Оркестър Без Име (1982) / ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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George! Don't you hear?!
Just when I was going for the break. What is it again?
The fuses have blown, I can't cook.
This is what happens when you have turned everything on...
Go get me the tools, I'll watch the turkeys...
Well, yes! The oven's on too.
The wiring is too weak. It's old and doesn't work well.
You know that I don't have time for this. We are leaving on the 20th.
We must rehearse every single day.
For 4 hours at least! Personally.
Not considering band rehearsals.
They won't ask me if the fuses are blown there.
Come on, mom. Mom, you can cook now.
Just wait for us to get famous. This is the most important thing.
Hi, boss. - I thought we had a deal?
During lunch break as well. - It's not the lunch break now!
I managed to get it for you, because you're a good worker and I care for you.
But you lay under it every day! The clients are waiting.
Let them wait. I wait too. I've waited my whole life. Take yesterday for example..
We brought it here. We close our eyes...
however we are running late, the clients are angry...
Angry... Everoby's got a car and is angry.
The guy with the yellow Moskvich has smoked two pack of cigarettes already!
Why? I thought there was a decree about forbidding that.
Give me a cigarette!
Oh, yes...
Hi, boss. Are we on it... - We're on it...
What is wrong with the car, then? - What is wrong? I've been here since 7.
People just come and go, come and go. - Relax. You'll go home too.
We haven't had any sleepovers here. The most important thing is
for you to go home satisfied? Right?
Is the radio working? Play it, then!
Open the lid! What now, I thought you were in a hurry!
Good. The radio is the soul of the car.
You should know this from me.
The engine may be the heart, but where to without a soul?
George! George!
George, stop for a moment!
Hey, uncle Peter. Go on, just be quick - I am rehearsing.
George, we'll grow deaf with your banging all day long!
It takes our health away.
Alright, think of the hens if not for us.
We have 20 hens and I still buy eggs from the market.
I've been to the war too, yet such a thing...
They bomb, and they bomb and they eventually stop...
And you - banging from dawn till dusk.
What is this art of yours?!
We are growing deaf, George! - Beethoven was deaf too.
yet he was a genius, so... don't worry, nothing's wrong.
I don't know about Beethoven, this is his business.
Come, come, come...
Come, come, come...
I'm telling you, we can't stand it anymore.
We're relatives and all... but seriously, enough already!
How would you not get tired? - It's like this, uncle Peter.
This is what art is! It takes sacrifice!
Do you know how Louis Armstrong started, for example?
A black man - and in America! But you must start somewhere.
What starting, my boy. I am talking about stopping.
Bang-bang, bang-bang all day! Enough already!
Bang-bang? This is music, uncle!
Although, you can't feel it. You can't really feel it.
What music?! I piss on your music!
Don't say that!
You don't have the right to insult. Not me, but the music.
All who don't understand are quick on the pissing part...
George,... - No George, no George!
I've put all I have there... and you - piss on it!
Uncle, uncle... - George,
can't you play a little lighter?
I can't, uncle!
There are quiet parts... piano
And there are loud parts - forte.
What's the bass guitar doing. - What?
Nothing, that's the thing! I don't play bands like this in the club...
And they play them on the radio! The band name themselves with a name...
somebody vouches for them, and there you go.
It's important to have connections nowadays. - Hi, George.
Connections I say... yet it's so obvious, so obvious!
When you are capable, fine, but when you are talentless...
not only connections, but your uncle himself can't help you...
Is that right, George?
The music is important just because of that, my man.
Connections don't work with it.
Here you can - with the music you can't.
Is that right, George? - Can you imagine, Pavel?
One Louis Armstrong to get famous with connections!
So, his uncle with the connections come and starts playing for him! Right!
Yeah, but you can't have your uncle to play for you every time...
you too should be doing it from time to time. - Come on.
Hey, it's 12:30 already!
That's it! We'll continue this afternoon.
Look now, if you want... - No way, man!
If the union catches us, we'll see hell.
Working during lunch break?!
Even your uncle can't save us.
I'll be here at 13:30. That's the deal.
One, two, three, four,
don't speed up, four.
We've got progress. We've got progress but we have no inspiration.
No inspiration at all.
Extent. You need more extent.
No. Not now. It's enough for the day.
There is still 20 minutes left. - 20. How?
It's five past four already. - It's 20 minutes to four. Mine's Seiko.
It can be Seiko, yet it's running slow.
Seiko he says... right, right...
Come on, come on, faster.
I'm leaving on the 20th.
We'll see each other again at fall. Don't quit playing till then.
Every day - for at least two hours. Come on.
Now, for last time and for today 2 levs each - that's 4 levs total.
So, I have to give you 1 lev back? - Yeah.
Good, good, but I don't have one lev. I don't have one lev.
Give me one lev. - I don't have too.
Oh, I should give you... anyways. There you go.
Goodbye, comrade teacher. Have a nice summer.
Thank you, my boy, thank you. And repair your Seiko. Goodbye.
Well? - No! No, no and no!
But why? Wait, wait, wait. Wait just a minute.
Please, wait. So, now when we copy them in color? What do you think?
I don't want to talk about it.
The cover is the most important thing. If you look like an idiot, who will buy the album?!
No, no! Let's try again at full height.
Allright, the lightning's good. Come on, now.
I'm ready. - Just a second. There you go.
I can do static too. - Yeah, but why... I...
Sandev, give me Mireille Mathieu from the bag, I want to see it.
Just a second.
Right. Look, how natural. - What?
Natural is the best.
No need of full height photos. Let's try it like this.
Reni, comrade Peshev wants to see you now.
Comrade Peshev? I'll go when I can, and not...
Right. Don't move. I'm ready.
Sandev, wait a little.
I can't stand it. I'm going crazy! One day I'll positively go mad.
When she gets back I'll throw her through the window.
Quiet, she'll hear you... - Let her hear me!
This is a photography study, not Peshev's...
We were to make an exhibition.
All funds have gone for her gramophone record.
Keep quiet. If it's not her another one will take her place.
We know Peshev, right?! - Maria,.
she can't sing a single note, but she's already making an album.
One Mireille Mathieu she is!
Hi, Velkov. Go in. He's alone.
Velko, come in.
I was about to send someone to find you. - Good day.
It's good you came. - I know when to come, comrade Peshev.
It's not working, Velko, it's not working. - What's not working, comrade Peshev?
Nothing. Even my car is not working.
It will, comrade Peshev. What's wrong with the car?
Leave it... Now, tell me...
will you be playing at the young farmers meeting?
Other bands will play too.
We are rehearsing intensively. Making new songs.
There will be others, but you are the best. Everybody wants you.
My guys here, for example, they have everything they need,
but... they are too lousy.
If you were to learn up to ten socialistic songs...
I would immediately let you go to the zone review.
We are giving our best, comrade Peshev. We are rehearsing.
You are good. You are good. Very good.
Only, your vocalist.. she's just a bit...
I came for the summer job we talked about.
Is it going to be?
That's complicated... - The other day we talked...
The other day, the other day! Look, Velko...
You are not with the cultural center and I am breaking all rules with you.
I mean, because it's only for the summer. - Eh, the summer...
Everybody's at vacation. That is why I though you could...
if you allow it. - Fine, I'll give you a certificate.
As if you were from the Cultural Center, our Cultural Center.
I'll close my eyes. We've let you rehearse here and we close our eyes.
I'll give you a certificate, we're closing our eyes again.
Too much closing of the eyes, Velko, too much!
Alright. You want the amp too. - Yes, we want it.
You want the amp, that's speakers , amps...
Could I give this with my eyes closed?
And the synthesizer too. - Right, right... the synthesizer.
Can't you see what's going on?
Actually, we are learning two-three socialistic songs.
Good. - We could bring a prize at the zone review.
For the Cultural Center. - Good for the songs.
You are a good band and you'll make them properly.
However, you don't have a vocalist.
How's that? Vania. Vania Georgieva is our singer.
Velko. - She has a very interesting voice.
Velko! - She fits very well to the band.
We are counting on... - Velko, she's not good.
She can't sing, your singer.
She's no good...
What do you mean, comrade Peshev... What?!
She's young, she'll progress.
Let her progress. I don't mind.
Right, the synthesizer too.
So, you are taking everything, it seems. - That much...
When was the young farmers meeting?
On the 15th.
15th... we can manage that.
I'll call Pavel, to see your car...
Leave it. So, I'll record it:
Velko, 20:00 hours, the farmers.
Pavel - the car.
We'll take the amp for 3 months only. We'll be here in October...
I'll be held personally responsible for the synthesizer.
Velko, the synthesizer we will manage.
However, you need a singer, that is what you need!
You'll be presenting the Cultural Center after all.
If it's not possible...
Do you have some aspirin, my head is hurting.
I don't have any. Want some koniak? - Okay.
My vestibular system is causing me trouble.
Sit. - I don't intend to.
What was that again. Vestibul.. something nervous?
Nervous, indeed.
I completely understand. Managing a whole band is no easy task.
So that's why I'm telling you - get a good singer.
Otherwise you'll only break your nerves and your system.
Can I have another one? - But of course!
Reni? - She's a bit tight, I know.
But with a good band, like yours...
The amp is brand new. - Another one, please?
Enough. George, enough!
What is it, Velko?
Keep quiet!
Vania - good. Vania - very good.
You can go home. We'll stay a little more.
You can go.
Way to go, Vania! You are amazing. Where does your voice come from...?
Aren't we... - No, no.
Come on.
See you all. - Good night, kids.
Hey, Filip, don't make us wait to...? Do you hear?!
How will we live when we go there?
Pavel and George... Velko and you... and I - all alone.
There's time... - There's no time at all.
Go, Velko will get mad. - They are still getting round up...
Won't we...?
That's that... we have a new singer from tomorrow...
No matter what, this is nasty.
Velko, I thought there were no such things in music?
If it's a question of getting dirty, I have that at tha garage as well.
Why would I quit and become a...?
She can't get two notes out properly!
Nobody wants her, and they are pushing her to us?!
Come on!
I agree. You are right.
Find me an amp...
get me a certificate and you won't see her.
Even on picture you won't.
What are you guys thinking after all?!
That you can get famous like this?!
You get your fiddle and there you are at Sunny Beach.
And we are a band of virtuosi, without a certificate...
So give us an amp and clean the Variete,
because we have to play there!
All that's left to ask for is...
Can't your guy at Sunny Beach help us...?
My guy!... My guy said
not to go without an amp and a certificate.
This is an european resort, not a...
Fine, but how to go without Vania?
I don't kow.
We can't bring two singers. - Two singers?
The other one won't sing with Vania. What is she, crazy?!
That's it guys. Peshev is relentless.
It is to be Reni. Otherwise no amp or certificate.
When a man comes close to their 50s they go mad for chicks.
This is her condition. A singer!
Why would she be dating him, otherwise! This... eagle!
That's it.
This is the price. Pay and get... or...
Don't you dare. That's the easiest thing to do.
I can say "I quit" too.
Is this why we played the whole year?
Everybody can quit. - See. See what you've done.
You have to understand this! I tried eveyrthing.
Socialistic songs... Farmers meetings...
none would do! He wants Reni!
Do you think that he's having an easy time
fixing that damned geep part by part?!
We talked for a whole year about Sunny Beach.
We play like mad.
I found us a guy there, to set everything up for us...
What if they invite us to the DDR?
The DDR? - It's full of germans during the summer!
That's right! Once they hear us, they'll invite us!
They don't have good bands.
And then, we'll get Vania back.
A whole year of playing gone...
If it's like this, stay here!
Play all your life at corner clubs, I don't care!
He and Vania can still date. It's only for the summer.
Cause there is no other way. We'll get her back after that.
He's got to be clear - is he playing or not?
The 20th is coming, there is no time.
Where are you going? I can come with you.
I've talked with my guy about Sunny Beach.
You've got to be confident.
Summer... the heat will finish us, eh? What date is it, by the way?
Look now, I don't agree to it too.
Let's think of something, right?
I want to remind you that the 20th is coming.
And if it is the 5th, we still have 15 days left.
And what are 15 days, really?
Two weeks and instead...
Filip, wait. Filip...
We are all mad. And Velko's just...
but we must think realistically, getting angry is of no use now.
None! You must not fall to your nerves.
Pull yourself together! It's dangerous to your heart. You are young.
Hi, George. - Hello.
Was Filip around? - No, why?
Just asking. - Are you gonna buy something?
I was with Filip, but lost him in the crowd.
What crowd? - Right... I'll wait outside.
He's not coming. I'll go home.
What is it with you? - What?
You sent me home early yesterday. And today you come chewing gum...
Ha, what about it? - Tell me, what's going on?
Is the 20th cancelled? - No, why?
Actually, it is. - Why?
How should I put it...?
Actually, it's not. They demand we should play with Reni.
They force us to!
Reni...? - Reni!
And you agreed?
Beat it!
Filip! Filip!
That is because she does not love you!
Tell me, how is she gonna slap you?!
In front of a foreign person!
Whoever loves, is ready to undertake any sacrifice for the other!
Any sacrifice! You've read books, no need for me to clarify it.
Come on now, come on...
You are ready to jump into fire for her,
you leave the band, leave everything and what she does in return? She slaps you!
How's that possible?! - Yeah, wait for someone to slap me...
...if he's luck enough! I'll rip their head off!
It's a woman after all. - A woman?!
I'll tell her a thing or too... - I was talking about...
...and she claims to be... - Fine. She was aggravated.
Fine, but why should she keep you walking under her window...
like a dog... what are you... Why would she not see you?!
Even a criminal has his last words right.
She won't even hear... And you call this love...!
Love, you say...!
She loves you, she does not love you, that's her business.
She must at least keep your dignity in tact!
Not to embarass you! In front of a foreign person!
Sit there! A man lives for his dignity.
Come on now - "Let it be".
What's up with your guy? - Come on, ten suitcases?
And this is just the third one. Velko, do you expect me to put them on my head?
What is this, a bus?! Do you really wear everything in there, Reni?
She wears it. The audience watch your clothes not if you can sing!
Did you see "Erruption" on TV? It's not like they are anything special...
I am ready.
Who are we waitng for? Ah, Filip.
Velko, how many years should we work in DDR so that they stop charging us?
You, for example, will have much trouble. - Why?
The germans don't allow children's clothes exports.
Forget about shoes.
Mine are 40, and only one is pressing my foot! - And the other one?
Why am I arguing with you... Velko, tell me, please.
I think that if you work for two years... - That's what I know too, however...
If you grow up for two years...
She can go to hell! For ten days I play under her window!
What is she - Lisa Minelli?!
Pavel, look, look!
Oh, god!
Hey, isn't here much too overcrowded?
Pavel, slow down, we'll miss the hotel. - Relax.
That's it. That's it, guys! We missed it!
That's it. - How did you read it?
In Bulgarian or in French?
In French. Some of us studied foreign languages.
Right! - Yes.
Wait up! Are we playing here?
Is it really here!
Find some pastry shop and wait for me there.
I'll go to the administration, to check with my guy.
And the luggage?!... Fine. I'll stay here, but we'll turn!
Don't embarrass yourself. This is Europe.
Nobody locks their car.
If he does, they'll consider him a nutjob!
Good day, what will it be? - Three cokes, and some almond.
Who's not drinking? Reni, she has to keep her voice.
Do you want coke too? I ordered three for myself, cause I'm so thirsty!
Reni will drink citronade. I don't want your stupid coke.
Not too cold, though. - No ice, right?
Add just a little ice. - Fine, thank you.
And for you? - Order now!
Metaxa. - I beg your pardon?!
Metaxa! - I want one too!
A small one, a small one. - A small one and a large one. Thank you.
It's so different here, right.
It's not like at our town: "Go on, cus I've to sweep the floor!"
Good God!
George, look!
Just wait till tomorrow...
Look at the lady with the red trousers.
Velko told her something.
Why is he returning so soon?
My guy was moved to the Ambassador! - You don't say!
I'll go there, you wait here.
So, we won't be playing here? - There you go. The almond.
Pity. I like it here.
Do you know how is at the Ambassador?! They make all symposiums there!
I don't want to sing there. I like it here.
Maria, is comrade Yolov here? - He's busy.
Maria, this is a friend of mine - a musician.
Sit. And wait.
I'll be here in a minute...
I'll go for a walk.
He is going to check his drums just in case...
Velko is probably arranging the commission right now.
Thanks. If we stay here, we'll probably sing at the restaurant.
Because I don't see a stage here. - There you go.
Here it's too...
I believe that they arranged it for this place.
And then they moved the guy to the Ambassador.
I am even starting to like the Ambassador idea.
He's sitting in the truck. - Who?!
Velko, who else?!
And why? - How should I know?
What is going on? - And he's playing with me...
the whole year he lies about who he is...
A vice-president... he'll sign a contract...
And I prepare him meat...
So, it's not gonna work out? - He's just a simple manciple!
Brings carrots to the kitchen.
And I sent him so much flat sausage...
and he's nobody here actually...
So? - He ran away, of course.
Get up. Let's go, show him to me and I'll rip his head off!
Where are you to find him? Who knows where he's gone?
Get up, I say! - There is a signed band from last year...
Some dutch band. - Go.
And three ladies. For the bar. New Jersey Sisters from Poland.
Velko, get up and let's go find him! Get up!
This is because we don't have a name. Who knows about us?
How many times I told you we should name the band?
See - New Jersey Sisters. What if they are from Poland?
You just show him to me! - My yellow suitcase is gone!
I mean it. My yellow suitcase is gone!
My yellow dress with the shoulder straps was in there.
We'll find it on our way back. - Somebody delved in here!
Stop it. What are you, naked?! - Please, don't...!
My stuff is here.
Look. They can't have bands at all places.
We'll search. We'll find something somewhere.
Get in the truck. We'll search. Come on, Pavel, get in the truck.
Wait, what about the bill? - Relax.
They are looking for good musicians everywhere. Get in!
Come on, Reni. We won't wait for you.
What an atrocity! They are stealing here too.
They have a band.
When will we stop already? I got tired of it!
Pavel, stop. There's no point in going in circles with the truck.
The truck is fine. - We are cutting short on gasoline...
and we are not making good impression. Stop!
We are just like beggars! Can't we search at some central place?
Go to the beach to check the sea, and I'll search at a central place.
Easy. - You'll find us around. - That's easy. I'll find you.
He's coming.
Right. - This is not the only resort...
...there are other places too. We are a tourist country, after all.
There are other resorts too.
Once we are on the road, there' no quitting, right? What now?
We were to sing in "Varna" at first. Then it was the...
How was it? - Ambassador.
And now where to? I have three suitcases full of dresses!
It's two now. - Please, don't mention it...
An atrocity!
Look, let's head to Sunny Beach, they too have...
Ha, ha, ha! Sunny Beach!
What? Say it! - Is there a different planet?
There's the same... - It's not! - It is!
It can't be the same. They have much more hotels there.
I'm telling you - they are looking for good musicians everywhere.
If we give up at first try, we then better...
Come on, get up. It's getting cold.
I'm losing my voice! - What?! - I'm losing my voice!
You don't say - What are you laughing at, freaks?!
She's losing here voice. Start searching for it, then.
These guys suck! They can't play a tango!
I don't know if they suck, but they have a place where to play.
I can't hear the drums at all.
What is this guy doing?! Absolutely dreadful!
Right, right, but don't they have...
a contract in their pockets.
There you go. - Thank you.
Reni, it looks like you are having lots of fun, eh!
Why not?
We are constantly hanging at some restaurants, anyways.
No place to sleep...
And what should this "There you go" guy be?
I don't know. Some Czech guy.
No, an Hungarian. An Hungarian.
And now what? Half the money are gone.
If we go to the bar too...
We can go home tomorrow. That should put an end to our field trip.
Please. - Go ahead, go ahead, chokolom.
I told you, that we should name the band.
Nothing's working when you don't have a name. Take these guys...
they suck, but... "Blue rhytm"!
Sunny Beach. Cloudy.
Where is the sun? We could not even swim!
I'm going back. We are only taking tours with this ugly truck.
Who's ugly, huh?! Who's ugly?!
If it's about ugly, then you are... - What am I?
Say it, what am I? - Pavel...!
Listen, I'll drop you off here and my eye won't blink!
What do you think, that we'll carry you with our hands?!
Skunk! - Pavel.
Pavel! - What Pavel, what?!
Not only we took here with us...
Comrade Peshev's not here...
To drool around you! - Stop!
Don't touch the wheel! - Stop, I'll jump!
"I'll jump... " - Stop, I'll jump.
Reni, where are you going? Wait, why... - Pavel!
Let hur jump. Whore. - Stop it!
What are you doing! Musicians!
Peshev's nobody to me. Nobody.
What should I do, when he's onto me?
I... I want to sing.
I want to.
What is it?
Nothing. You are getting a fine.
What is this, a hotel?!
Laid down... like lambs.
Don't you see that we are musicians?
A band. We are going to you.
To entertain you... - To me. To entertain me?!
No entertainment for us until we collect the harvest...
You've trampled eveyrthing with your cars and tents.
You park where you wish...
open the cans... what should we eat - empty cans?!
All you think of, is food! But you play your radio and Tv, right!
Geroge... Why are you arguing with this idiot?!
Listen... - Wait a second!
So, you are denying the very need of art, is that correct?
I am not denying anything. However, even if I play my TV,
or I don't... when the cupboard's empty...
You are right about the cupboard, but you can't live with it only.
You need some... - You can't live with only a TV too.
Everybody's singing and playing.
You can't get two guys to work.
10 Levs. - What?!
What 10 levs?! - Bulgarian.
I'll kill a guy for 10 levs!
If you want us to go to the council...
What council? Why not go there!
Pavel, please! - Hey, you...
What!? Reni, you are insane.
You are not right after all!
I don't see such a necessity.
They wait for a table for three hours as it is...
Every reputable restaurant has its orchestra.
Reputable you say!
There is no restaurant in 10 miles. So, reputable or not...
Just a beer and grill kiosk.
Where would they go?
Dimitar... look...
When you have a band, you are adding a star to the place, right?
Yet the expenses stay the same.
I know, I know.
Things don't work like this. - Why?
You must go to Burgas, to file a petition...
Alright... You can leave the stars as it is.
Simply for the record - 10 percent for the band and that's it.
We'll figure out the payment.
Right... - What are you afraid of?
Do you have a band? Yes, you do! Simply put 10 percent there and...
This is a village! And these bungalows...
A plain village. And the pub is good.
To sing here? With my three suitcases. I won't do it!
It's two now. - Please, don't mention it!
Good god!
A lot of actors are here on vacation.
I've seen Kosta Tzonev at the post office.
Seriously? I thought he is a bit taller.
Shut up!
That is because on TV you look taller.
Your number is not respnonding. - Why?
I don't know why.
Wait here, I'll try again in a minute.
I don't know what to say.
Dimitar, what are you afraid of, I don't understand it?
Well... - Yes?
Way to go! We are waiting for you outside, and you here...
Is there a toilet in this pub?
I want to present you our singer. Reni,...
Nice to meet you - Mitashki. - Reni.
An amazing voice.
A toilet?
Wait here! I'll show the comrade- singer Reni our toilet...
Where have you been the whole day?
Pavel, look.
Did we switch them? - I don't think so.
Store clothes!
The pants suit me, though.
It's important to take them over with our music.
Yes, a moment. Right, understood.
Are you baking the meatballs on the sun? - Just a moment, please.
The Czechs'tent is with a double mattress, I saw it.
Enough with the Czechs! What's so important about them...?
I won't play with him anymore... - Kiro.
He's calling the cards on intuition? - Is that so?
I'll play with you tomorrow.
You see what you've done. You see?
Do you see what you've done?!
Pepi, get the kid out of here, cause I'll slap him...
Don't get mad. - How not to get mad?!
See, my pants are wet. Right on the front!
I can't even stand up. You, keep quiet, cause I'll rip your head off!
What is it?
Those guys are so boring. Where did they come from?
I can't hear a thing. - Drink your vodka.
Better this, than the idiot songs they were playing on the grammophone.
I am sick of this restaurant!
What's up. Nobody's paying any attention to us.
Atenntion! And now, for you will sing Reni Kovacheva.
Thank you. Merci.
I'll sing a song that speaks of a love, a parting, and something else.
This is the real deal.
Something much more, right?!
It's fine. Not for singing, though. For something else.
Let me drink 1 litre of vodka too, and you'I see...
Now, now.
Bravo. Bravo!
You were talking about the Czechs, but look at you now...
Velko, what's going on? We don't want her, and she's taking us out of...
Thank you. And now, I'll sing the song
"Returning, returning and something else".
What are you, a chess-player? Play a card already!
I won't wait you forever. Trump card! - Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You've been here? I woke up to find nobody was around!
Only George - rehearsing.
I couldn't sleep well.
Especially after the success. - Right!
And this bungallow... it's horrible.
Kosta Tznove wasn't at the restaurant yesterday.
Who, the artist? - I thought you've seen him at the post office.
He was not there, but Nikola Anastasov was- at one table in the back.
Who, the funny one? - He's not that interesting.
Pepi! - What?
Come, come grease my back, cause it's getting on me.
The beer is getting on you?
The sun is getting on me, not the beer!
And be careful, I'm playing it now! - Alright, alright.
What are you doing! I'm playing hearts!
I thought you had the ace. - You thought, you thought. You think too much!
Grease my chest too!
There you go. - I'll take this one. Enough.
Woman, that's enough I said!
Why are you looking at my cards?! - Who's looking at your cards?!
I'll tell you who's looking! Dare look just one more time...
A trump card again.
Nikolai! Come here! - We've done it. They are in.
I've had enough of this. - Why, Reni?
The wind, it just...
And you don't say anything interesting...
Wait for the water to heat up and we'll go swimming.
To get a jellyfish on my leg? No!
I'm going to sleep.
Bye. - Bye.
What, are you reading it? - Sleep, sleep!
You can't honey. It's too cold yet.
It's not. It's not. - Go to your father.
I want to go into the sea.
Good day. Excuse me, didn't we...?
It seems we switched them. - I was wandering where did the character go
he was just sitting in a train... and now he's home with a wife and four kids...
And with a different name. I thought that they write like this nowadays...
To not understand it on first reading.
This guy's playing the guitar at the restaurant. - You don't say!
You can't speak like this! - Don't worry, don't worry.
What is your name. - I won'tell.
Tell this man your name. - I won't tell!
Pepi, Pepi. Go get us 4 beers, we lost again.
I'm going. - Why don't you buy 8 beers!
Why are you ordering your wife about?!
Keep it quiet. We'll see who's buying the brandy tonight.
Give us the new one.
George, can you please stop for a while, I want to sleep?
It's not responding again.
Is the person close to you?
I don't know.
What should we do? Should we try again in a few minutes?
Should we? - Fine.
Hey, comrade, you've been here an hour already!
What is wrong with Yambol, girl?
The mature man is something else. You can't go wrong with him. I assure you.
My wife and my son. - Nice to meet you.
And now, Reni Kovacheva will sing for you.
Merci. Merci.
A very good singer.
Shame on you! Your daughter is getting married on Sunday.
Don't ruin my mood.
The pamid drinks much sun too. But the king of wines is Dimyat.
There's not much left of it around, these days. They've extirpated it.
But I've kept around a hundred roots.
I'll show them to you, if you want. - Why should I be interested by your Dimyat?!
I am a whiskey person, not a wine one.
Don't touch me! - Why didn't you say so! Why!
I adore whiskey too. Why don't we go to the villa?
The whiskey is waiting for us. - Like I'll run now!
You are funny guy.
You promised to take me to the pouds, and show me how they catch fish?
It's a bit early for that. - Why did we leave then?
Come on. - Come see.
Come see the villa from the inside! - Don't touch me!
Just one time! We'll drink whiskey!
Don't you understand? I don't want to drink. I'm going to the pounds.
There's nobody there now. - It doesn't matter.
You get it? Only if you are sure! - I heard you, I'm not deaf.
I'm off. - Me too.
Spades. - A hundred.
What hunderd?! - This one.
I'm opening! - Why do you take them?
Four spades and one ace. - Why are you taking them, huh!
Let me see! A ten and a jack!
You are insane! - When I'm taking a hundred out...
I'm taking it cause I intend on playing it!
Pepi, come here. Go for a beer, cause we lost again.
Come on, we are starting over. A new game, a new one.
Six beers, an exchange, please.
Cold ones, from the fridge, boss.
It's cold, right? - Ice cold!
Thank you. - It's fine.
Wait, wait, I'll help you - They are not heavy.
Please, don't worry, we are in the same direction, anyways.
The beer is nutrient, but sometimes it can poison you too.
What? What poison?
Sometimes, they can't make it foamy enough, so they put "Sinpro" in.
"Sinpro" in the beer?! - Yes. Well, it could be something else.
Washing powder, for example. You get foam at two times.
In the glass and then on the poisoned person's mouth.
Are you serious? - I don't believe it myself...
If we are to poison ourselves, so be it!
Big deal! Cheers!
Excuse me. Big deal!
I personally, like chemistry.
Are you a chemist? - Me? No...
I am a cashier.
It doesn't matter who's who.
What are you doing with the cards?
Nothing, you can mix them yourself if you want.
Fine, go ahead. - Will you?
No, no. Go ahead.
So, when we were in the eight grade.
Our chemistry teacher showed us how to dissolve alkali.
She drops a rag and it dissolves.
She drops a note, it goes too.
Then Vlado from the back stands up.
And says - "Comrade, can I see it? - You can. " she answers.
Then he bends over the glass and
his eye falls into the it. - You don't say.
The chemistry teacher's face went white, like this foam here...
And she passed out. - I imagine If I were her...
And then when we revived her, Vlado told her:
"The eye, comrade, won't dissolve"
She looked and passed out again.
For a single minute - two faints. - No, no, this isn't...
No joke here. His eye was artificial
and he played that joke very often.
And she always fainted.
At last. Are you bringing it from Burgas?!
You are on! - 3 to 3. We're getting to you.
Move a bit...
Pepi, what's with the beer - it's warm as tea!
I told the guy... - " I told the guy... "
I'll go and smash the bottle to his head...
The kibitzer, please, move aside!
Whoever can't play always seeks an excuse, you know?
I know. Please, move aside!
You sing good. Very good, if I may say.
But you must pay more attentiont to the lyrics.
The lyrics, that is... - George, do you honestly think that
somebody is listening to the lyrics? - But of course!
The words are... It' very important to know what you are singing about.
It's one thing to sing about the wind, and the other if you sing about love.
All songs are about love. With all the same words...
One time it's the sea, the other it's love, or the other way around.
No, no, you are not right.
Take one Edith Piaf for example.
"I'm not regretting anything!"
Won't you come in? - What? I don't know if it's fine.
Oh, come on! Don't be silly!
Come on in. Why don't you sit? - Well, thank you, Reni.
I was talking about Edith Piaf.
She, for example. - Wait a second, I have to take the dress off...
I'm listening.
Well... - Please, don't watch, I'm naked.
Not that I'm sleepy, I just need to lie down for a bit.
No, no, no. I'm going to bed. Good night.
What just happened to me? I'm so sleepy... Well then.
Stay, stay. I don't want to sleep, really. Stay and talk to me.
Tierce. - What?
Tierce. - Queen?
A King. - Fine.
Pepi. Pepi, come grease my back.
Pepi, do you hear?!
Where is your mother? - You sent her for beer, right?
The music is something endless. Freedom.
We are all equal before it.
I read this somewhere, but couldn't agree more with it.
I don't understand it, just listenging to the radio, since I was little
but I like your playing.
Only your singer... she...
I don't know how to put it. - She's trash! Complete trash!
A copycat.
We had a wonderful singer, but they screwed us.
She's the girlfriend of the other guitarist. Filip.
He just wonders around like a nutjoob, poor man.
Whatever. Take the bass guitar, for example.
What is it? It's the base for everything else.
The whole melody counts on it. Do you get it?
Imagine a house without a base!
The bass is the real deal. I'm not saying it, cause I play the bass,
it's the truth. - I understand.
The music as a whole... that's...
You dissolve into the music. It submerges you.
You are not simply the mechanic "somebody" that all people shout at...
you become an impartible part of nature's general harmony,
as Velko says - the guy with the synthesizer.
Why are we playing, really? To...
Don't. It's meaningless.
Funny, isn't it. At start, I'm interesting...
they like me... yet as far as it goes...
the only thing I'm good for, is to carry the beers.
Don't, somebody will see us!
Pepi, what is this beer?! - Well, beer.
No, no, I'll really go and bash his head this time.
Stand still. We'll lose again - Why is he making a fool of me!
Why, Velko?! - Leave it.
What is it? Diamonds. - Right.
Why is he making a fool out of me?! Nobody has ever screwed me before
and he'll serve be warm beer!
Just wait till the game's over...
George, why do you keep avoiding me?
Who - me?! Nothing of the sort.
On the contrary. You barely talk to me.
I'm wondering how you agreed to come to the beach with me.
Why not? It's very pleasant for me.
You used to tell me stuff... About Edith Piaf, about...
No, I was just reading the newspaper. Fine...
I'm the best, Reni! - What, what?!
You read too much, prick! - What do you want, idiot!
Bad. Very bad. George, carry on, but a bit lighter...
And you - be more explicit in your playing.
Come on, Philip! We'll miss the beach!
No beach until the song's ready! - Yea, right!
Go ahead.
Good evening.
Excuse me, friends... I have to call Burgas...
Do you understand? A phone. Phone. - This one's Italian. What is it, my man.
Phone... Phone... Burgas... Do you understand?
Burgas. I need phone!
No phones here. Go at the post office. Beat it, we have work to do.
Wait, wait, let's help him - I don't understand. Hey, friend.
Go ahead, mate. Don't mind Velko, he's like this.
What is it. - Leopardi.
What? - I'm Leopardi.
Italian? - Si!
Nice to meet you, Georgiev. - Grazia.
I have to use the telephone. Must call Burgas.
Okay, we got the part about the telephone.
Call, call Burgas. - What telephone?
Perke telephono? - Ah, si, si.
My car. It broke down. Do you understand?
Broke... - My auto. It broke down.
His car broke down.
Why didn't you say so, mate, so the world can hear you!
Broke down. No garage. - Bad.
Auto - broke down. A phone. Call to Burgas.
Fine, where's the auto? The auto, where is it?
I don't understand. - Auto.. dobe about?
At the highway. Si. - At the road, he says.
Look, we are musicians. Muzikanini!
But we also know a thing or two about cars. So let's go and see yours.
Velko, no other way as you see. - Hey, the road!
Show him the post office and come back. Don't get on it...
No big deal, no big deal - we'll help you.
Let's see if I still have it in me.
My car broke down. It's not working. For three kilometers.
His car's not working, he says, and also something about kilometers...
Grazia, grazia. - Give me the keys!
Ke-eys... - Catenaccio!
Si, si, si! - See, he understood!
Amico! Intergranno, bene!
Amico, tu bella questa... - Your engine's too dirty!
You come here, like... - I don't understand.
Move! Move, or you'll get dirty. Move aside!
Give me a screw driver. A small one.
Piccolo. Piccolo - grande.
Piccoli bambini? - No. A piccolo screw driver.
Like him - a small screw driver. - A screw driver. Small.
It rolls, it rolls. - Pi-cc-ola!
Where to?
So, there isn't going to be any rehearsals, let's go to the pounds.
Enough with your pounds. I'm going to sleep!
Let's see if I got it. Move a bit. - I don't understand.
Move, move. Do you understand?
Will it start or it won't? - He doesn't understand.
He doesn't understand, but knows how to get to the best mechanic!
I don't understand.
Leopardi, or what was his name?! - All he know is bene, and that's it!
It's working, of course!
Bravo, bravo! Compliments to the mechanic!
Santa Madonna! - Well done, Pavel!
Come on!
Veri cui, amico, veri cui. - Amico, watch out!
Bravo. Complimenti. Grazia!
Your car is amazing, but you are a bofoon, Savarini!
Come on. - Bravo!
Cheers! - My friends, I'm very thankful.
Thankful, thankful, but I wan't you to tell me why
do you eat frogs?
I am Leopardi, si. I am Leopardi..
Come on, Reni. The guy is busting his ass asking about you!
That's our singer. - Reni.
Say hi.
Well. - Mi piace...
Reni. - George, move a bit.
She's not that white.
So, Leopardi... Say Re-ni now.
- Renault. - No, not Renault, Re-ni!
Re-ni. - There you go!
I want you, here in front of her, to tell me why do you guys eat frogs?
Cut the crap!
A si-nger. She sings.
She's very beautiful?
An amazing voice! She sings!
A singer that sings. - Do you get it?
Give me some water.
Leopardi, Reni's a singer. A singer. Rita Pavonne. Giaurov.
Cantante, eh?! Good, good!
Cantante, cantante it is!
Mitashki, go and play the grammophone, please!
Enough playing for the local idiots every night!
Reni, preggo. - She's a passionate singer, though, right?
Friends, do you want cigarettes? - We want, of course, we want!
Give one of those to me.
That's right. She's a singer. Thank you very much!
Dalmatino, eh? - Of course, dalmatino!
Reni, preggo? - Come on, preggo!
Preggo! - There you go, preggo!
Give me the lighter. - How?
Turn it around. - Where to?
I like them as musicians, but there's something of them I dislike.
They are too kinky.
As musicians too.. they are way too slushy.
Actually, yes... - He wanted to pay me...
but how to charge him for such a small favor?
We better drink some more! Cheers!
Leopardi, though, got very drunk!
Enough with the chit-chat. - Yes, right!
Whiskey, whiskey, but it gives you hangover just as well.
I want to jump into the sea now... - No sea for you!
Stop spoiling yourselves!
George, go call that lady - our singer.
We won't wait for her till noon!
From this day, We'll be rehearsing for at least two hours!
Or else who's going to take us...
Don't forget that we are here only temporary!
Play your solo for me!
Fine. But you can do better.
Let me hear yours! - Did you check out Mitashki...
...and his dancing yesterday...
He was just amazing.
She's gone! - What do you mean?
She's gone. Her luggage's gone too.
And the Italian guy? - What about him?
I though he slept in your bungallow?
He wasn't there when I woke up.
Right! No point in talking further.
She beat it with him. - Did you see?
Did you see?!
What did I tell you! Why did you have to treat him so nice!
Wait, you didn't.
An Italian. A big shot! And you- fixing his car!
Wait a minute. Wasn't you who talked to him in Italian!
Only in the beginning.
And then, I understood what we really was like.
A little, filthy, sneaky... Damned frog!
Mitashki, look now... - There's nothing to look.
Get me a glass of ouzo. I don't need you without a singer.
I'll just play the grammophone and that's it!
Look, she quit. - So, you must quit too.
If she's not here by tommorow, we'll fix the money and you are gone.
Wait till I catch the frog, I'll rip his head off.
And I'll bust her ass!
We'll find the. What is the police for, otherwise?
If they can't find a damned Italian... and a...
I'm sure where to find them. - Where?
At the "Varna" Hotel, of course. She likes it there/
201, 202... here it is!
Reni? - Who is it?
It's us - the band. - Wait for a second, I'm naked.
You don't say a word.
Velko, hi. Hey, George!
How did you find me, guys?
Sit, sit! Those italians are so messy.
Hello, Pavel. Do you guys want to have a drink?
Pack your dresses, and go with us.
I've left the car unlocked. - Come on!
You won't tell me what to do.
Pack your suitcases, and don't make me get up!
So what?! Who are you...?
You'll see now! - Pavel!
She'll see now...
What do you think? We too smoke Kent.
and eat Tic-Tac bonbons.
He would get up! Instead of sharing a drink to say goodbye!
Reni, you can't leave us like this.
I undertand it, love at first sight, and everything, but...
you are actually interrupting your career.
Your singer's career. Do you hear, Reni?
Jani's got a cafe in Sanremo. I'm not quitting anything.
Are you sure that he has... - Of course that I'm sure.
Or else, would I... - Right.
That dwarf's name is Janni? I thought it was Leopardi?
Leopardi's his last name.
Janni Leopardi!
The man offers me to sing in Sanremo,
and you are making me go back to that frowsty village pub!
Cheers! Don't you think that this is ridiculous?
Think again, Reni. Sanremo - fine...
But can a person go on without relatives, without friends?
George, the art takes sacrifice. You said it yourself.
Look, Reni, we won't stay there forever.
In that pub. You know it's all just a temporary job.
We'll go up. I'm negotiating for the Variette.
The Variette... is just a different kind of hole, anyways.
Janni and I go there every night.
Drink. - Right!
What else to say?!
Velko, what else to say?!
Why are we still begging to her! To this brat...
You, little...
Reni, think again, please... - I thought everything through!
Didn't I tell you she is a whore?!
I should have thrown her out there on road, but you stopped me!
She's up to the tears trick again.
you at least understand me. Wait a second.
Take it - drink it.
You are not mad at me, right?
Hey, look, card man - he's got car problems.
What's going on, city boy? - The tire is blown.
I glued it, but now I can't stick it back.
velko, hi, how is it. - How are you doing?
The tire, eh? - The tire.
They stole my spare tire as soon as we got here.
They've stolen it. - Are you going home?
Yes, yes, we are going home.
Give some water. - Give some water.
Give it, don't mess around!
Pour some. Go on, go on.
Niki, I'll rip your ears off!
Don't, my boy, your father is angry now.
Good that we met.
Only if I knew who took my spare tire...
Niki! I'll rip your head off, you pest!
What's up? - Done, give the pump now.
Give the pump.
Wait, wait - I'll go find it.
Where's that stupid pump? I'm the only thing that's missing here!
There. I found it.
Pump, then!
I hope it won't blow up again...
Only if I knew who stole my spare one...
Thank you very much!
Take two levs - treat yourself something good. Come on.
Come by our place some time,
we can have a drink!
Velko, guys, bye.
There's no point of ringing. Why don't you try with a telegram?
It's crazy around here during summer...
It's like they come to talk over the phone
and they don't pay attention to the beach.
And during winter, there's nobody here.
Come here.
Sit there.
What are you doing?
You're doing this for the second time! This time, however, I won't allow it!
You are not capable of doing this! Especially in a time like this!
You are not capable of such treachery, no!
Go then. Leave. Go away!
Traitor! Pitiful deserter!
If you please. - What?
The shirt. - Do you know what you are?!
Do you know what you are? You are Reni!
You are a male Reni.
No! You are not Reni. She at least was that generous
to explain it! And gave us a bottle of whiskey.
Why did you let him? Why! - Won't fight, now, right.
Yes, excuse me.
You don't have a singer. - We are searching, we hope that...
So, the thing with Reni is over? - It's over. She left us.
Too bad! She was a good singer. - Pity.
Right. My daughter is getting married on Sunday.
Really! Well done, comrade Mitashki, well done!
Congratulations, comrade Mitashki. - Thank you. Thank you.
So young, and he has a daughter to marry...
Unbelievable! Tell us the secret, comrade Mitashki!
I'm young! Young! And I want to live, I really want it!
Way to go!
Noto for, me of course, but. - Yes?
Yes. - Say it.
I want you to play at the wedding. - Of course, we've been to so many
weddings... - I could take the grammophone out...
No! A wedding cannot
go without a band. What else are we here for, right?
Congratulations! - Congratulations! Congratulations!
Come on now, show us some tears.
Silence. George, bang the cymbal.
The relatives ask me, what am I going to give the newlyweds?
Everybody gave something, but what about the grandfather, eh?
What are you saying, there's no such thing!
I say...
come on.
I'll give them something from me too! May I?
I've got a gift here.
Get up and come see what I bought them.
Get up! Get up!
Get up!
Mitio... Velev... - Ready, boss.
Lift it, then!
Bravo! - That's my little gift.
A tiny one, yet from the heart.
Kiss my hand now! - Kiss it, son!
This is the hand that will feed you. Kiss it now!
Hey, Pavel, I want my wedding to be the same too.
What are you waiting for? Go kiss his hand!
He may as well buy you a new car.
Velko, Lada 1600! - Sit there.
Like you've never seen something like this before.
Velko, when will we stop? I'm tired already.
I can't play anymore. - Wait just a little more.
Can't you see, they are leaving?!
Will there be any dancing at this wedding?
Musicians, you are losing it You are losing it!
Tango! - Can't you see that...?
Have them play something. - Play sumthin'...
Come, come, let the young ones take example from us.
When I pass, you stop and wait! Understood! - Understood, boss.
Go ahead!
The mother of the groom.
You are losing it, Velko! You are losing it!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute! You are losing it!
Is that clear! You are losing it!
Losing it! Ти издишаш. - What?!
To fill the whole. - Boss, come on... it's clear.
It's not clear. It's not! - Easy, he'll fall.
I want something more special. The one about the heart...
"Only you my heart are my real friend"
That's it! That's it!
Well done. - Get up, people!
Get up!
The party started... - Take off your dress!
I won't. - Take it off, take it off!
Take the dress off!
The orchestra wishes all of you happiness and wealth.
What do you mean, goodbye?!
Who said goodbye?
I did. - I'm the one to say goodbye here!
No stopping! I'll tell you when to stop.
We can't play any longer, Mitashki. We ve played the whole morning. We are exhausted.
You are not! - Enough!
You'll play until...
We are going to the newlyweds. You'll play under their windows!
Like hell we will! - You will!
I pay, I feed you! Get up, George! - Don't touch my drums!
Don't touch my drums! - You, motherfuckin' bastard...
- They are beating the father of the bride!
My eye!
Let me go!
Stop touching me!
What are you people doing!
Pavel, where are you?!
How are we gonna pay for the amp?
Look! Vania!
Vania, it's so good that you came. - Hey, Vania.
Hello, Vania. - Hi, Velko.
Who did this to you? - How have you decided to come?
You sent me a telegram?
Go now. Filip very sick. Velko. - What?
I mean...
Pavel, what is it?
You'll see now.
You. Do you know what you deserve?
At least stand up and say a "Good Day".
You really are sick.
That's it. Go and get the little one.
George, come on. We are going home.
George, we are ready.
George, come on.
I'm staying.
What do you mean?! - I mean it.
What will you do here? - I'm staying!
I can watch the sea, If I want. I can also sing if I want.
What's going on?!
Do you know what you are?
You are... Didn't we go?
For the music?!
Vania, tell them, tell them you are...
Tell them we should stay!
We are staying, George.
Is it true?
Wе are staying.
I didn't sing yet.
We are staying! Pavel, we are staying!
We are staying! Do you hear! We are staying!
We are staying
We are staying! We are staying!