Heavy Metal in Baghdad Trailer

Uploaded by vice on Aug 31, 2011


SUROOSH ALVI: We're in Baghdad.
We're here to interview the only Iraqi heavy metal band
called Acrassicauda.
We've been following them for three years.
This is risky, it's dangerous, people would say it's really
fucking stupid for us to be doing this.
But heavy metal rules.

MALE SPEAKER 1: Rock stars, yeah.

MALE SPEAKER 2: If I didn't play drums as hard as I can,
I'm going to kill someone.
MALE SPEAKER 1: These are our fans, and most of them either
dead or out of this country--
they just disappeared.
MALE SPEAKER 2: We got the troops and we got the tourists
outside, and we are stuck in the middle.
SUROOSH ALVI: The first question they asked us was
have you guys ever used guns?
And then they gave us these flak jackets, and they said be
prepared to be shot at.
MALE SPEAKER 4: It's so amazing that we're still
talking and breathing.

MALE SPEAKER 5: This is what life looks like here.
[LAUGHING], Maiden rule, dude.
SUROOSH ALVI: We're going to the practice space right now,
it got hit by a scud missile.
MALE SPEAKER 2: We had a threat, but we're going to get
you one by one.
MALE SPEAKER 6: If we go, we go together.
MALE SPEAKER 3: Yeah, metalheads forever.

MALE SPEAKER 6: OK, we talk here about a
free country, right?
Where's the freedom?