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FEMALE SPEAKER: Michelle Williams takes on Marilyn
Monroe, Mobbed dances towards a full season, and the Muppets
make a triumphant return.
This is Just Dance for November 23, 2011.
Happy Thanksgiving!
FEMALE SPEAKER: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
I'm standing here in front of Macy's where tomorrow on
Thanksgiving Day a whole bunch of crazy
dancing is about to happen.
There are a lot of dance-heavy performances coming your way
for the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
These include Memphis, Spiderman, Sister Act, How to
Succeed, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
You're also going to see awesome performances from all
your favorite artists of today riding down the street on
their floats, busting some moves.
Plus the Rockettes make a special appearance.
Right now, I'm going to turn it over to Peter Coffin for
his Thanksgiving thoughts.
PETER COFFIN: Thanksgiving is upon us, and you know what
that means--
turkey, parades.
That's it.
And if you know who's going to be marching in the parade,
that would put you one step ahead of me.
But whoever does end up in it, lip syncing or doing a
wonderfully choreographed dance sequence, everybody will
look like either a Doctor Seuss character or that family
across the street with more money than you
that you can't stand.
If you're actually able to get up the next morning to go to
Black Friday, congratulations.
Your body works better than mine.
From all of us at my living room, and presumably the
people at Just Dance as well, have a great holiday season.
FEMALE SPEAKER: When Beyonce announced that she was coming
to Roseland Ballroom in New York City for four intimate
nights, fans went crazy.
I know I would have loved to go, but those tickets were
scooped up in less than 20 seconds.
So that was not happening for me.
But if you're like me and really wished you could have
seen it, you're in luck, because Beyonce is bringing
out Elements of 4 on DVD.
So you'll feel like you were live at the Ballroom in all of
the action, watching her nail all of our favorite numbers
such as "Run the World," "Countdown," and "End of
Time." There's tons of never-before-seen personal
footage of our Queen B, and it all comes out November 29.
The grand finale of Dancing with the Stars just happened
this Monday.
And I need to know from you below--
what did you think about the results?
And who do you want to see on season 14?
I heard a rumor that Pee-wee Herman's going to be on the
show, so I'm pretty pumped for that.
If you missed the finale, always check in with our show,
FYI, where this week, Kingsley and Bobby Newberry are going
to recap the finale for you.
November 21, National Gaga Day, has passed us by.
What did you do to celebrate?
Did you listen to all of her new remixes?
Maybe you got the Monster Ball DVD.
Or perhaps you splurged and purchased Born This Way--
The Collection.
Anyways, I know I can never get enough of Gaga.
And if you're the same, tomorrow, after you've eaten
all of your Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie--
you'll be lying on the couch in a food coma--
you need to turn on ABC at 8 o'clock for A Very Gaga
She'll be singing eight songs, including "The Lady Is a
Tramp" with Tony Bennett, and sitting down with Katie Couric
for an exclusive personal interview.
The new Muppets movie is finally here.
It opened today in theaters nationwide.
It's going to be a super-cute movie for the whole family.
Go check it out.
I got to catch up with Michael Rooney, the choreographer of
our little dancing friends.
And let's see what he had to say about it.
MICHAEL ROONEY: I'm doing four musical numbers in the film--
Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and a new Muppet character they're
introducing called Walter.
I got to do a number with Chris Cooper--
this amazing show girl number with all these Las
Vegas-looking show girls.
And then I've got this amazing number with 80 dancers, 300
extras, Kermit, Walter, Miss Piggy, blocking off Hollywood
Boulevard, helicopters in the sky, cameras everywhere.
This is the biggest thing I've ever done.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Let me know below which number you're most
excited to see, and click here for a sneak peek of the
opening number.
Do you guys remember Howie Mandel's show Mobbed on FOX?
Well, it just got picked up for a full season, and the
brand new episode is airing tonight at 9:00 PM.
In every episode, we watch Howie and thousands of
strangers help a special guest surprise someone through an
exciting flash mob.
Now, I don't know what's better-- being a part of a
flash mob or getting surprised by one.
Either way, the show is choreographed and produced by
Emmy Award-winning choreographers
Napoleon and Tabitha.
Don't miss it.
Read all about it!
Newsies is coming to Broadway.
If you missed the incredible Paper Mill Playhouse
production of it, you are in luck, because Disney has given
this show the chance to make it big in New York.
Our dancing newspaper boys are set to hit the stage March 15
for a limited engagement, and I'm already counting down.
NEWSIES CAST (SINGING): Flashpots are shootin' bright
as the sun.
I'm one highfalutin son of a gun.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Michelle Williams is playing Marilyn
Monroe in the film My Week with Marilyn.
And from what I've seen, she sings, acts, dances, and looks
the part pretty spot on.
We're going to see some awesome choreography from
Kathleen Marshall and Denise Faye.
From what I hear, we're seeing a whole new side of Marilyn
Monroe in this film.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Kelly Clarkson is shooting her new video,
"What Doesn't Kill You." And she wants her fans to be a
part of a global flash mob with a chance to actually
appear in her official video.
The American Idol champ has uploaded a tutorial to
kellyclarkson.com where she teaches you all the dance
moves, and you can record yourself jamming out to the
tune all around the globe.
Eventually, Kelly's going to pick her favorites to actually
be a part of the official video.
So get on over to kellyclarkson.com, upload your
videos, and to quote Kelly, be creative, but
keep it safe and legal.
All right, guys, that's all I have for you today.
Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Don't eat too much.
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I'll see you next week.
Happy Thanksgiving.