Jambers - Ongetrouwde boeren (unmarried farmers) Part 3.

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It is easy for them to go inside.
I should have cleaned my home, shouldn't I ? - Oh, no, that is not necessary.
Would you like to sit down?
I guess you don't see that everyday, somebody who is alone but still does everything himself. - No, that is indeed exceptional.
So here do you live? - Yes.
Here you live alone? - yes.
Since when? Since when are you alone?
In September (1995) 18 years.
And here you lived together with your parents? - yes.
My father deceased in 1960 and my mother in 1977.
Do you never eat in a restaurant?
Yes, if there is a Luna park or something or if I've to go to a marriage.
but otherwise never. No, never.
A man with money should enjoy his life a little bit, right? - as long as you can enjoy yourself at home.
I'm happy with my house just as it is.
Then it is ok, as long as you're happy. - you can do whatever you like.
There was a lady who want to hang new curtains.
But I said, you stay outside, I don't need no new curtains.
The ones I've are good enough for me.
It needs a bit more meet.
Every day I eat potatoes and every day vegetables.
I eat only 3x. For a long time I eat only 2x.
When I got up in the morning I never eat.
You never long to eat something different or something special?
No, I always eat the same. - every day?
Eggs. Friday the come with fries.
I mix the fries in my eggs, and I eat that with a salad or something else.
Go away!
Do you also want to be on TV?
Is this the same bed your parents slept in? - Yes.
And when you were young, you slept with your parents in the same bed? - yes.
I slept in the room above the basement.
Why do you leave your parents bed there?
What should I do with it then? Throw it outside?
If you are bored, you are welcome to stay over here.
Just bring your wife here too, then she can cook.
It is quite some time ago that I opened this closet for the last time.
How old are those clothes you think?
They were from when she still was young.
This is a very special skirt.
Do you have a beautiful wife? Take it with you then.
This one is very special.
My mother liked to be beautiful, she was a very proud woman.
She was very proud.
Just take a look, how special this is.
Just take a look at the bottom of it
This is a special textile.
I'll show you something, I've worn it once.
My fathers suit, from when they married.
The wedding suit. - from your father?
..and the trousers too.
Just imagine, this is 60, 65 years old.
66 years old. I'm now 65 years old, so...
They were married in '39, no, '29.