ZBTHS Spring Band Tour Part 2

Uploaded by twilightz0ne1 on 25.04.2010

Saturday, not much happened, but it was a really long day. We woke up to go to Carnegie
hall where we took a tour of the place and bought lots of stuff at the expensive gift
store. They have a really nice stage and we found out that people will pay lots of money
just to practice there. I think I might do it one day.
We left that place and arrived at Grand Central Station, where we found out they don’t film
on location, they film a location in Canada that looks extremely similar to it. The station
was actually quite fun only because most of us ran off from our chaperones.
After leaving the station, we picked up our movie tourist where we had an… interminable
movie tour. It was okay, but then… it stretched for quite some time. I would say at least
half of us used it for nap time at least once. But… but… it was okay. Lots of doors…
After we dropped off our movie tour guide, we headed to Blake and Todd’s where we had
an interesting “home cooked” meal. After eating our meal, we headed back to the
famous Rockefeller Center where we climbed to the top of the building and many got over
their fear of heights, it was another photo opportunity which almost turned into a nightmare
as we all, disoriented, and rushing, tried to get off the tower for we had to go home.
Most of us were fairly lost and we couldn’t find the bus, but we did it. FYI, if we didn’t,
the United States was celebrating earth day, where all the participated towers, turn off
the electricity. We would have been stuck on the tower. Fun day.
We headed back to the hotel where Kaija insisted we play a game of twister in the hallways
in front of the elevator. We did. What a fun day, especially when the couple come out of
the elevator and are like… WTF? This is also when I found out, Tom really
loves the Sims 3 and, if you let him play, he gets really addicted and uses various cheats
to do really weird things… like build airplanes in your front yard… and kill sims… Never
let Tom play the sims. Sunday, final day in New York, we frantically
woke up and packed and was incredibly late to get on the bus. Not naming names.
We had a wonderful breakfast at planet Hollywood where Kaija met new friends. We saw many outfits
they had had from previous movies and shows such as grease, titanic, and the original
planet of the apes… oh, ohh… and a giant death star.
After we finished up, we headed to the USS. Intrepid where we nearly froze once again,
but not on a field, but a boat’s flight deck. Once again, we had an… interesting…
performance. We looked around the boat/museum after we finished up playing.
We headed for Central Park and FAO Schwartz area. At FAO, Mr. Rymer discovered his new
sort of did group skipping and hopped from group to group eventually ending up with Kaija’s
Group where we took photos! We Eventually drove ourselves to Times square
where everything practically moves. EVERYTHING. There was also a naked cowboy according to
some. We found out, Ryan, will walk the distance just to get to a starbucks, and a Toys ’r
us in New York City is really over done and will have a ferris wheel inside of it. Times
Square, truly, without a doubt would be considered, to me, as a giant outdoor mall. It was awesome.
Awesome. After a While we viewed the musical Chicago,
in New York, which was really cool. According to Tom, he now wants to see more musicals.
But, If you had seen the movie first, you probably weren’t really going to like it.
This one was more comedic. After seeing Chicago, we got back on the bus, ready to head home.
On our way back, we slowly fell asleep. I finally completely crashed from my Sunkist
binge. I woke up to our bus driver singing Canadian Love Song once again and we stopped
for breakfast where I quickly rushed to the nearest pop machine to get another Sunkist,
I stayed awake the entire rest of the trip. On our way back, we discovered that Ryan and
chick flicks do not go together… that as long as we see family guy, we will be amused
and… most of us miss New York already. New York was pretty awesome… I'm not gonna