Aida Nikolaychuk - Lullaby (English subtitles)

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..and in the hall this girl makes her friend attentively listen whether she is singing well many times during the hours of waiting
The matter is that it was her friend made her go to the X-Factor almost by force..
Anna: "I say: Aida, lets go to the casting! "no, no.. I won't go.. I'm an old granny.."
So I had to bring her to her sense and lead her here arm-in-arm. Using force"
Aida likes singing very much and dreams about scene on the quiet...
But she is worrying very much because she has never been taught singing..
Aida: "I haven't found tutor in our city, unfortunately. So I train at home, take songs and learn them.."
Girl understands that this won't satisfy the fastidious X-Factor judges, but she cannot break the word she gave to her friend, so, in spite of all her apprehension, she moves to the backstage.
Oxana: "We are discussing the way you got to the X-Factor.."
Aida: "ugum.."
Oxana: "And now I'm gaining an understanding... Aida: "with initiator:)"
Oxana: "..of on what stage did you agree.. as far as I understand, your friend called you and said kinda "Well, prepare, darling, you'll go to the X-Factor."
Was it approximately so?
Aida: Yes, exactly, it was so. And when we got here, when we bought the tickets, I understood that I have no way backwards. I have to try! I have no other choice.
Oxana: Well done! I'm proud of you. You are well done, girls! You have to do so. Anyway, any experience is positive. Right?
Aida: Yes.
Oxana: But I'd like to wish you to perform successfully, so we could be glad for you!
Aida: Thank you. Oxana: You are welcome..
Sergey: Good afternoon, Aida! Aida: Good afternoon!
Sergey: What are you going to sing for us? Aida: Gagarina... Polina Gagarina.
Sergey: And what song? Aida: Lullaby Sergey: Ok, Lullaby..
Serega: Are you kidding, is this a phonogram?! Igor: Yes, it is.
Serega: Is there the effect on her voice?
Simultaneuosly two judges suspected Aida of using a phonogram...
Igor: Can you amaze us by singing any song a capella?
Yolka: No, the same song... Igor: The same?
Serega: The same song, but a capella. Continue singing!
The judges gave Aida chance to convince them that they were mistaken by suspecting her using a phonogram..
So, will Aida use her chance now? 30 00:04:35,000 --> 00:04:37,000 Igor: well, really...
People are scansing "Well done!"
Serega: Aida! Aida: m?
Serega: Indeed paying compliments is harder than critisizing... Because when everything is well, it's clear.
So why do we need to expatiate? why do we need to revel in our verbiage?.. I don't understand..
It was won-der-ful!
We stopped you because I couldn't believe my ears! It seemed to me that you were singing using a phonogram! And that your voice had an effect..
But you have so enchanting timbre and you use your voice so skillfuly that it sounds like CD, like a ready commercial record. Do you get what I mean?
When Kondratuk hear a word "commercial" he starts.. So the next comment will be from him!
Igor: Your voice has a miracle effect of evoking sympathy, and I'm not an exclusion! I say you "Yes"!
Aida: Thank you!
Sergey: Incredibly wonderful! And eyes, and appearance.. profundity is inconceivable.. I say you "Yes"!
Aida: Thanks!
Yolka: Moreover you are very beautiful! And I don't get, why haven't you said this to such a pretty girl..
Igor: "We are afraid of saying this.." Yolka: And I'm not afraid!
Sergey: I said about this at once.. Yolka: I haven't heard this.. In short, Aida, you have 4 "Yes"! You pass further!
Aida: Thank you so much!
Aida: I didn't expect! I din't expect this at all! I didn't expect to get 4 "Yes"!
Oxana: And what did you expect?? How did you imagine this with such a voice?
Aida: I don't know.. There are many good participants.. a lot of them..
Oxana: Whom of the judges were you afraid most of all?
Aida: Probably, Serega.. And he said in such a way.. kinda "wow", even didn't criticized me.. that's strange...
Oxana: So you don't study vocal?
Aida: Noup.. Just last week godmother of my child warmed me up to singing..
Oxana: And from whom have you inherited such talent? what is this actually?
Aida: I don't know.. Probably from my granny.. She was Aida too..
Oxana: You are a person of natural gifts.. precious fossil.. Aida, I will cry now.. Well done! I congratulate you!
Aida: Thank you..
Oxana: Thank you very much, girls! See you in the training camp! Bye!
Aida is so happy.. She even couldn't imagine that everything would happen so..
Hurraaah! I'm in X-Factor!!:)