Aula de samba no pé

Uploaded by tvminhavida on 31.01.2012

Hi! My name is Solange Gueiros and today we're going to learn how do dance Brazilian samba.
To begin, we'll do a fast warm-up, stepping only on the strongest beat of the song.
Step using one of your feet, then the other...
All right, this is our rhythm, the main beat we're gong to use.
Now stop your feet. Let's work your knees.
Bend a knee, then the other...
When we work your knees, we also warm-up our hips,
which are streching and bending.
Now swing each of your legs.
Just swing. One leg, and the other...
Now start steping again. One foot, then the other...
Let's double the steps, make it faster.
One, two, three and one, two, three...
We're done with our warm-up.
Let's now learn the moves to dance samba.
It'll be basically composed of two movements.
One movement backward and another forward.
To do the move backward, we'll need to set the middle of your foot,
this little curve, to your other heel.
So take a step backward and fit it on the other heel.
Now let's do the same to the other foot.
Let's practice this movement.
One foot, then the other...
Now we'll be learning the second move, which is forward.
Make a step forward, then join the other foot.
So step forward and join the other foot.
So this move forward is made of two steps.
Let's now mix the two movements we've learnt.
Make a step backward, then make one forward.
Let's use our arms?
Your arms work the same way we normally walk. The move is always opposite to your leg.
So let's make step behind
then notice that when your arm is ahead the opposite leg is also ahead.
One more step. And one more.
Now let's move our arms and legs together.
Let's begin with one leg ahead and also the opposite arm ahead. Ready?
Step back and forth, back and forth... and we're done.
We're all ready to dance samba with music.
Back and forth, back and forth...
Did you notice the arms? Aways opposite to the leg in the front.
Our samba movements are done.
I recommend you to practice at home, or wherever you are,
first slowly, calmly.
Then you can make it faster and faster, according to the beat.
Choose faster songs until you can dance comfortably on a Brazilian Carnival.