Na`Vi arrives to new bootcamp place

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jan 12, 2012

- First you go left till the end
and then turn right.
Well, almost till the end.
When you see the coffee machine,
go to the kitchen.
- I need a cup
- Work properly, my former Sensei.
- Did you plug it in?
- Yes, I did.
Don’t film me.
Or film.
I would like to tell that it’s a total shit!
- Senya, how do you like the new boot camp?
- It’s fine.
We’ll make it feel like at home in a while.
- Where is a place to sleep? Here?
- I would actually sleep
on a table with a mattress.
The point is that
I don’t have to use transport if I sleep here.
Otherwise I’ll have to
waste 5-10 min to get here.
- Have you already checked the computers?
Is everything OK with ping?
- It’s a bit worse than the previous one
but we can play on all the servers.
I.e. at our previous camp we had problems
with gamehosting but now everything works well.
We can play on all the German servers.
I like this work environment.
- I got it.
Hey, Markeloff, tell me smth about your raglan.
What’s the picture about?
- I saw it just yesterday.
It was yesterday’s gift.
I decided to try it on immediately.
- So what’s there on it?
Is it your fan who did it?
- No, it’s my friend.
My friends are launching their clothes business and
it starts from this very raglan.
- It’s a good choice to start from Markeloff.
- Yep.
- They set a high hurdle.
- Are you filming? How are you?
Don’t film me.
- Vanya, are you agry?
- Yes, I’m angry. I’m the evil.