The Future of Mobile

Uploaded by thinkvoices on 24.10.2011


The main barrier that we're seeing is people who haven't
built mobile sites.
That's the first thing.
Once they've built a mobile site, then they have to really
start thinking about what ads to use.
So usually they start off with core search, and as they get
more mature, they start using these mobile-specific formats
like I mentioned-- click to call, site links, user
reviews, and formats that are really made for people who are
out of the house, away from their desktop computer, and
are often trying to find something.
So there's much more to come from Google, many more
innovative ad units that we're actually building right now
that we'll roll out next year.
We're working hard on a couple of things.
One is taking the friction out of the
buying process on phones.
So trying to make sure that we can enable advertisers with
sites who want to drive commerce through their phones
to easily set up campaigns that will drive commerce.
We're experimenting with things like precaching of
information so you don't have to keep filling in the same
information every single time you hit a commerce site, to
make it easier to buy.
And of course, the Mobile Wallet team is really focused
on taking the friction, again, out of transactions through
mobile phones.
Other forward-looking types of things we're doing on mobile
is we want to use location in a more--
how do I explain this?
We're trying to take location into account in our ad
systems. So we are experimenting with something
we're calling bid by distance.
And the idea there is to allow advertisers to bid more for a
potential customer when they're close to that physical
location or store.
So for example, if you were searching for Macy's and you
were within a mile of the store, you may want to have a
higher CPC than if you were 10 miles away.
And that's something we're going to roll out with
experiments in Q4.