Behind the scenes of GSL : Baneling Ep 15, Part 1

Uploaded by GOMTVNET on 19.09.2012

Baneling is back!
We return after a long ordeal.
This is our first episode since the GSL/GSTL Finals because we had this and that to deal with and were in state of shock for a while.
We have a little bit of a different lineup today. Engine is not here, but we have Mr. Jung instead.
Welcome! *clapclap*
DaeJang, it’s been a while!
Yeah, we didn’t record Baneling for a while.
Yes, but did we commit some kind of crime?!!
We really did our best! I mean, PvP is just a trend these days. It’s PvP all the time right now!
Watch OSL, I bet it’s going to be PvP finals too!
Protoss are just doing well, that’s all! Is doing well a crime?
If that’s a crime, then I’m a criminal.
What about you, Gisado? Why did you lose so much weight? Did you commit some kind of crime?
Nono, I’m always faithful to my work.
Yes, I’m always doing my best.
Always doing your best?
Well, sometimes I also slack off a little bit, hehe
Okay, to change the topic a bit, GSL is going really well right now
We tried something new with our Finals at Haeundae Beach, also held on a Friday
You can’t always do the same thing and hold the Finals in Seoul on a Saturday!
We should hold it in Incheon, close to your house once!
Yeah, that’d be great!
We could do that!
How about we hold the Finals at the Soraepogu Festival in Incheon?
Yeah right, there’s that famous University Festival
We can hand out some sea shells to visitors
Sounds good!
But really, I felt a bit bad while watching it. It hurt a bit.
Don’t say it hurt. Why?
I thought, “Ah so there’s a reason why we usually don’t hold it at a place like that.”
But you have to have the spirit to take a challenge once in a while
Yeah… you’re not angry, right?
Lotte Chilsung and Hot6 prepared everything for us
They invited us there
You could say that we received a seed. We got a seed for Haeundae
We got a seed, went there, and did our best
Yeah, we did. Actually there weren’t as few people as it may have looked like
The stage was just very wide and… yeah, really!
What about these guys talking about 300 people coming?! 300!?
I think there were over a thousand.
Yeah, it was more than a thousand We know because we handed out ‘Final Cards’ so we were able to count it.
So it was about a thousand, but because the stage was so wide, there weren’t many people in the back
In other events, even if there are not that many people, they set it up in a way that makes it look like there are a lot, with the camera angles
I think GOMTV is just always honest
Ah, the community will say this is all just an excuse so I didn’t even want to talk about it
I’m a little bit angry and sad actually
Since the event, Mr. Chae has been having insomnia
I personally think that Lotte Chilsung is really awesome. I love Hot6 like crazy!
Lotte Chilsung really did a good job in my opinion
My heart is about to explode when I look at this!
I heard that Hot6 is the Number 1 selling energy drink at convenience stores.
There’s like 18 in our fridge
When I drink this, it ignites my passion and then I read on the can… their slogan really is ‘ignite your passion’
It’s amazing how big Hot6 has grown
They’re also advertising a lot right now with their slogan, ‘Attention! Youth! Hot6!’
They didn’t really do a lot of promotion before, but since they’ve been doing this recently, they’re dominating the whole country
There’s also that slogan we made, ‘Energy Up! Power Up! Hot6!’ The slogan they now officially use is very similar: ‘Attention! Youth! Hot6!’
Hot6 has really become a trend nowadays at that bar my brother is running…
They’re mixing it with drinks right?
Oh, you know your stuff!
Of course! When you go to Hongdae, people mix everything with Hot6
When ordering it, a lot of people go “Hoooot 6!”
They should go: “Energy Up! Power Up!” And then the bartender says Hot6!
This is culture! When you go to Shinchon, it’s the same.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sponsor in the history of e-Sports that has seen such a good marketing effect, and we’ve been doing this for over 10 years
I don’t even remember any other sponsors, haha
There’s only two, Monsieur J and Hot6
You don’t remember Nate?
My cellphone? Nate-on? (Chatting program)
Nono, from the Arena! (The infamous black out incident at Nate MSL 2010)
I knew that Mr. Park would go big in the industry after seeing him at that one event
He can really swindle well in front of the camera, a real TV personality!
Swindle in e-Sports?!
It was raining like crazy and even if only 5 people came I thought that would be a lot, considering the circumstances!
I would hold a fashion show, even if only 1 person came
I was a bit shocked back then, actually
I was like, “It’s raining so hard, why do I have to be here?”
Just when you said that one particular phrase, why did the camera show the 5 lonely people in the audience.
I was their cannon fodder! I was the tank!
I was always the tank for everything
Drink some Hot6, enriched with red ginseng
I was drinking this during the day and the 24 hours of the day seemed like 48 hours
There’s 1000mg of Taurin in there, and there’s a funny related story to this
This happened on Golden Bell (Korean TV quiz show) and there was just one guy left, it was question number 45
So the answer to the question was Taurin, but the guy didn’t know it, so he used a joker
And he was told the initials of the syllables (T ? U ? R in Korean)
So the answer he gave was Tauren! Haha!
That’s the power of e-Sports. He just had that word in his head.
And the answer is …. Tauren!
We should send that guy a yearly ticket
He must have been so nervous, the 45th question is really far in
Yes, he was the only challenger left
He was the final challenger and then wrote Tauren instead of Taurin…
Hot6 is really being a big help in developing e-Sports right now
Also recently, they’re putting in a lot of effort in growing e-Sports
Yes, regarding that, there’s an announcement I have to make
Remember that time when I hinted at something, it was that day when I came late to the show
I said, “Our work this year is done. Our quest to find sponsors is over.”
It actually happens often in e-Sports that leagues have to get delayed or even cancelled because there’s trouble finding sponsors
Yeah, like for example, resting for 6 months…
Haha, you really have experienced a lot, haven’t you?
There’s nothing I haven’t experienced in e-Sports
So sponsors are something that’s very important, also for us
The perspective of the sponsor is that there is no marketing effect, it doesn’t really make sense for them to keep sponsoring
But now! We have GSL Season 4 and Season 5 coming up right?
Hot6 will be sponsoring both seasons!
Actually, back during the last GSTL, they already decided to sign for the 2 remaining seasons of GSL
They saw the good effect of the marketing and quickly signed for the remaining seasons
So our chant will be ‘Energy up! Power Up!’ again?
Of course! Should we do it once?
Energy Up! Power Up! Hot6!
I don’t know why, but this chant can be shouted so easily
I want to use this opportunity to give my sincere thanks to the Lotte Chilsung Group and Hot6
All these companies that help to develop e-Sports by sponsoring it, you really don’t forget them for all your life
That’s actually the power of the fans. The fans watch GSL and then starting drinking more Hot6
And most importantly, they also spread the word to their friends
This kind of viral marketing is really important
So once again, I would like to thank Hot6 and all the e-Sports fans who chanted Hot6 with us