Why Do Intelligent People still Believe in Religion? 8a: The Emergence of humanity

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 02.01.2010

AronRa's long boring speech discussed a strange phenomena that occurred during his deconversion
that many I have heard mirrored along with myself. There seems to be a tendency to lean
toward mysticism and magic or the occult when the realization comes that religion isn't
real. It seems to be like a stopping point or halfway house for a lot of recovering believers.
I am guessing the majority of this phenomena is caused by the fact that we are taught to
believe things without critical thinking and evidence. We are not taught how the the scientific
process works so we doubt its claims, we also want there to be something more magical that
this crappy existence seems to offer because we've told for so long that life is horrible
compared to heaven, and we are still addicted to the idea of knowing secret knowledge and
power that dedicated scientists are too blind with their need for evidence to see the truth.
That was my reason for it at least if you had others let me know what they are.
Nykytyne2 seemed to shudder at the idea of this happening to the world as he seems to
see it as occurring to replace religion and finds it vile because without a god to make
them do good things, they seem to be ridiculously self-centered and follow a blind faith in
whatever mystical fad they are in at the time, which can be very flexible morally depending
on what the person feels like doing at the time. He raises some very good points but
I have a feeling this is going to have to be a necessary growing pain if we are to become
a skeptical species. These people for the first time at least tend to have more fear
of the law and consequences than they do of their god which is a major step. Materialism
is a major problem but they seem to have inherited that for this last generation of spend and
borrow Christians. When it comes to giving to charity I am ashamed to say it but I am
horrible at giving to charity. I kind of destroyed my mental construct for being charitable because
I was saving up for a big project that I thought was going to generate a lot of money for charity.
That and the economy feel through and I had to work to barley keep my nose above water.
Now that I'm more settle I and the rest of the skeptical community should probably try
to figure a meme construct along the lines of tithing but doing it out of kindness and
not from out of guilt so you can give it to some religious order.
The problem with humanity is that it was never given a handbook or any guidance when it emerged
as a species. The human race is sort of a lord of the flies experiment which only we
the later decedents can look back at the data and learn from. I feel like religion was humanity's
childhood when it needed a parental figure to scare it into doing things. That parent
tended to reflect the parents they had which tended to be abusive and violent but then
the world was pretty violent. Prior to the rise of religion there was animism and prior
to that there was no religion. In my past studies I read that archaeologists date the
earliest evidence for the belief in a soul about 200,000 years ago. Spirituality and
animism or ancestor worship from that point on was a vague notion and it was there as
more of a consolation or imaginary friend to help out or an imaginary bogyman to scare
you and your tribe for doing something dangerous. Then agriculture and trade was evolved and
people began going from xenophobic hunter/gatherer tribes to people who interacted with each
other on much larger scales than could ever before have been imagined. The steps to religion
came from new communication especially once writing took off. During that time period
where police and courts weren't in the number and logic that they are today religion kind
of needed to figure out a way to keep people from going rampant and doing harm to others.
There are roughly the same number of neurons in an ant colony that there are in the human
brain however unless they evolve telepathy they will not ever be as smart as us. The
speed in communication between all neurons is what causes our conscious emergence. The
same is true about humanity in general. Until recently we have all been very disconnected
with very slow communication between each other, something that the internets and cell
phones have exploded in speed of the transfer of information. When a baby is born relatively
all of its neurons are disconnected as a way to save space so that it can exist the birth
canal with its giant brain. Only those linked to instinct are intact. As the baby gets only
the connections are built from experiences and interactions from the environment around
it. We humans have all these collective experiences but for the longest time had no way to transmit
these experiences clearly quickly and accurately the way we do now. The combined knowledge
of individual experiences could lead to a much better understanding of the world. Like
ants we are all going around collecting information and experience and feeding it into the and
raising the group consciousness. The queen is a combination of our own minds and the
Internet. In some cases the humans are the drones and in some cases it is the internet
that is the drone. From this interaction new ideas and information can be generated from
the knowledge gained from others to quickly. Just like the formation of this video, one
neuron may fire and set off a chain of other neurons firing as well, AronRa's and Nykytyne's
videos, thoughts and experiences triggered my brain thinking about this topic and I was
able to discuss it based on my own experiences and knowledge I gained. Who knows this video
may trigger other thoughts in peoples head to create new videos.
Now that humanity has increased its transference of information the next stages of maturation
and morality are likely to occur. Groups of people who would have never ever heard of
each other are now able to find each other and coordinate for change and making this
a better place.