to you, I promise.
Nothing will happen as long as Jisuk is OK, right?
Everything will be all right as long as Jisuk is OK, right?
- Maria Yi Sunchon... - Yes. I am here, My Lord.
Angela Lim Sookyung.
Yes. I am here, My Lord.
Hey! What did you do with the kid?
Did you kill him?
You didn't, right? Right?
I know you didn't, right? Please, tell me!
Tell me. You didn't, right? You didn't do it.
- Let go! - Calm down.
Let me go.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Look up at me.
Look up!
I'm sorry, Sookyung.
I won't ever say you're crazy again.
Don't run away.
If there is even one person in the world whom you're keeping happy...
then I can let you off.
Jinah... Yeonjoo...
#Kisses like a dream
#and the beautiful memories...
#your soft shoulders
#and your hands that wrapped around me.
Why you...
- She didn't do anything wrong, I told her to - What?
I said I would split the money so she could use it for her baby.
I told you not to copy those damn movies!
You're really gonna get it!
But you should kiss mommy first.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry. We can always have another one.
I'm sorry, honey. I couldn't do it. I just can't...
That's good.
That's good. You poor thing.
My poor darling.
Can you keep a book?
I can't trust young ones these days.
Come see me if you're interested.
Better make it be before I forget.
I don't believe it...
You're like Audrey in every way.
Would you go to Rome with me for Christmas?
Turn back and look if your answer is yes.
Directed by Kwak Mancheol.
Starring Oh Sunhee.
Are you all right?
I'll keep making you food for the soul.
Well, there's nothing like staying with a rich man
who does not have friends.
I want my contract back.
But I want two days off every week for outing and leisure time...
You're a good friend.
So are you.
- Jisuk! - Dad!
What are you doing here?
- Are you sick? - No, I'm all right.
You were upset because of me, right?
No, no.
Mom's got a boyfriend, so I want to live with you now.
So you won't be lonely.
Hey, the phone's ringing.
What is this?
Oh, Get out. I said out.
- It's not that... - Whatever!
- Would you please listen to me? - So you had a plan, did you?
- Listen to me. - I don't want to hear a word you say.
- Get out. - It's not what you think.
- Get out, you animal! - Yoojeong, please!
All right. I'm an animal, a one star, so what?
- No tongue? - My tongue?
Well, it's my first time and how do...
- Ridiculous! - But it is!
Well, shall we find out?
- You got the wrong point. - Ouch.
That hurts!
You really...
Let me go!
I do not care what life should be. Again! This miserable life.