Newark Academy makes Essentially Ellington 2012

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The Essentially Ellington Competition and Festival
is in it's 17th year
In that time,
Jazz at Lincoln Center has
sent out the music of Duke Ellington and other jazz greats to about four thousand
schools all over the globe
We have been trying to get into this competition for
a good four or five years
and in that time our band has
really grown. Our whole program our jazz program has really grown
and got to play at a higher level every year because of
playing the music of Duke Ellington trying to get at the highest level
The competition
known as the "superbowl" of jazz band competitions
so the 15 bands that they take are superior
and we're very excited to make it this year and be in that company
but like I said it's really been the process of trying out for the last
four years
and putting this, you know, tape together and finally getting to be there, you know, be at the big dance
at Lincoln Center.
and also were very excited too
represent the state of New Jersey
New Jersey hasn't
been at the competition since it's first year 16 years ago
so we're excited to
you know spread the word in New Jersey and hopefully more schools around our area
will be participants and try to go for this festival and elevate their
programs with the music of Ellington.
I'm really excited to be a part of the Essentially Ellington competition this year.
After a few years of trying out we finally made it this year
and I'm really excited to work with Wynton Marsalis and all the other amazing members of the
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.
I started trombone
here at Newark Academy in 6th grade
since then the program here has really shaped me
and I'm really excited that we made it this year so we can show everyone how much progress
this program has made.
We thought it would be a great idea
for students to have the opportunity to sometime actually hear
jazz music with the real collar point and the grooves and the things that really the music is all about and things that make jazz music great.
Everything at Essentially Ellington is really about the spirit of the music of Duke
Ellington which is an inclusive spirit one of soul, one of sophistication
and intelligence and above all of engagement
I have heard from other directors that they have found out
about the Ellington, I heard from one other school that found out and this happened last year
and we didn't find out until, it's posted officially tomorrow, on the website, so, I mean, it doesn't
you know what I mean you guys did a great take
I don't think we should be
upset about it especially since we made it this year.
I got a call in the afternoon
twelve o'clock. We made the Essentially Ellington.