claudia & sonia part 1 with english SUBS

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Sónia, you didn't need to come back so fast
You could have finished your degree, then I could call you my dear doctor
Thank you
You continue the same idiot of always
Ah the more you say those things the more I like you
Sónia, one photograph
Oh Edmundo take your hand off of me
My babyzinha, my princess that almost kills her mother for being away for so long!
Mom. Mom! Calm down, you'll break me a rib!
Sónia, you don't have to tell your parents that you came back because you were dying to be with me
I know our love is like a flower that never dies
Get out of here
Dad, take it easy because Edmundo is like this town, never changes!
Nevermind dear, Edmundo is harmless
You really came back to stay?
Because neither me nor your dad are really convinced of that, you know?
Excuse me, excuse me!
But I always said that here in Portugal there are the best Medicine colleges, of the world!
Shup up!
Let her talk dear
Yes, I came to stay, and we've got a lot to talk about!
Tell me
So, you came back here because of someone?
I found someone I really care about
And who's the guy? I mean, is it somebody we know?
You don't, and it's not british
Is it serious, baby?
Of course it's serious
Otherwise she wouldn't have returned so suddenly
Noone asked for your opinion dear. Let Sónia talk
It's a gi... It's a reationship different from all the others
Oh it's to get married, babyzinha?
Your mother won't rest until she sees you in a wedding dress at the altar
Noone asked for your opinion. Shut up! Sónia...
Yes mother,but let's take it slow
This, this my relationship is a very strong reason for me to come finish my degree here
And there are also my dear parents
And the fact that that I'm sick of having rain every single day!
So, how's everything around here?
May I take you a picture?
A picture? Why?
Because you're so pretty. May I?
Don't worry, Máquina don't have bad intentions
No, no, it's just one picture
This is already kind of a welcoming ritual of this town
And the camera doesn't have film
Oh well then, you can take the photos you wish
Ah thank you very much
You are so pretty. What's your name?
Cláudia. Nice to meet you
The pleasure is all mine
I'm Father Mateus. Welcome to our town
Thank you very much
Here's the hot bread that just came out of the oven
Dad, now I've already had toasts
Oh baby why didn't you wait?
I told her to wait, be cool, be cool, but you know how she is
Oh mom don't take offence at that, but I'm in a hurry
But where are you going in such a hurry?
She wants to go to Lisbon!
And by car, you know?
What's the problem mom, I've got licence for years
Dear, in this country one must drive in the other side of the road, baby!
Baby, leave the girl alone
Go my child, go to Lisbon, go wherever you want
And you can spend all the diesel of the car
Take advantage of that now, before it rises
Look dear
Can't we at least know where are you going?
Oh mom, where am I going
I'm going to take care of some business. Bye then.
Bye dad
Bye honey
So, did she tell you anything?
Not a word
But why so much secrecy?
Would it be that her boyfriend wears an earring?
Or has tattoos? Or has piercings? Or...
Oh dear, but that nowadays is so normal
Oh God!
Alright but I would mind havin a son-in-law all pierced and with lots of piercings
Even worse...
If he is British...
Come in
Dr. Nuno? May I?
Nuno, please
We're colleagues, aren't we?
You must be Cláudia
Yes. Good morning
How are you?
I've heard a lot about you
And I've just arrived
As there are few doctors in this town
It's difficult to make comparisons
People exaggerate a bit
Well I don't agree at all
The patients' opinion is always the best evaluation on a doctor
And for what I've seen
People here love you
Why don't we have coffee, later?
And then you tell me more about yourself
That would be great
I haven't had one cup of our coffee for ages
That's right, you did you specialization in London, didn't you?
That's right