Making a killing from the food crisis

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No, no, not that one . . . (farmer)
Ready to be milked (Joe) Oh ya (Farmer)
(Joe) Holy smokes! Is that ever full!
I have too many to do by hand right away (Farmer)
Just once a day? (Cindy)
Twice a day (Farmer)
How come they're such prolific producers?(Cindy)
I'm not sure. That's a good question. (Farmer)
Are all goats twice a day? (Cindy) Twice a day(Farmer)
When can you start milking them? At what age? (Cindy)
Usually a yearling. Obviously you breed them (Farmer)
But usually we don't breed until a year. (Farmer)
She's 2 years old, this one.(Farmer)
A yearlings udder is a little bit smaller.(Farmer)
How long do they live?(Cindy)
That depends again on how well they're looked after (Farmer)
There's a food crisis sweeping around the world right now
And if you take a look at Egypt or Tunisia
At least part of the reason being giving for the revolution
has to do with the skyrocketing cost of food
and people can't afford it.
Around the world, there have been natural disasters.
In Australia, Pakistan, Asia. There's frost.
Right now the news is reporting that frost in Mexico
is going to affect the price of tomatoes and cucumbers.
There must be some more to it. Take a look at the news headlines.
Three years ago, April 28, 2008 "Making a killing from the food crisis"
"the world food crisis in huring alot of people, but global agribusiness firms, traders and
speculators are raking in huge profits.
That was 3 years ago
Something to think about and listen to this
(read the screen captions)
Three years ago!
Well the riots have turned to revolution now, and that's going to keep going.
But the thing is, it's also coming now to North America.
The News is full, whether it's in Canada - Canadian news or American News
That the cost of food is going up big time! Get ready for this.
It's going to go way up.
Now is that happening because of real genuine shortages?
Cost increases. Is the guy that is chopping the Sugar cane in the fields in Domican Republic,
in Jamaica, Brazil - are they going to be earning more money?
Or is it because speculators & investors have decided to gouge the hell out of food?
Serious questions especially when it comes to big corporations
because don't forget, big corporations were buying up Mom & Pop farms
all over North America, making them into big agribusinesses
because, as they said: scale. They could have a big farm, operate more effectively,
and more efficiently than small farms could.
So there's scale in size. Thus they develop new seeds
for wheat, corn - that would create more production per acre in bushels
than ever before. In some instances, doubling it!
Chickens that used to take 12 weeks to get to market size
in farms today, take 5 weeks! 5 weeks!
So what is happening? Who's responsible for the high food prices?
I think there should be real investigations into this. Genuine investigation.
And not leave it up to big business, agricorp stock markets, investors
and others to decide about the food
because it's not about the food that I eat
It's about the food that kids are getting.
Kids. When families can't afford to feed their kids before they go to school
It's about the people starving to death, whether they're in Africa or wherever.
These things must be looked into deeper than just taking the word of well, "the price of food is going up"
At least that's how I see it.