Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

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Remembering 9/11. Survivor Walter Wood reflects on the day America
was attacked. I moved back to my office,
saw several people standing around watching the TV,
and they were standing there watching the planes hit the towers.
A mental note to myself at the time was, "I wonder if what I'm feeling
is what Americans felt during Pearl Harbor." I got back to my office, sat down at my desk,
and one of my coworkers turned around and looked at me and goes,
"You know, we're just a big target." And about that time, there was a loud explosion
and we felt the building move. And at that point in time we knew that we
had been hit. We didn't know how bad.
The people that I had been standing there talking to were gone.
Twenty-six coworkers perished that day.