POKEMON School (Real Life) / Die Pokemon SCHULE (Anime Game COSPLAY short film)

Uploaded by EdenfilmsCrew on 16.10.2012

Well, last week there was the written exam. And today it´s time for the practical examination.
I want to see your best performance! Because your written exam already was terrible...
Who wants to start?
I wanna be the very best!
So who dares to challenge our star student Ash Ketchum?
No one? I thought so...
Ruffy, what about you? Don´t eat during class! Come forward!
Ash versus Ruffy. This could be... interesting. Do your best!
I choose you, Dratini!
Oh man... I would have chosen Charmander! Or what dou you think?
Ok, then I call Butterfree!
I bet Butterfree will be eaten.
Hey, hey! Dratini has evolved!
That´s not fair!
Ah, I see. I need to record that into my pokédex.