Chernye Bushlaty - Vysotsky (English + Russian subtitles)

Uploaded by MrBanbury on 15.08.2010

At our backs
we leave behind declines and sunsets
And be it only miserable,
be it invisible - progress!
I want to believe,
that our black coats
Will give me a chance
to see the sunrise today.
Today on parade
they said, “Die heroically!”
We’ll try, ok.
We’ll see how it turns out.
I just thought,
smoking someone else’s cigarettes
Here you just do what you can
– I just want to see the sunrise!
A special company –
a special honour for a sapper.
Don’t jump out with a Finnish blade,
from the branches onto my back
Trying it’s in vain,
- even with a cut throat,
Today I’ll see the sunrise
to its end.
We flanked them at the rear,
holding back, not to kill them as they slept.
And suddenly I noticed,
as we cut through a path
A still dazed,
green but delicate sunflower
Has already turned
its top to the sunrise.
At our backs
at six thirty, remained, - I know it –
Not only dark days and
sunsets,but also progress and sunrise.
two bare wires,
I clean,teeth screaming
I didn’t see the sunrise,
but I felt: it’s on its way.
...Making its way back
to our side, the thinned out company.
The score doesn't matter,
just the blown up fort matters.
I want to believe,
that our dirty work
Will give you the chance
to see the sunrise with duty free.