Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 03.03.2010

Hi I'm Lazze and I'm teaching people in metal shaping and you have met me before on YouTube
and on my website probably. On this video I going to show you for free what, what we
have on the DVD that we sell. This will give you a very important preview of how to use
the English Wheel and to control the sheet. When you have a panel like this and you going
to wheel it up it's important what, what to start and where, where to wheel it. And most
people they don't know what, what I'm telling you about now. But what I going to do I going
to put the frame like this about three-quarter to one inch frame all the way around like this.
So the edge I'm not wheeling over the edge. I'm going to stretch it inside this frame
here in the English Wheel. So when we make this longer it's going to grow and when this
grow it must go somewhere because we make it longer. And the frame around it holding
it short. So we make this longer compared to the frame. And this is very, very important
because I had students over the year that did metal shaping for 20 years. And they can
get very close with lots of work, long time of work, and can get it very close and then
they try to just fine tune it little and they losing the whole shape it and it can take
them a day to fix it again. So a few month ago I had one student and he I show him exactly
and everybody at the same thing about the frame in the beginning of the class. And he
said, that he left the class after the first couple of hours he left the class because
it paid for the whole class that information that I gave him. And I give you this information
for free now. So when you controlling the sheet it's important that you, you stay away
from the edge. If you wheeling this up too much so you have too much crown you can start
stretching the edge in the English Wheel and bring the crown back in the center. So I can
go over to the English Wheel now. And what I can do here is I adjust the pressure so
it has good pressure, not too high not too low, and I can go over the edge of the sheet
to the side of the wheel like this. And if you look under here you can see at have about
three-quarter inch into the touching point to the center of the wheel there. If you do
that you still have the frame here on the side so you don't wheeling over the frame.
And when I wheeling this back and forth and stay inside this red line. And keep the zig-zag
really, really close together. I'm stretching this area now. Then I go back. And it's better
to start with a low pressure so, so you don't get too much crown from the beginning just
let it take little time. So one time one wheeling with a couple of passes over and I stretched
it like that. And I have this oilcan because the frame is short around now. So if you have
an English Wheel go home and just play with this new knowledge there and you can -- you
will see that you control the sheet. If you go over the edge stretching the edge little
what you can do you can go to the shrinker and you can repair that if you want. If you
want more information about metal shaping go to my website for
the free video there and other information.