UNT Honors College student Jorge Roman

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My name is Jorge Roman.
I am a junior
and I am a double major in biology and philosophy in the Honors College at UNT.
I was actually recruited by a senior Honors College student.
He's a senior biology major, he's pre-med, he's getting ready to go to grad school.
He was kind of like my big brother.
He took me under his wings and introduced me to the associate dean
of the Honors College and we just had a conversation of what I want to do with my life
Is the Honors College right for me?
I applied in the fall semester and I was able to get in the spring.
My first class was Honors 1500 an introduction to research.
It was a small, small class group,
there was only like 15 of us or so.
It really encouraged a one-on-one relationship with the professor.
It was a class where everybody was free to speak their mind
and ask questions
and do things you normally wouldn't be able to do in a class of two (200) or 300.
I am a research assistant
and I got the position through the Honors College.
and I got the position through the Honors College.
and I got the position through the Honors College.
Working in the lab with other honors students,
it's a pretty cool experience.
I think it fosters a team dynamic.
Without the Honors College I would have never known.
Personal connections within the Honors College
are really important
I think, in providing the atmosphere for the Honors college student.
They have lunch with the deans,
or dinner with the deans every known and then
and you really get to know
the people behind the scenes in the Honors College.
You kind of feel special
and it's a good thing.