Vua ăn mày (Full) - Châu Tinh Trì (english subtitle)

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Master. I'm ready.
You must be very tired. Master! Master! Wipe offyour sweat.
Advisor! What is he writing? Name!
Marvelous! Master can write down his own name.
Good words!
Go away!
Good words! Like dragon flies and Phoenix dances.
Master! It's up-side down.
Tsan-Ar-Ha-Cha-Su! Good boy!
But don't be too proud. OK?
Dad! Not many of our Su-Cha-Ha-Ar Family can write.
Since the founding ancestor.
Now it's different. My son, your grandson, Tsan, can write.
He can write his own name.
Dad! This is very important.
He knows how to write. He'll be a scholar some day.
He knows how to write. His children will be better.
Young Master, you should learn how to write properly.
Cut it out Tsan...
Frame it!
Of course! Advisor.
Frame it in the biggest frame.
It's not enough. Carry it,
walk on the street with a flower.
Tsan! Come!
Sit down!
I'm so happy to see you're excellent.
Listen. Your father is spendthrift.
I spoiled all the property.
Actually what I mean is prodigal son,
if I die, you'll have to depend on yourself.
I always depend on myself.
Take the money. Don't waste it.
Boiled Egg! Take my Western style hat to me.
Where are you going?
I have my birthday today.
How old?
Twenty Five. Come visit me earlier.
Why don't you comb your hair?
Don't look like a little beggar.
I would like to be a beggar if he can make so much money.
This hob is really good. Come!
What can I do for you? Master!
Look! His invitation card is made of gold.
Next time I'll have a more lavish birthday.
Your Royalty! Do you like Guangdong Opera?
Beijing opera is better.
But it's not bad.
My family are separated, sick, old or weak.
No relatives. Wife and sons are gone. Bad luck!
Please give me some tip.
You jinx!
Come here! I hit... Tip!
Yes. Master!
Are you sure? A beggar!
Get the money and get out of here.
Beggars are human beings, too.
During this month you can eat here
or have fun with prostitutes, I'll Pay!
Will you pay?
I do! I do!
Sir! This way please. Follow me please...
How are you?
I have my name. Don't call me procuress!
It's better to be frank.
Speaking offrankness?
With the hat, you like mourning.
Your Dad?
It's interesting to say things this way.
Mr. Chau ramps the defectors for me.
His Majesty will bestow a lot offortune.
Please say some thing good about me to His Majesty.
After the opera, please use the towel.
Su-Sir is here!
Su-Sir. Congratulations. This way, please.
Su-Sir. It's your lucky day.
Have fun.
We have some lovely girls who'll cheer you up.
Goldfish or wooden fish?
Master! What do you mean?
Stupid boy! You can look at goldfish, but you can take wooden fish.
Of course, I want wooden fish.
Wooden fishes, come to welcome our guests.
It's your big day. Just tell us which girl you like.
They're all the same. I don't care.
Su-Sir. What's wrong?
I was sacked!
What? Who dares to do that? I'll smack his mouth.
She didn't sack me with her mouth, but eyes.
I've never seen such a seducing expression.
Who's she?
She's not a professional one.
Are you interested?
You should ask our nobleman first.
How do you feel, my master?
Don't be so polite.
Go on please. Mr. Chau!
Thanks! I want the girl.
Ru-Shun! Go down here to see Mr. Chau.
It's him who killed our Dad!
I know! Hold on! Go!
Mr. Chau. It's Ru-Shun!
It's Ru-Shun. Nice to meet you.
Really a beauty!
Mr. Chau. So tonight...
It's a one hundred thousand bill.
She'll serve our master tonight!
Sorry! Not available for you.
Sorry! I hope you don't mind, gentlemen.
Calm down! Listen to me!
Anyone who can pay more than the bill,
you'll get the chance to be served by Ru-Shun.
Do you think it's fair?
He really dares to spend money.
Bill is nothing.
I've got an valuable Din-Fon Pearl.
I prefer pearls.
Mr. Chau! I am room...
Hi! Do you think the pearl is worth that bill?
You think one hundred thousand dollars is not enough?
I love money. But I don't like you.
Frankly speaking, I really like her very much.
Su-Sir! Never mind.
Maybe that's because my hairstyle doesn't fit my hat.
So Ru-Shun doesn't like me. It's my fault.
Su-Sir. Don't worry!
Procuress. I have to rely on you tonight.
None of my business.
You've gone too far!
Mantis fist? Not bad!
Let's go!
Beak ofthe crane! Craw ofthe tiger!
How can a mantis beat a tiger,
and a crane?
I can do the combination oftiger and crane fist.
So let's try and see.
You're defeated again.
So, it's not the combination.
It's the wings of a peacock! No wonder that's weak!
Change the shape and position. Finally got something different.
Young man. Be modest!
General in Guangzhou.
Whoever dares to abuse my son will have to pay for that!
Tsan! Don't be afraid. Who insulted you?
What? Who was insulted by you?
Is he rich? Qualified or not?
Them! Who?
You'll know when you see them.
The king of iron hat!
Take it!
Tsan! Forgive him
since he gives you this present.
Give it to the ladies here.
It's reads, "The king of iron hat: Tseng-Ko-Lin-Ching."
How dare you try to get this? Catch him!
According to our law, the official shouldn't visit prostitutes.
You're here. You won't have chance to get rid of it.
How about you?
Does he mean me? Yes.
It's me! I'm here for...
To catch... Catch you!
Him! Catch him!
I'm the general of Guangzhou.
I'll get all ofyou, the black sheep!
And... And what?
It's the anniversary ofthe ancestor,
you've to be punished!
Yes! Kill him!
According to the law,
people who has no braid has to die.
So you...
Do you still want to see? I've got more.
Don't talk shit with him! Catch him!
OK! Don't play anymore!
General Su, we do have good time. Forget about it.
I didn't have anyjoy yet!
Your Royalty, it's unfortunate to have the rascals here.
I'm sorry!
None ofyour business. Go!
We dare not provoke him. Let's stop!
OK! Yes.
Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.
Master! Your hat!
He's really a master!
Uncle Mo, we've put poison in the wine and food.
Chau assassinated our leader
and the generals of Tai-Ping Empire,
even want to impute us.
So all the people in underworld look down on us.
They think we betray them.
Revenge can be taken today.
His born strength is really powerful.
Don't start to fight unless he's tricked.
We can't beat him.
I'll ask him to be near the bed.
Senior, someone is coming.
Get ready!
Ru-Shun, nice to meet you again.
Why are you here? Where's Chau?
Su-Sir smashed his pearl,
I just took it with water.
Don't be fooled by his look.
Actually he's funny.
No but! Once I have the bill,
it's hard to get it out of my pocket.
Actually. Su-Sir...
Shut up! Get out of here.
Yes, Sir!
Miss. Don't be too critical.
Who's he?
I've no idea!
Miss. First, I like you very much.
Bad news for me.
I know you'll say so.
Cut it short! I would like to pay 100 pearls,
just to have you be my company tonight.
I don't want to talk to you. Get out!
Myjudgment is right! I'll drink first.
You can't drink!
I'm too surprised!
Miss! Let me go!
You know martial arts?
No! I can't.
Please let me go!
No one have ever treated me this way except you.
I'm in love with you.
I said I love you.
Are you crazy?
No! I'm serious!
You nuts!
I can't understand you.
Someone is hiding here.
Great! I want a witness.
Witness? Yes.
I'll swear in front ofthis sword.
I'm serious. I want to marry her.
I'll be struck by lightning if I tell a lie.
Sister! I'm happy for you.
Do you think it's so easy to be my husband?
How can I be qualified?
My husband must be the best.
Beyond all the people except the King. Can you make it?
Let me think!
Come to see me once you can make it.
Well! We can engage first,
because that's too easy for me.
OK! Give me some time to think about it.
No problem! I want for your reply in the garden.
People not involved should get away now.
Go now!
Go now!
Sir! The timing is perfect.
It's safe so far in front of us.
Let's go!
We're late.
He has to be responsible.
What's the matter?
That nut is still there! Kill him!
Forget about it! He didn't mean it.
Let it be.
You're telling me you're in love.
What are you talking about?
I won't consider about this if Chau is alive.
Not to mention his look.
Chau's martial arts is superior.
Mo said we won't beat him ifwe can't use Shan Long Eighteen fist.
So we'll never be able to get married.
Let's go! Don't be nonsense!
Who are you? How dare you frighten me here?
Su-Sir. It's me!
Procuress? Yes.
What's wrong with your breast?
It's too early. It's still sleeping.
You're lucky not to be killed by the fist.
Don't run around next time without make-up!
Ru-Shun is gone!
Where's she?
I heard she went to the capital.
"We sacrificed ourselves for the country.
Go there! Come here! Squeeze!"
Dad! I decided to join the test in the capital.
Tsan. I've been waiting for this word for 25 years.
You should do this for our family.
Don't misunderstand me!
I do this only for a woman.
Die for a woman, work hard for a woman.
Who's the girl?
I-Hong House Gold Metal Lady Ru-Shun.
Any thing wrong?
Your taste is absolutely unique.
I admire you! Let me go to the capital with you.
Sir! I am here! What happened?
We all are moving ifyoung master will join the test.
OK! Don't chase!
Don't take this. We'll have more there.
You jerk! Take care!
I'll hit you on the hips ifyou break it.
Take it easy.
Dad! Morning. Morning!
Do you really move all ofthese things? Sure!
You should at least give me some clothes.
What are you afraid of? I'm not small!
Have you got bigger brother than mine?
Don't look down on me!
Who will be kind enough to lend me pants?
Hi. Why are you still here? Move it away.
The house is so big, how much time does it take to move everything?
Get ready!
Listen to 3 then you start moving. Three, two, one. Push!
Be careful! Tie it up!
Master, are we moving the tree?
Sure. Otherwise, you won't have li-chi there.
Push it there!
Be careful! Take care of my li-chi!
Chau did help me a lot in Guangxi.
He exterminated the rebels.
So I take him here to see Your Majesty.
Good! I grant you to be the imperial censor.
Render your service for Ching Dynasty.
It's my honor, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, Mr. Chau's exotic magic is excellent.
Why notjust let him show Your Majesty?
Exotic magic?
Mr. Chau, please show His Majesty.
What's a big deal? Yes!
I'm sorry to have Your Majesty been frightened.
I only wish if she's real.
Hurry! Hurry up!
What's wrong?
Go inside!
You too! Hurry! To the back.
Young Master, it's ready!
Stand still. Don't move!
Smell so good. You're Peau-Shang.
You're so great! I love you!
Come closer!
So big? Must be Small!
Master! Don't describe me like that!
I'm telling the truth!
A pregnant woman? I'm not stupid! You must be dad!
No way! You guessed it again!
Smart! I want to play more trick with you.
OK! Young Master will have the test tomorrow.
Don't play too long. Out...
Tsan! Are you ready for
tomorrow's exam?
Ready for what? I'll pass! Can't you see?
I know! I have confidence to you.
Tsan! He's Uncle Jeng.
Say hello to Uncle Jeng, he is the person in charge ofthe exam. tomorrow.
Hi! Uncle Jeng.
Look! You look!
Doesn't my son look like top candidate.
It depends!
The test-paper you gave me...
is being answered by my friend. Will you correct it?
No problem with it!
As for archery, galloping,
weight-lifting, wrestling and weaponry,
he has to depend on himself.
Don't worry! My son is an expert.
Can you reduce the amount ofthe million dollars?
We're good friends. But business is business.
Flying wild geese deployment. The horses will hold up the center troop.
The horses are the wings. Troops with guns are the back.
Please enter the exam hall.
I can't held it!
I want to hide my ability. Shame on you?
Wow! Perfect!
See! He is perfect too!
Now begins the championship of Martial Arts.
We have two competitors today: Botaroto form Mongolia.
vs. Su-Cha-Ha-Ar-Tsan from Guangdong.
Only three minutes!
Tsan: 1 to 10! Botaroto: 1 to 1!
Are you sure? How come the difference is so big?
One is 1 to 10! And the other is 1 to 1!
This is an insult to Tsan!
Well, he gave up in the weight-lifting.
Botaroto got perfect score in everything.
This is the competition of martial arts!
Being strong and muscular isn't enough to win!
You can'tjudge it like this.
This mister knows how to analyze.
I found this ratio to be very strange.
Botaroto is handsome and muscular,
But he sweats too much.
Maybe he isn't that good.
Tsan is completely different.
How about him? Well, he seems to be sloppy,
but he got into the final competition! He'll set his heart on it!
"Heart"? What's that?
English! "Heart" means energy!
So I'll bet on him!
Yeah? How much do you have?
That's too little. How about 2 million?
How come you have so much faith in him now?
According to your analysis,
I feel Tsan is winning for sure!
Right! Come here!
I'll add another 2 million to Tsan.
Why don't you bet on him?
Me? Tsan is my son!
Oh, on! I forgot the most important thing!
What is it?
The breed!
The judges are here!
Isn't that Old Jeng?
Please sit down!
What's wrong?
He's Botaroto's uncle!
Ready, go!
Target! Two extra points will be added!
Logically, yes!
Tsan's target has no arrow! Botaroto won!
What's going on? Are you nearsighted?
Competitors! Please get ready for the next game!
Mr. Chau!
Keep this set of mini-arrows. You might need it.
The second run begins!
They even cheat on weapons!
This is too nasty! Give me back the money!
We finally got it even.
Did you throw your ticket away?
Not yet.
Are you sure?
Won't you give up? Go ahead!
Let's start again. I'll give you a handicap to make it fair.
So don't say that it's unfair.
How can you win with nasty gestures like this?
Did you get enough sleep? Boy!
Great! He won!
Have some tea!
All the best!
There's nothing on my back!
No! That's English!
Secret weapons are permitted to be used.
Tsan, fell offfirst! So Botaroto won!
Damn you, Old Jeng! You cheated my money!
I'll beat you next time I see you!
No! You won't see him anymore!
I'll kill him now! I don't have 2 million to lose!
I was joking!
Botaroto won 2 games out of 3. He's the champion!
I protest! I am the winner!
Any disagreement?
The arrow has...poison!
He died just on time!
He owns that poisonous arrow!
He's dead! So my son becomes to be the champion!
Then I'm rich!
Right! Exactly!
My son! The whole family is proud of him!
Smart! Clever!
His Majesty wants to give the prize.
The champion is here!
I'd like to ask you some questions:
who encouraged you to achieve this great success!
Miss Ru-Shun!
Who is Miss Ru-Shun?
His mother?
Long live the Emperor!
You may stand up! Thanks, Your Majesty!
Tseng! Who's the Champion?
Tsan, from Guangdong.
I'm Tsan, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, may I report you something?
Tsan is illiterate.
I'm sure he cheated in the writing exam.
Bring me the pen and paper! Yes.
Tsan, write your name immediately!
He knows how to write his name!
I don't know how!
So you cheated! Execute him!
No! Don't!
Your Majesty, I'm the one who cheated, not him!
Punish me instead! No, I'm the one who should die.
Sorry, dad. I can't even write my name.
It's OK. We're exposed!
Kill me, Your Majesty! No! Kill me!
It should be me! I'm easier to get killed!
Shut up! You have no right to decide!
Both ofyou are guilty. How should they be punished?
Where's the law-maker?
I'm here!
He's the law-maker?
Both ofthem deserve capital punishment.
Their ancestors're loyal to the emperor. They have to turn in their property.
Have you ever executed laws?
No! I haven't gone to any military camp for seven years.
So you haven't made any misjudgment yet!
According to the old rules, they only have to turn in all their property.
That's it? Are you sure?
Yes, I follow the record we keep.
Could I add one more punishment?
Of course, Your Majesty.
OK. Both ofyou have to be beggars for the rest ofyour life.
Tseng! Why didn't you expose them?
I'm glad we have Chau here.
You'll be rewarded.
That represents my ancestors' soul!
Hey! That's incense. You won't need it.
"It's easy to fall in love."
Young Master.
You should learn how to write now.
"It's bitter when you miss someone..."
Teacher! I'll learn it!
"I regret..."
Master, I'll raise the turtle.
I'm sorry, Master!
We've been together for so long,
but we never get pregnant.
It's because I didn't try my best.
If I try my best,
I could have lots of sons if I wanted to!
I think having Tsan is enough.
How come you're still here? Get lost!
We'll leave now, Master!
Go away!
Relieve my burden!
Happy and free!
Please come in!
Why are they still so happy?
It's none your business.
Please come ln! Welcome!
All our property are gone! I want to cry.
Try to bear it! Keep smiling!
Did you keep some money secretly?
No, and you?
I forgot!
Oh, no! We're really broke!
Merciful gentlemen! Please pity me!
Doesn't he look like your father?
You mean the one who's singing?
No, the one who gave money.
Wow! He's even more disgusting.
Not bad! We have different points of view.
It's all my fault.
I used to call you "Iittle beggar".
Now we're really begging.
Emperors' words are not forever.
We won't be begging for too long.
Look at me and my martial art,
not even God will let me be beggar.
You could be right!
Do I look like a beggar? No!
Little beggar and old beggar, get something to eat.
You took us for beggars?
Get lost!
I can't believe this. Let's get something to eat.
Tsan, we're full and free.
I'll go sit over there.
I'll try to get something for tonight's dinner.
Don't take begging too seriously.
Dad. No need to beg.
How are we going to support ourselves?
Ask for the money!
Hey! Buddy, what's your name?
Niou, Ta-Tsun!
Do you have some money?
Let me have it. Sure!
Why should I give you the money?
You don't have to ask!
But I should know!
That makes no difference. Just give it!
No! I have to find out first.
Just give me the money!
You're robbing me!
Help! Robbers!
It's not robbing. We're begging!
You tried to cheat me!
I'm not a stupid pig! I'm very smart!
It's getting cold, and I'm starving.
Do you know what to do now?
My friend's aunt's sister is in the town now.
He told me that the girl is fond ofyou.
Really? Yes!
Ifyou're willing to be friendly with him,
he'll help us to go to Guangdong.
But you'll have to sacrifice a little.
What do you say?
I'll do anything for the family.
I'm sorry this is hard for you.
It's OK. Let's go to see him!
I've arranged everything for you.
Do you see the one in red under that lantern?
Is it OK? No problem!
You'll go first, I'll back-up?
Be careful!
I'm take care of myself!
Have some soup!
Go away!
No commercial activities' allowed!
We need money to go home.
Please don't push us too hard.
The Emperor ordered
you two to be begging for the rest ofyour life.
And I must execute the law.
Take away everything! Yes!
I'm not able to move it!
Go help him!
Dad, what's the matter with you?
Still cannot move it! Let me do it!
You did it on purpose!
I let you escape last time.
But you won't be that lucky today!
This man is good in martial art.
I must beat him hard at the beginning!
I can't let him fight back.
All your tendons are disconnected now.
I just broke them.
You're boneless now.
You won't be able to practise martial art anymore.
But you can be a beggar.
Behave yourself!
Go away...
Don't be afraid. It's alright...
Tsan! Don't be afraid. It's OK!
The day we went to the competition,
we met the judge.
Wow! Guess who was it?
Tseng! That bastard!
I knew he hated us!
I'm still mad with this whole thing!
Have some cigarette!
Keep telling...
That bastard!
We let him escaped once,
and we never expected
he would frame us!
He cheated on weapons.
But my son is a real hero.
I'm looking for a capable and strong man to be my husband.
Do you think you'll be qualified?
Come to me when you're able to.
We can arrange the wedding date now.
Because winning the championship is too easy for me.
I won!
Write down your name!
I don't know how!
Tsan! What's wrong?
Nightmare again? Take it easy!
You've rested two months, and you can move your hands now.
But that's not enough!
Uncle! Coming!
I'll go beg something to eat. Wait for me.
I'll feed you the medicine later.
Dad! Are you going begging again?
Of course, I'm good at it.
I can't let a champion like you...
Tsan, it requires a lot of skills
to be a good beggar.
Opening your hand isn't enough.
You must hold a bowl that suits your identity.
That's interesting to know.
Hey! Let's move!
I must go now!
Yes... Do you think you're still the general?
Please pity me! No! Get lost!
Go over there!
Go away! Don't block my business.
Tsan, I'm going out!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Don't be so stingy!
Can't you write it yourself?
I only wanted to borrow your place for a while!
I'm not a fool!
Dad! What's wrong?
I'm freezing! Tsan!
Your body is burning hot!
Are you sick? No...
Are you hungry? I'll go beg something today.
Dad, please lie down. I'll go begging today.
You'll go begging?
Don't worry! I can handle it.
I'll get the money and take you to the doctor.
You just eat nothing.
Eat! So you'll become strong like daddy.
Come on! Finish your meal.
I'm full!
No, you must eat it. Are you really full?
OK. Let's go home!
Kid! What?
Could you... No!
Please pity me!
My dad is freezing to death!
Do you want to take these tiny pieces of coal?
Thanks! Could I have some coins as well?
It's you! It's not me!
It's him! It's not him!
It's Tsan!
Wait a moment!
Who are you looking for?
Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
Go get him some bread.
He's not Tsan!
You look so much like a friend of mine.
Come here whenever you have nothing to eat.
We have too much food.
The bread is here. Take it!
Thank you!
He became like this, because ofyou.
What happened to me?
Tsan! I was starving.
So I took a bite of his bread.
It's OK. I have bread for him.
Don't be ridiculous!
Why don't you let me cut your head off, then give it back to you?
Isn't this the champion of martial art?
Is it really you?
It's him! I must treat him!
Wait! I want to treat you!
Treat me?
You want to invite us to dinner?
Dog food!
Eat it, and I'll release your father.
It's real dog food.
Finish it!
Tsan! Don't eat it! This is an insult!
I can bear this.
I used to be a great general.
What do you want?
Stop beating!
See! The champion of martial art is eating dog food!
Dad, it tastes good!
Let me try!
It looks delicious!
There's a slice of meat here!
It's a chop!
You're destined to be beggars.
Finish it! Hurry!
This is very delicious.
Can I save a bite for midnight snack?
You were born to be a beggar.
Let's go celebrate now!
Let's go!
Mr. Su!
You are...
My father is the leader ofthe gang of Beggars.
Why don't you join us?
Is it OK, Uncle Mo? Sure!
Are you beggars, too?
Great! We're beggars,
and it's nice to join an organization for protection.
Tsan! Where's the boy?
Tsan! Where is he?
Miss! Both of us want to register! Tsan...
Ru-Shun! Happy New Year! Uncle Su! Happy New Year!
Mr. Mo! Happy New Year! Congratulations!
This is for you! Thank you!
These clothes are for you and Tsan.
Put the things down!
Do you have some change? Yes!
Bring it!
What is it?
New Year! You should give out some lucky money.
To your excellent health.
Young and beautiful forever! Thanks!
Mr. Mo, you can skip us!
OK! Where's Tsan?
He fell asleep at the end of last year,
and he hasn't wake up yet.
Let him sleep.
I'll prepare some snack for you. Come...
Let me help you!
He's still sleeping?
Dog meat can't be used in formal banquet.
Is everybody here?
In order to fight Chau, we must unite the gang of Beggars.
We must elect a new leader as soon as possible.
We have to rely on you to fight the three senior members.
Mr. Mo, I'm not that sure.
Not even you can beat them all.
So don't expect too much in becoming the leader.
After eating this pill, your strength will be increased.
No! This is for curing your internal wound.
How can I take it?
Don't worry!
You can fight with my son to practise martial art.
He get the championship of martial art.
He is! No! He was!
Look at him! Sleeping all the time!
Can he really fight?
He's not even qualified to be a beggar!
Hey! Don't be so frank!
Don't speak so loudly!
I ignore their comments!
I have faith in you.
Even you lost your strength,
you had a very good basic.
So as long as you try hard, you'll succeed again.
But I have no more strength!
That's not true! Try to beat me!
That was good!
So, as I said...
Stop wasting your energy!
Let me sleep!
Why did you lock the door?
Alright, sleep now!
Son! My son! I tried my best to set this up,
you must study hard!
What are you doing up there?
You want me practise?
Fine, Leave me the long stick!
Sorry! Catch it!
When one is chosen to complete a mission,
he must reinforce his body and mine.
"Life is a torture." You wrote it?
What a bad handwriting! Erase it!
Hey! Beggar?
Yeah! Me, too!
Anything to eat? No!
I'm glad I do!
You look great!
It's a shame ifyou don't go begging like this!
None ofyour business!
You're too lazy to be a beggar.
I used to be admired by everyone.
But now! Look at me!
I'm the opposite.
No one ever respected me.
Listen to me! Don't walk away!
I remember once,
in Guangdong,he let me eat,
sleep and play. This kind of people!
Now I remember you!
Damn! I remember you, too!
Give me back my money! I need it!
I wouldn't be here if I had money!
Don't worry!
I'll try my best to help you.
Thank you!
Not even money can buy what you lost.
What did I lose?
Dignity, self-confidence, and the woman you love!
Who are you?
I'm cunning Ching,
the highest-ranked member among the gang of Beggars.
There's nothing wrong with being a beggar.
So free!
What do you want really?
I want to be reborn!
Don't you like the way you are now?
No! I never did.
That's why you became to be like this!
Good! Very good!
Speaking frankly, after observing you for a while,
I noticed that you're destined to be a beggar!
And so?
That means you must beg for the rest ofyour life!
I want to sleep for a while.
Don't worry. You can turn it into a good career.
I can predict that you'll become the leader of all.
The leader of all beggars?
Still a beggar!
I don't feel like talking to you anymore.
Please move to the side and don't disturb me.
Go away! No!
You mean sleeping. I just want to be with you.
You old gay!
I'll see you in the dream.
Guardians get back to the position.
Calm the dragon and tame the tiger.
Tsan, you enjoyed all the luxury and suffered all the tortures.
And you finally became conscious and understand yourself now.
As the heir of the 7th generation of Hong.
I want to entitle you as "the Guardian of Dream"
and I'll teach you kung-fu.
I hope you'll make the best use of it.
"Life finally became hopeful!"
Long live!
The star ofwhite goat is dropped. And the order must be re-arranged.
God gave me magic power,
so I can help the others.
The emperor will go hunting tomorrow.
I'll approach him by offering him beautiful girls.
Lynn, you might have to sacrifice a little tomorrow.
If I kill the emperor tomorrow, all the kingdom will be mine!
I'll reward you all!
Long live!
Master! We'll talk later!
Master! Let's go!
Follow them! Forget it!
The emperor is about to leave.
You kill that woman, I want to offer you to the emperor!
No one dares to come out now.
Ask Mo to take out that hitting dog stick.
Where are Uncle Mo and my sister?
I don't know.
I just saw them talking...
and walking out!
They might have an affair?
Now starts the election!
Uncle Mo!
I thought you won't be back!
Why? Where's my sister?
She's arrested by Chau.
We must send a representative up on stage.
Who can go?
I'll go! Uncle Mo!
Let me try!
Tsan! You're too junior, get down!
Ifyou have no better choice, I'll accept this.
Tsan! This is notjoking.
You'll die! Come down!
It's OK! Life means nothing to me.
Just go ahead!
I'll fulfill your wish then!
What's he doing? Sleeping!
Isn't it the new kung-fu skill
created by the Master Ching?
Set up!
Is it dawn already?
Thank you, I won!
Yeah, you won, and so what?
You're not qualified to be our leader!
Hitting dog stick style?
Hitting dog with the stick.
Who says I can't use the stick?
It doesn't look like that!
Quite interesting.
He broke our sticks.
We should kill him because he broke our leader's stick.
Kill him!
Behave yourself. Hong-Chi-Kong is here!
I made the rule before
anyone who can crack the deployment has the right to be our leader.
The reason that Beggar Gang
can be the top one...
is all because we know "cooperation".
I left the stick here long time ago
it's just a gift for you to remember me.
The stick doesn't mean anything.
But you stupid men consider it a treasure.
We've lost the unity in our Gang because everyone wants to get it.
Don't you feel ashamed that there hasn't been a leader for 5 years?
Tsan broke the stick, so you won't fight for the stick again.
What he did is right not wrong.
Although he's not very experienced
but he's very talented.
And he's also the chosen one who was trained by my disciple.
Anyone who goes against him goes against me.
You are not only choosing him to be the leader,
you have to love and respect him.
Invite him to have tea.
Then I'll protect our Beggar Gang prosperous forever...
even after I die.
Is that true or false?
I'd rather believe it's true not false.
Hong-Chi-Kong is here. We are blessed.
He's really a genius. He can pass so easily.
What happened?
Honourable leader!
Mr. Mo, my son is very smart!
I didn't know you learned such a great kung-fu.
From now on, you're the leader of all beggars.
This is an extraordinary book "Shan Long Eighteen Palms" and Da-Hwang Pill.
They're yours now. Hope you can be a good leader from now on.
I just hope I can save Ru-Shun back.
She really has an eye for you.
Great! Leader is the best...
Uncle Mo! What's wrong with you?
Uncle Mo...
Tsan! Do you know how to use
Shan Long Eighteen Palms?
Don't think I'm boasting!
But with the help of Da-Hwang Pill.
My power is improved and my blood vessels are in normal condition.
I fully understand 17 styles so far,
but as for the 18th style.
I can't see a picture or written description.
I just can't understand at all.
The worst thing is that Uncle Mo is gone.
What should I do?
Nothing to worry about!
Anyway, I have to save Ru-Shun.
Take a look and see if everything is ready.
Chau! Why do you bring the woman here?
I know His Majesty like beautiful girls.
So I want to dedicate one.
I want to see His Majesty.
His Majesty didn't summon you! No need to bother His Majesty.
Take the woman to see me.
Yes! Go!
Your Royalty! You look very nice today!
You should go back to yourjob.
Your Majesty! Mr. Chau brings woman for Your Majesty.
Woman? Chau...
I'm taking a bath. Take her to see me later.
Son of a bitch! He wants to see His Majesty.
Ifyou see His Majesty more,
maybe I'll lose myjob!
You come here!
Your Royalty!
What happened? Yes!
Your Royalty! There troops and horses in the forest.
Who are they? No idea!
Burn the wolf excrement! Alert! Yes!
The front camp burns wolf's excrement! On alert!
On alert!
Tsan! What are you doing?
Nothing! Just want you to donate some money for me.
Ridiculous! Do you want to be killed?
It's you! Not me!
Chau was planning to rebel. He's going to kill His Majesty!
And you're still walk around here!
Who do you think you are? You're so bold to set the officer up.
Ifyou move a little bit, I'll kill you!
Tsan! How can we cope with so many people?
Senior! Yes!
How about the troops?
They are on the way.
No more time to wait!
I'll go first. You stay here to be other brother's aid.
I'll back you up! What is real is good.
Chief! You can be gone without hesitation now.
Am I dead? How can I go away without hesitation?
Can't you say some thing lucky?
Yes! Hope you can live as long as the sky.
Happy birthday! Same as today in the future years.
Enough! I didn't finish yet.
You may sing after I go! OK!
Smoke from burning wolf's excrement!
Chi-Lin Smoke is ready! Yes!
Let's attack and occupy their tents.
Do they really want to rebel! Damn it!
Damn it ifwe can't shoot you.
Oh, no! The poisonous smoke is toward His Majesty.
No! The wind is blowing in opposite way.
Yeah! Wait for me!
Ifthe Beggar Gang don't retreat, just kill them all.
Look there!
Chi-Li smoke of Tien-Li Religion sect!
Calm down! Urine can neutralize poison.
Pee Pee!
I'm a girl! What should I do?
Don't be afraid! I can share my urine with you.
How's the condition now?
Your Majesty, the wind is blowing the opposite direction.
The poisonous smoke won't come this way.
How about the front and the guard troops?
All over! Your Majesty!
Give me the sword! Your Majesty...
Don't stop me! Go away!
Do we sit here waiting for death?
Go! Go away! Go!
To protect His Majesty!
How can you get here?
It's a long story!
I didn't even eat my midnight snack before I left.
After climbing Ching-Shan Mountain.
We're already at the Great Wall.
We stayed for half an hour. We had breakfast
and I pee pee too.
Yes! I can't find sweet potatoes but buns.
You know I really don't like buns.
I'm sorry to be late! Please forgive me.
Escort His Majesty! Yes!
You betrayer. Catch him! Yes!
Your Majesty!
Dog shit Emperor! Give me your country!
It's you!
It's me! Su-Chi-Ar!
Su-Chi-Ar? Are you still sleeping in the Beggar Gang's place?
Yes! I really feel sleepy!
Sleepy Po-Hang!
You really look like a beggar with hair on your back.
Are you interested in joining our gang?
Every dog has it's day.
Yes! Thanks to you.
You have done your best? Not me!
Fool! ln the whole world,
I don't look up on any other kung-fu but Shan Long 18 styles.
Shan Long 18 palms styles! No.7, flying dragon in the sky!
Magic dragon waving the tail! Black dragon stealing the heart.
Double dragons toward the sea! Dragon in the farm! Dragon fly, phoenix!
Creeping tiger catches the dragon! Mixture of dragons and snakes!
Inheritors ofthe dragon! Dragon and Horse's spirit!
Wishing husband to be a dragon! Finish now!
Only seventeen styles? Too bad!
You will beat me ifyou can use eighteen styles!
But you don't have the chance!
I got it!
The 18th style is the combination of 17 styles.
I'm too smart!
The 18th style, Shan Long Yo Hwei.
Tsan, are you OK?
Look at my style. Do you think it is OK?
You look cool but I can see there is something wrong.
Fool! I am OK. No problem for my wedding night.
So great!
Tsan! Are you OK?
Fine! Tswe!
Where is Chau?
Everywhere! Everywhere?
Now it is dust!
Dust? Too bosh.
Leader! Chau's people are all caught by us!
Thanks for your help.
Long live the Leader!
Ru-Shun, do you still remember our deal?
Yes! Superior to all the other people except the king.
He must be the best!
It is a pity I can never have the chance to be the top candidate.
Yes! But I like beggars not top candidate.
Let's go!
You are tell right from wrong.
Now I demote you to be a little beggar.
You look very talented to be a beggar.
Report your arrival and tell them my name in City God Temple tomorrow.
Thanks for your help!
Tsan, what do you want?
Do you really have nothing to say?
There's nothing to say. Go!
Help me stand up!
Hero, Mr. Su!
Let me down!
Don't think you saved me before. You don't respect me!
I will still kill you!
Ifyou really want to kill me, you won't say things to me like this!
Do not move after kneeing down. Otherwise, you will get attention.
We really have nothing to say.
You have more than ten millions of disciples in your gang.
How can I take it easy ifyou don't dismiss?
I can't decide the numbers of disciples.
You make the decision.
Ifyou're really so powerful to keep the country prosperous and strong.
No one will like to be beggars!
It makes sense. Do your best!
But how about this,
you have to buy me face, so I won't lose my face.
OK! Propitious to Your Majesty
for ten millions ofyears. Stand up!
Brother, can you recognize me?
I can recognize you even you turn out to be ashes.
Dirty beggar! Do you try to win sympathy by carrying a daughter?
Yes! Please give me some money. Go away! No money to beggars!
I have the licence. You must give me!
Imperial decree, "To beg food." Are you sure?
I am sure. Don't be hesitated.
I am afraid ofyou. Do not go!
What's wrong again?
I've so many people to feed. Add some more.
How much?
Eight hundred or one thousand!
Say thanks!
OK! Let's buy something then!