The 2011 Kentucky Goat Derby

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(Cletus) And they are entering the track, as they will be racing today.
There's Sam Jackson, and there's Topher Robinson, entering with Toby,
and the crowd reacting.
And oh, looks like Toby is getting a little restless.
He's fighting him a little, but there he goes, he's heading back now.
As they're both heading to the starting positions, let's just think about how this will affect the rest of the season.
First race, most important.
Everybody wants this, Kentucky Goat Derby.
Looks like Toby is having trouble getting in the block, TimBib's ready.
And he's in backwards, they're trying to get him in.
He's got him in now, he's got him in the block. We'll be starting.
And their off.
Oh look at TimBib with the fast start as he comes around the turn.
Oh my goodness, Toby's riding his back, Toby passes him!
What a strong finish! Oh my goodness, Wow!
Look at that as he celebrates, this is a great win for Topher Robinson and an amazing start to the season.
Wow, i cannot believe this what a comeback
And look at him with this goat there, this is great man, wow!
And there's the results of the race as we rap up this exciting day.
We'd like to thank the Kentucky goat Derby and M'ownah race tracks for hosting this great event.
Congratulations to Topher Robinson on winning the first race of the season and earning those 100 points.
Let's go down to the track with Debbie Jackson for W-G-O-A-T who will be talking to the racers.
(TR) Are you excited?
(DJ) Topher, Topher, Debbie Jackson from W-G-O-A-T.
(TR) Oh hey.
(DJ) How does it feel?
(TR) Oh it feels amazing I cou... I just, I wanted this race so bad.
(DJ) What do you have to say about your goat?
(TR) He made an incredible comeback, we had a bad start, but, he recovered nicely.
(DJ) We saw how he stumbled at first but then he sped it up and pulled you to victory.
(TR) Yeah, It was amazing.
(DJ) Congratulations
(TR) Thank you.
(DJ) Mr Jackson.
(SJ) Yep.
(DJ) Debbie Jackson from W-G-O-A-T, tough loss.
(SJ) Very tough loss. Not sure what happened there, I don't know just, I don't know he just didn't feel like running at the end.
He really, he always has a good start, but it's like he just didn't,
get to the speed i expect him to get to.
(DJ) Do you think he was a little tired today.
(SJ) You know I highly doubt that, he was fine, I don't know, he seemed fine.
You know I, I was just, I was on the outside there um, he was right on my back,
I don't know it's like he just wanted to slow up a little bit and uh, he didn't want to run hard,
I guess it just wasn't his day today.
(DJ) What do you have to say to the hometown fans from Sand Gap.
(SJ) You know I just, I'd probably have to apologize but,
a tough loss, so, I know, I know their feeling pretty bad right now after that,
we really could have had it this year, I thought I had him trained for this.
You know but this is just the first race, we've got the rest of the season.
You know, it wasn't a terrible run you know getting off to the lead starting off,
(Goat burp)
you just got to finish these that's the bottom line, if you're going to win that.
(DJ) Thank you
(Cletus) So there you have the words of the two racers.
Oh looks like Jackson's going over to congratulate Topher, let's look at that.
And there you have it, that's great as we head over to Victory Lane.
(Celebration as G.O.A.T. by The Twangers plays in the background)
(DJ) Great win Topher, what do you have to say to your sponsors.
(TR) Oh, just thanks, thank you everybody for supporting me and coming out here today. Thank you Bubba and,
just all my other great sponsors.
(DJ) Congratulations, now for the presentation of the green jacket.
(Fist pump)
(DJ) In honor of your win, the 2011 Kentucky Goat Derby, I present you, with the green jacket.
(DJ) Congratulations
(TR) Thank you.
(Cletus) Well that was just great and now we'll end with a word from Debbie Jackson.
(DJ) I want to thank you for attending and sharing this momentous occasion with us,
as Topher Robinson was the winner of the Kentucky Goat Derby. It's been an exciting time,
we've seen the good, we've seen the bad, we've seen the overcoming of adversity.
The thrill of victory, until next year, this is Debbie Jackson at W-G-O-A-T.
(Manly Announcer) Topher Robinson just won the Kentucky Goat Derby.
(TR) And you can find all my apparel, at American Eagle, you can even find the exact shirt I wore on race day,
you can also go onto their online store at and purchase stuff and have it ordered to you. =D