QUT Master of Project Management

Uploaded by TheQUTube on 05.10.2011

Master of Project Management is a great course for those who work or want to work
in the project environment such as in the construction project behind me
or projects in IT, projects in managing a change in organisations, managing events
or any other type of projects.
Our Master of Project Management is therefore based
on the project management of body of knowledge.
It’s a set body of knowledge which is developed by the Project Management Institute
and internationally well accepted around the world.
It’s being used by different disciplines, different sectors in different countries
such as United States, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Europe.
So the course is designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills in managing a project
in your chosen fields, such as managing construction projects, information technology projects,
event organising or managing a change in organisations.
The academic staff in our masters course have a expertise in various disciplines in projects
such as projects in construction, projects in manufacturing, projects in IT
or even projects in business.
They have significant industrial experience as well as high academic qualifications.
So if projects or project management is your future career, studying a Master of Project
Management at QUT will help you enhance your knowledge and skill in managing a project
and will help you succeed in your future projects.