Madd Gear Base Model Scooter Explained -

Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 13.01.2012

Hi, welcome to, today I'm going to be chatting about the Madd Gear Pro Base Model scooter
This is ideal for kids 8+, who are just starting to get into extreme sports and scootering in particular.
It's a great entry level scooter, but is great for intermediates as well
You've got your two piece bar here, with a nice curve in the middle that makes it more comfortable to ride
Silicone grips to make it comfortable when you're riding and to make sure your hands don't slip when you're riding
Going down, you've got a triple clamp which basically holds the scooter together.
You've got a threaded headset as well, threaded forks, and the 100mm wheels
these are plastic core with Krunk K1 bearings in. The Madd Gear Pro has a one piece deck
This is a great non-folding deck. Basically the headstock which is this piece here, and the neck and deck are all welded together for extra strength.
Going back here you've got a spring loaded brake. How this works is that the spring is suppressed when you push your foot onto it
and when you release, it just pops back up again
This is, as I said, a great scooter if you're just getting in to extreme sports, or trying out scootering for the first time
or you've already started and your starting to progress to become more of an intermediate rider
If you need any further information about the Madd Gear Pro, or any of our other ranges, just visit us at Thanks a lot, bye.