Funny CONGRATULATIONS song: 'Piggy Party'

Uploaded by MurdgeStudio on 13.01.2012

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Have you heard ze news from doggy? Nay
Go on doggy tell horsey ze wonderful news! I cant I’m too excited
YOU Horse: ....Wow. Woopydo  
It's so fantastic no? I cannot contain myself. Zis little piggy must sing today!!
Ja, When i heard ze news I was trotting along I ran all the way here With my high heels
now I'm hoofed and I’m poofed, so help me sing this song
Sing it doggy. 1, 2,3.. 
YOU Let’s light a cigar!
YOU dat's wonderful Ja?!
YOU I must ring, and tell mama!
When I heard ze news I bought 100 balloons And I blew and I blew all ze afternoon
Now I'm hoofed and I’m poofed so help me sing this tune
H) Take it away now doggy. 1, 2,3.. 
YOU Let's light a cigar!
YOU dat's wonderful Ja?!
I must ring, and tell mama, in fact ze whole world must know ze wonderful news! Im so happy
I could even eat, eat a sausage!
Even one with ze bacon wrapped around it - not ze fatty bacon as I watching my weight, you
know sum1 said i look a litlle porky ze other day,  oh what ze hell we must party, bring
ze sausage rolls, celebrate ze news! guys?....guys? awww
well, zis piggy, at least, thought ze news was worth zelebrating.......:(((((
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