Inglorious Gamers - Unrated Awesome Edition

Uploaded by rmlgonzales on 14.04.2010

War is so cool...
like it would actually be so much fun
to just go into wwII and just kick some butt
you just kill a bunch of germans / yeah
and you get like a medal. Oh!
I wanted nothing more than to just go back in time
and just go kill nazis.
Thats all I want to do./ Really?
Thats not too much to ask is it? / No!
No No! Of course not! You've worked hard
You've earned it / Exactly
And I just... why can't I...
Do we know anybody that could take us...
Wait wait wait. You want to travel back in time right?
Yeah... Do you not.. Do we not like know anybody that can do that?
I think we do. / Who? / His name is Richard.
Ooooh Richard! That's right he's really smart. uhm.
Yeah, we should phone Richard sometime and say if
he could just teleport me back
so i can go like rambo and.
And you know I'll come with you just to make
sure you don't / yeah exactly / do something stupid
like change the timeline or something like that
Well you know what. I just wanna go back on D-Day
and shoot a few Germans and then
come back at home in time for dinner.
Doesn't sound like too much trouble
We'll call Richard right away and get right on that
Thank you Josh
Okay contacts... Richard...
Hello Richard it's Austin how are ya?
Oh hey man. / Oh Wait!
Uh / I'm in the same room!
Ohhhh! I'm comin over okay? / Alright
Alright thats great.
Richard I am really sorry for
not seeing you from across the room
uh that okay? Can we move past it?
Yeah okay.
Okay great. So did you hear conversation?
Yeah I was like ten feet away.
Thats right. Uhm.... / Anyway
Its good that you mentioned it / oh!
Because uhm... / You do have something for us
Yeah I do have something / Excellent
I just finished making it
And its a,
Genuine Flux Capacitor.
Uh yeah, All you have to do is press this green button
Yep / And uh, you have to put it on your dashboard
Right / Drive 88 km/h you know / Right
You've seen the / Yeah Yeah I've seen the movie
Yeah, and you just say what year you want to go to
Uh huh / and like... its perfect you know
And its really fragile 'kay? So / Its really fragile?
Yeah so don't drop it / Oh yeah that looks
really expensive. Uhm anyways
Do you want to come with to make sure everything goes alright?
You know thats actually a good idea
just in case you guys screw something up.
Yeah, okay, absolutely, great! let's get going.
Oh yeah... Keep your seatbelts on.
Oh yeah seatbelts, good point good point!
Safety first. / What year we goin to?
Uh, I think '44 / June 6th 1944
Anyways uhm, I know its not Christmas yet
Where'd you get helmets? / Well, I just collect them
But anyways, since we're going back to a war
we're probably gonna want helmets
so I get the cool one, obviously. / okay.
So anyways yeah/ Safety first right?
Let's start this baby up! / Yeah let's get goin.
Beep! Bop! Boop! Boop! / That sounded really good!
It did. June 6th! wait. what year? / 1944!
1944! / You know anything about history? Come on.
I'm sorry, alright!
1944! Here we come!
Ahhh! Smell's like victory. / Ow!
Ahhh! Smell's like victory. / Ow!
I don't think this is a good idea you guys.
Don't worry. / Come on, its awesome!
This is sooo cool! Oh my god.
What the hell was that!? / What was what? / What?
I swear I just saw something.
I didn't see anything. / I think I see
something over there too.
Don't worry I'll shoot it!
F***! / Oh my gosh we're gonna die!
Not like the video games is it?
I'm getting out of here!
I gotta... Gotta!
Josh! Is he dead?
Yep, I think so.
Now what do we do?
Gotta get out of here man this is pretty scary.
Come on.
Okay. The way I look at it.
We need to get back to the vehicle.
Do you have the flux capacitor, we need the flux capacitor.
*Shakes head* / That thing, that expensive thing
that we put on the dash of the car.
YOU DON'T HAVE IT!? / I don't have it!
WE NEED IT! What the hell!
What is your problem! / Woah
Okay, chill man chill!
We'll find a way, we'll find a way.
Nooo! / Don't worry / Ah! I hate war!
Get down get down! Get down!
Take me! Take Me! / Nonono!
Get down get down. Get down!
We gotta get you outta here. / HELP ME!!!
Get down Austin, get down!
Augghh!! Augh.. / This sucks, this sucks.
Oh my god you're going to die.
Augh! Ahhhh!
What are you doing shoot back!
War was supposed to be fun!!! Ahhhhh!!!
Shoot Back! / I didn't think the bullet would hurt.
Ohhh no. Oh My God! Ahhh Ahhh!
Okay okay, we need to get you outta here.
I need a medic! medic.
Die you kraut bastards.
We gotta find a way outta here.
My fly's undone! This is the worst day ever!
Okay... We'll find a way to get outta here buddy.
Please! Uck. Like I'm bleeding out.
I can see your bleed-- Oh my!
That is not good.
Okay we'll get you out. We'll get you outta here.
We just need some-- / Get the blood away from my helmet!
Shhh shhhh... It'll be good, okay, we just need to find a way outta here.
God / We need something, anybody, please! Someone help us!
War is hell.
Hey guys! / Oh Richard / Richard!
Thank god its you, I was bleeding out there for a sec--
Yeah, he's been bleeding out where have you been.
I'm back! / I thought you we're dead!
From the future. / Oh you're from the future.
So you're just a different Richard
that makes so much sense-- Do you have a way out?
Yeah come on, come on you guys.
Okay lets go lets go!
The time portal is closing we gotta go!
Well like im bleeding-- / We gotta get outta here!
Well.... waiiiittt!! wait up!
Gotta get out of here.
Ahhhhh! Oh thank god!
I'm not shot anymore! New clothes.
I'm not shot anymore! New clothes.
We're back. / Are we back?
Yeah. Oh man, where's Josh?
Josh. Josh! / Josh!!!
Yep! Right here.
Oh thank god you're okay.
Wow, war is really dangerous,
we should tell people that war
can actually be a terrible thing.
Yeah, its not like the video games we play,
which are like a representation of war today.
Exactly! We should make a public service announcement.
Hi my name is Austin. / And I'm Josh!
Hi my name is Austin. / And I'm Josh!
And we're playing Call of Duty.
But this time we understand that violent
video games and violence in real life
are really different.
War is not cool kids!
Also, you should also know that time travel
is not safe for children under 8 years old
without parental supervision.
Yeah and just make sure that you remember that
War in real life is not cool.
But war in video games, is always fun!
But you have to know the difference!
Remember kids! Stay away from violence!
*Super awesome gun sounds*