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Where are you, Aarti?
Where are?
So you are here!
I know the reason why you pretend to be reading the 'Ramayana'.
You don't visit temples, but read the 'Ramayana'.
I know you've hidden your son's photograph in it.
Haven't you?
It has been six years now. He isn't going to return now.
Forget him.
Stop such silly acts.
What's the use of keeping Ravana's photograph in the 'Ramayana'?
Moreover, why should one feel so much for a son...
...who is responsible for his own father's death?
For one who has deprived you of your husband!
Now look... a child who has entered the world of crime once...
...he never returns home.
All glories to our leader Hari Prasad.
I don't want to thank you just because you've got name elected.
I want to thank you because you have elected name...
...despite the lure of wealth and the threat of life.
My victory marks the defeat of the gun.
My victory is a defeat for those who want to mislead...
...the youth of our country and turn them against there own motherland.
I challenge all those who have compromised their patriotism... exchange for arms and ammunition...
...they could perhaps pierce our hearts with their arms...
...but they can never shatter our unity.
Unity is the need of the hour today.
Move away!
The bike is not working.
He is a youth of our country.
There's fury and hatred in his eyes.
He has murdered four leaders, committed nine dacoities...
...and looted twenty election booths.
So many crimes at such a young age!
The question whether he has become a criminal on his own...
...or has he been led into it. Definitely, he has been led into it.
And a foreign power and a special gang is behind it all...
...which is enticing youth aged between 15 and 22 years...
...and giving them guns. And especially during elections... the name of religion or caste, or under some other pretext...
...they cause riots and violence.
Why do these outside powers come to our country?
If there are traitors within our own country...
...a foreign power is bound to take advantage of it.
Mr. Ram Sinha.
You are a recognized officer of the secret service.
You're the pride of our country. But is it not a matter of shame...
...that your police department hasn't been able to identify the gang too.
You've just arrested one youth named Ballu.
But he's not an ordinary youth.
His arrest is our first step towards the goal.
And it's my promise...
...and also that of the police department to my countrymen...
...that we will soon eliminate this dangerous gang...
...and restore peace in our country.
Does this Ballu Balranm have his parents?
Investigations are under progress.
There's a limit to silliness.
It has been six years..
but the son has not even enquired for her well-being.
But his mother washes his clothes every fourth day waiting for the day.
Why so?
So that when Ballu comes and goes to work, his clothes should be clean.
Aren't you people ashamed?
Her family has been ruined. Her only son has left her.
- And you're laughing on her? - The only son?
The one who shoots people at random?
I would've killed such a son without a thought.
You don't have a son, Sandya. That's why you can say that.
You would know when you become a mother.
- Is there any news about Ballu? - Let's go home. I will tell you.
According to Ballu's statement...
...neither does he have parents, nor brothers or sisters.
But he does have a lover. Her name is Sophia.
Earlier, she was into modeling and dancing in New Delhi.
- Where is she now? - She is missing.
Find her.
Iím Sophia speaking. If Ballu is hanged to death...
...I will commit suicide.
Don't be crazy. Ballu is our dearest soldier.
And he is my heartbeat.
He's our first soldier who was caught because of a foolish person.
I know that the Secret Service, scared of us... shifting Ballu from one jail to another continuously... that we don't get to know in which jail he has been lodged.
But they don't know that Ballu reaches farther than the law.
So he will return. He will surely return.
Anyway, I'll be coming over to see you.
Mr. Prakash... I will ensure your victory in the elections.
But it will cost you two crore rupees.
Ballu's arrest can be dangerous for you.
I was born in a house which was called danger.
I'm telling you the truth. My motor-bike went out of order.
- By then, the police arrived. - But the motor-bike belonged to you!
Because of your small mistake, I suffered such a big loss.
Forgive me.
Does one ask forgiveness like this?
Forgive me. I won't commit such a mistake again.
It happens. It happens. That's the way it is.
- Where's Munna? - He's missing.
Yes. It has been reported on television that...
...the court has sentenced Ballu to twenty years imprisonment.
He has been sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.
It would've been better if he had been hanged to death.
At least you would've stopped weeping and waiting for him every day.
Now you should assume your son as dead.
And now you are also dead for him.
He has even said in his statement that you are dead.
A scoundrel who declared his living mother as dead...
...forget such a rascal son!
How can I forget? How?
He's my son!
"In every drama of life...
...there is the hero. And there is a villain.
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are a heartless and callous person"
"You don't value this love, you don't deserve this love."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"He is the villain."
"You are... you are..."
"You are a lively person."
"But you are a sigma on love."
"Some day you will realize."
"But it will be too late."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"Havenít weighed you on a scale yet."
"Havenít even told the truth to self."
"Havenít weighed you on a scale yet."
"Havenít even told the truth to self."
"Youíve toyed with many toys."
"Yet you are so lonely, alas."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are a heartless and callous person"
"You don't value this love, you don't deserve this love."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are a heartless and callous person"
Wasn't I right when I said that...
...Ballu would never reveal my whereabouts at any cost?
I hear that the Chief of the Secret Service is a smart player.
There is no player in India who could defeat Ballu.
After all, Ballu is my disciple.
You're the first criminal in my career who Iím really fond of.
What did you find so attractive in me, Sir?
- Your honesty. - What do you mean?
Meaning you are the first man who accepts..
that you are bad and a villain.
You are absolutely right, sir.
Iím a villain. And you're a hero.
It's a matter of our professions. Both are honest about it.
That's the reason why I want to make an honest deal with you.
- Deal? - Yes.
Of mutual benefit.
If it's beneficial, tell me quickly about it.
Mr. Pandey, tell him.
Look, the deal involves a give and take from both parties.
Mr. Ram will get your 20-year imprisonment reduced to 2 years.
2 years?
How is that to be done is entirely Mr. Ram's outlook.
Then what will I have to do?
You'll have to tell your bosses' name and address to us in confidence.
This matter will be restricted between the three of us.
Am I right, Mr. Ram?
- That's my guarantee. - How wonderful!
This is a deal between the hero and the villain.
Reveal now, and go home two years later.
Sleep, and let sleep.
All in the family.
Shall I place my trust?
If you don't want to, don't reveal. We've other ways of knowing.
No, Sir. This is a profitable deal. But...
Anyhow, please come...
- Where? - Pick a pen and paper.
Write down.
First go to Delhi. From Delhi, go to Srinagar in Kashmir.
From Srinagar, one has to go to Pahalgam in a jeep.
From Pahalgam, go to Khilamal.
From there, walk for about 30 kilometers.
- Where?
Up above the mountain there's a temple. - A temple!
- Amaranthís temple. - Yes.
One has to go there crawling.
Further down, you will find an idol of Shiva made of ice.
You will have to rub your nose in its presence for nine times.
And you will have to pray to Lord with closed eyes...
- Pray what? - That 'O Lord... '
'... please make this fool Ballu to reveal to you...
...the whereabouts and identity of his boss...
...and if there is some miracle from there, I will tell you.
What's this, Chotelal? Is this honme-made bread?
Sir, the bread is home-made. But the flour is from jail.
- Are you listening? - Yes, Iím listening.
Your daughter has sent this photograph from America.
Yes, I see.
She writes that she would marry none other Ram Kumar Sinha. Or else..
...would she commit suicide? Ask her to wear clothes first.
In America, this is how people dress up.
She's a modern girl, after all.
But Ram is not modern
He has given his heart to Ganga since ages.
To hell with Ganga. Is that how a girl is?
- Is she a boy then? - Yes, she's a boy.
- Which boy are you talking of? - Please be seated.
She was saying that...
...even if we are your distantly related Uncle and Auntie...
...still, we've come so close to each other in a matter of one month.
Yes, Iím giving you so much trouble.
Not at all.
Iím yours. Uncle is yours. And Tiny is yours. Look!
- No! - Why?
- No, it's nude. - Iím nude?
Iím nude. I mean... It's nude!
What're you doing, Uncle?
Actually, she wants to know when you intend to marry.
Look, Uncle. Till I don't arrest Ballu's boss...
...I've taken a pledge not to marry till then.
Why did you call me, Sir?
Ballu, Balram Pandit.
Do you recognize this boy?
Tell me, yes or no?
What should I say? Yes or no?
It's me!
Hey! He's Munna.
- He's my Munna! - Yes, he's your Munna,
who works in your gang.
He doesn't know your leader. He knows you.
And today he has stated that on the coming 19th... and your gang would've murdered the High Court judge...
...and on the 21st, you would've bombed the College building.
Tell us, is it true or false?
Munna, you told them the truth?
Yes, he also said that you've a mother...
...who's living, and who stays in some village in U.P.
But you've always maintained that your parents died five years ago.
- It's correct. - Then is he lying?
I don't say that he's lying. He's a fool. He's a kid.
Munna, the old woman that you met that day, she's not my mother.
Sir, I address any old woman as my mother.
Iím an orphan. So sometimes I like to use the word Mother.
And just look at him...
Munna, you got scared of a few of their beatings.
Look how much they've beat me.
It's their job to beat, and our job is to bear the beatings.
It's not our job to turn a state witness.
And Sir, you are beating such a young fellow?
Even his face is swollen.
If you wanted to, you could have beaten me. Why beat him?
Don't worry. Don't weep.
You could've beaten me, Sir.
Scoundrel, you've become a state witness?!
Leave him!
Kill me.
My job has been done! Kill me. Kill me!
Kill me.
I've killed your witness.
I've killed your witness. My job has been done.
I've killed your witness.
Thank you for having brought me here.
My job has been done.
Good night, sir. Good night.
The government has expressed concern upon the murder...
...of Munna Yadav, who had turned a state witness.
The government has stated that it is doing its best to catch the gang.
- Yes Saif? - The special news...
Police had taken Munna from Kanpur to Mumbai.
Meaning Ballu is in some prison of his state.
You beat me so much!
Sometimes, you should serve liquor too with food.
Have you seen this stick of the law?
If you ask for liquor, Mr. Ram will thrust the stick down your throat!
Is this a stick of the law? Let me see it.
- Is it Mr. Ram's stick? - Yes.
Give it to Mr. Ram.
Ask him to take it home and play it like a flute.
- You called me a scoundrel? - Yes. I called you a scoundrel.
He has become very carefree these days, Sir.
Fetch a liquor bottle from the village nearby.
- You've a lot of strength, do you? - What happened?
- You're feeling very haughty! - Tell me what's the matter?
You're feeling very excited! You attack a cop? You act bossy?
Mr. Girdhari, go back. Get back.
Move back!
You act very bossily, is it?
You want to drink liquor?
Come on, drink it!
You want more?
You're feeling very haughty! Show me your muscles!
Look at the physique of the cop too!
Look! Look at this! Look at the cop's physique!
Now look at the cop's strength! You've beaten a lot of people!
You killed Munna with these very hands, didn't you?
Show me your strength!
Come on! Show me your strength!
Show me your strength, Scoundrel!
Eat it! You want liquor with food?!
You beat the constable, didn't you?
You beat the constable!
You killed Munna! Now feel the suffocation of death!
This is how the suffocation of death is!
How dare you hit a cop!
Hold on sir.
Sir, this is improper!
Control your self sir.
- Relax, sir. - Okay.
Never raise your hand on a cop!
Understand! Don't you?
Did you get any lesson?
First tell me why he beat me?
He beat you because you beat a policeman.
Then tell him that Ballu beat a policeman again!
- Is it painful? - No, it's enjoyable.
- Mother! - You remembered mother?
If you mess around with the police, you'll remember your grandma too!
Give it. Stand outside.
Come on, get up! Get up. Drink milk. Come on!
You're feeding milk to a snake.
Iím feeding milk to a person who's trying to be a snake.
You've a unique style!
Sometimes this... sometimes this.
How wonderful!
I respect your mind and you're daring.
Alas! Only if you were my brother, I would've asked you...
...whether or not you realize what you are doing?
You're acting as a tool for the nation's enemies...'re stabbing your own motherland.
Mr. Ram, since you've addressed me as your brother... should hear my true feelings.
Look, you are a government officer.
So you will speak of your country and the motherland.
But there are so many government officers and leaders...
...who fill their own pockets in the name of the motherland...
...who fire bullets at poor people, and deprive them of their living.
You know that, and so do I.
You cannot use the dishonesty of some people...
...and use it as a defense for your turning into a traitor...
...and nor can you establish what is wrong to be right.
A wrong is always wrong.
Wrong and right... it's only an individual's perception.
In your view, Iím a villain.
In my view, you're a villain.
Your devotion and dedication is your country, your government.
My devotion and dedication is my gang, my boss.
Iím not a hero, Iím a villain.
What're you thinking?
Someone has poisoned your mind to such an extent.
I've realized today how dangerous that monster must be.
I swear... I will see to it that I will make you reveal.
I'll eliminate that scoundrel!
Then you had better hear my warning too.
The one whom you consider as a monster, I treat him as my guru.
And I take my guru's oath...
...exactly five days from now, I'll escape from your jail.
On 10th October at 10 o'clock, I'll vanish from your prison.
Because I've taken an oath of my mother!
You'll meet that monster after escaping from the jail.
This desire of yours will never be fulfilled.
And if you do escape...
...Ram Sinha will forget his world, his peace of mind.
The only objective of my life will be to bring you back here... or dead.
10th October. At 10 in the night. I will be out.
You'd better tighten the security.
Tighten security?
There's no need to tighten any security. He's just threatening.
All in the family, Ram.
The walls of my jail are weak, the locks are weak, Iím weak.
If he does escape on 10th October...
...I'll lose my job, my house, and my wife too.
- How will you be deprived of me? - That's because you've become used. feasting on free fruits, provisions and butter at the jail.
Tell Verma that before 9th October...
...all the walls, bars, and the bricks should be strengthened.
It's an order!
Day-night let's fight.
Mr. Ballu!
Today, it is 11th October, 2 o'clock in the night.
These people are waiting for you to escape.
I used to think that you people have been appointed here...
...because of your capabilities and your intelligence.
I didn't know that you would take a prisoner's oath so seriously.
What do you mean?
Mr. Pandey, you people thrashed me so severely... made life miserable for me.
So I thought of a way of making life miserable for you.
I got the opportunity and I challenged you of my escape.
And you got taken in by it.
You got down to the job for five days.
You continued to work and I continued to think.
Iím not a hero, Iím a villain.
Iím not a hero, Iím a villain.
Iím not a hero, Iím a villain.
- Hello, Villain. - What is it, Vamp?
Tell me, when will you speak to Ram about Tiny's marriage?
- I will speak to him. - When will you speak to him?
Over there, Ram is speaking to Ganga in Nasik on the phone.
How dare you call me a bitch!
Yes, nasik jail.
I'm Joseph speaking.
I'm Ram Sinha speaking. Call Ganga over the phone.
She cannot come here. But the phone can go to her.
Here it goes... it's going.
Here... listen now.
Shut up!
This woman calls me a bitch!
All these are abuses of the old times.
What kind of a woman are you?
I'm this kind of a woman.
And if you make me more angry, I will hang over upside down.
This is not your home that you pull at each other's hair.
- What is it? - It's a phone.
Say that Iím not here. Ganga is dead and gone.
- Have you heard, Sir? - Yes, I have heard.
Please hold on. She will surely come. She will herself come.
Why will I come myself? Am I maidservant?
Mr. Ramís eyes are welling with tears.
What is it? Why do you have to shed tears over this?
It has been 10 days. You didn't even telephone once!
I know what duty is. I too perform my duties...
Keep those rascals tied up.
- Listen... - What should I listen?
- Keep standing! - All right. I've stood up.
I was saying that...
I don't want to speak to you about anything.
Hello, Ganga.
- It's Uncle speaking. - My greetings.
Bless you!
Ram is very worried.
You idiot. - Idiot?
I wasn't telling you.
I was addressing the constable who was standing behind me.
He's coming to meet you at Nasik this evening.
Uncle! Tell him there's no need to come here.
As it is, I'm attending my friend's marriage tonight.
Yes, the marriage tonight...
- If you receive a nice thrashing... - It's meant for you.
I don't want to hear anything.
Whatever you want to say, come here and say.
This evening, I will...
Ganga has arrived.
So you've come, Ganga! But you've been delayed!
We got delayed while returning from the temple.
Ganga is appearing very beautiful today.
She should. After all, it's the marriage of our friend.
Why not? All you friends are the pride of the marriage.
Ganga, you will be dancing and singing today, won't you?
Why me? It's Champa who is a master in dancing.
She goes to every village with her dance troupe.
I've learnt dancing from her.
She learnt dancing so well that she won the gold medal too this time!
Ganga's Ram has arrived.
- Where? - There!
- O Lord! I'm leaving. - Listen...
- Let's get him today. - Yes, let's go.
- Where's Ganga? - Ganga is not here.
Yes, she's not here.
I know that she's here.
Don't fool around with me. I've to return soon.
If you don't tell me, I'll go away.
Listen... we will have to find her a little.
- What do you mean? - Come along with me.
Where are you taking me?
- Where is she? - Be seated here.
- We will go and find her. - Please don't fool around with me.
I've to go back. I'm in a hurry.
"Coming late."
"And retuning soon."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Coming late."
"And retuning soon."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Coming late."
"And retuning soon."
"Sir, this is not right."
Everyday making excuses.
"And troubling your lover."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Sir, this is not right."
"I can't come empty handed That's why I got late."
"I can't come empty handed That's why I got late."
Earrings, bangles, flowers, anklets. I have got so many
Trying to appease me with your talks.
"And troubling your lover."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Complaining and grievances."
"Are the habits of beautiful damsels."
Next time I will take a long leave.
Let me go. I have to go.
"Troubling a government servant."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Don't do this again."
"Otherwise I will not talk to you."
"I will watch the show from the window."
"I will not open the door."
"I will go crazy."
"Troubling your lover."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Coming late."
"And retuning soon."
"Sir, this is not right."
"Sir, this is not right."
This is not right.
You come and go away.
But Ganga has to hear people's criticisms.
What's the matter?
That Ram has made so much progress in the past five years
that he wouldn't marry Ganga now.
- Ganga is no better than a keep. - Auntie!
Then what? Ganga's mother died in her childhood.
Then her father got killed.
She has been working ever since and living with her auntie.
How long could she continue like this?
Remember, after a certain point of time...
...a young girl living with her guardians is acceptable...
...only if she has already got married.
Now you've to think about it, not me.
Don't mind what auntie said.
She has lost her sense of thinking working in the hospital.
Auntie is right.
If applying vermilion is marriage, then I'll apply it right away.
Tell everybody that Ganga has become Ramís wife from today.
There's a message for you at the police station here.
- What's the message? - Ballu has escaped from the prison.
He escaped by throttling to death the constable neck...
...who used to visit him every night to serve milk.
Then he donned his uniform and slipped out of the jail in the night.
Ballu has escaped from the governmentís prison.
It's the wonder of my cats!
Ballu has come out.
Iqbal! Roshan!
Make arrangement for Ballu's protection.
Ballu escaped from prison. Who's responsible for it?
Is it you, the police department or the jail employees?
Let us do our duty. We will tell everything at the right time.
You and the police department should hang your heads in shame.
- Is the government suspending you? - Ask the government.
Is it not true that on the day when Ballu escaped from prison... were rollicking in your lover's arms?
Please keep your mouth shut!
I am aware of my duty.
You've no right to attack my personal life.
Aren't you ashamed of misusing the power of the pen?
You caught hold of a journalist by the neck?
- You manhandled a press person? - You raised your hand on him!
This is an assault.
Ram Sinha! Shame!
Down with Ram Sinha!
Down with Ram Sinha!
We're ruined.
That scoundrel ran away and destroyed Ram.
Nobody can destroy Ram.
I will go and catch Ballu.
Yes, you can bring him. You've caught criminals earlier too.
For the sake of love, take the plunge.
No, we cannot assign you this responsibility.
We will need the help of many states to arrest him.
- But sir? - Just a minute.
Commissioner Dave.
The latest is that he's hiding somewhere in our state itself.
Continue the search.
Okay, sir.
What're you saying? You want to junmp in the well of death?
Yes. I can do anything for my Ranm's respect.
I want your help. Will you help me?
The police is on the alert...
...on all airports, railway stations bus stands and highway check-posts.
So you'll have to proceed by stopping at the places of the people...
...mentioned on this paper, exactly as per schedule.
After about 15 to 20 days, we will reach Vishakapatnanm.
From there, Roshiba and Sophia will take to you singapur.
Roshan. - Yes.
Did you get to know anything about my mother?
Yes. She has left your actual village...
...and has gone to another village with a Mr. Shaukat.
It is not known which village she has gone.
Who is he?
He is an old follower of our boss.
He's also the leader of this region.
We had ensured his victory in the previous elections.
Today, he has come to invite us to his home.
Sir, at my bungalow today, the most beautiful dancing girl...
...will be performing her act.
It will be my good fortune if you come.
A dance and a dancing girl? Not at all. I'd better stay away.
I hear that the dancer is sensational.
Is it? Sensational?!
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is beneath the veil?"
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My heart lies in the veil."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"I will give this heart to my beloved."
"To my love."
"You have countless admirers."
"They are your old time lovers."
"I didn't find the lover of my choice."
"This city is so heartless."
"What to do?"
"My skirt is of silk."
"My skirt is expensive."
"I lift my skirt and walk."
"I drop my veil and walk."
"What all things should I take care of?"
"O Ram! O Ram!"
"Sir, save her."
"Sir, hide her in your heart."
"My admirers are after me."
"Some pull from me here."
"Some pull from me there."
"What to do?"
"Get me married."
"Adorn my palanquin."
"I can't be a mistress."
"I can't be a hermit."
"I can't tolerate loneliness."
"What to do?"
"O girl!"
"How should the girl be?"
"How sould the guy be?"
"The girl should be like me."
"The guy should be like you."
"Then we will enjoy our love."
"Become the tune of the song."
"Become the bells of the anklet."
"Greet me. Serve me."
"You might be a king."
"A king"
"Go away!"
"My age is tender."
"My bed is lonely."
"The prince of my dreams, come soon."
"I sleep with open doors."
"King is useless without the queen."
"Queen is useless without the king."
"You know what you want."
"I know what I want."
"I give my youth to you."
"To you."
"O girl!"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is beneath the veil?"
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
"I will give this heart to my beloved."
"To my love."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
- My pistol with you? How come? - I found it in your suitcase.
- You opened my suitcase? - Yes.
What do you want?
I like you a lot. Will you come with me?
How is that possible? First tell me who you are.
I'm a ruffian, a killer.
A criminal on the run.
The decent people call me a villain.
You appear to be a truthful person.
So what? Even I'm addressed by decent people as a prostitute.
This type of a prostitute?
Who is beautiful, brave, and who keeps a pistol too?
Who knows when one comes across a scoundrel.
It's empty. Keep it there.
I keep it for my protection, what else?
But I've liked you. How much do you earn?
100 rupees. For dancing for a night. Why?
- Will you accompany me? - Where?
- To Singapore. - To Sholapur?
To Singapore. Its outside India.
What's the use?
A thousand rupees for one night's dance.
In a big hotel. I've plenty of money. I've cars, a big bungalow.
I've everything.
And what if I don't come?
I will take you by force.
You don't even know how to woo a girl!
Open your other eye too. Look me into the eyes.
All right. Now, tell me. Will you accompany me?
- You won't cheat on me? - No.
- Take an oath. - Only liars take oaths.
You are right.
The police is reaching here within 15 minutes.
Tell me, darling. Now or never.
My advance first.
Give her troupe a sun of 30,000 rupees.
But why are you taking along this beauty?
Ballu has become fond of this beauty.
The journey will be enjoyable.
- Really? - Yes.
She herself took the plunge in this dangerous game.
I tried my best to convince her. But she didn't listen.
We performed dances in several homes.
Finally, we found him there.
And when we found him, the police reached late.
- By then, she had gone with him. - She hasn't done the right thing.
You don't realize what a dangerous criminal he is.
I just know that Ganga can play with all kinds of danger for your sake.
And she is already playing with danger.
Ganga! - Ganga!
Ganga! - Ganga!
"From where will Ganga come? From where will Ganga go?
"The way sunlight and shade sway in the waters."
Re! Re! Re!
"In the colourful sky."
"With the kohl of your eyes."
"I have written your name in this heart."
Chandani! - Say it! Say it! Sat it!
"I can't sleep."
"I can't sleep. I have lost my solace."
"Somebody go and find it."
"God knows where I have lost my heart."
Who served beer to Ganga?
Speak up, drunkard!
"You rule the world."
"You rule the world."
"Hail to the crazy youth."
"Hail to the crazy youth."
Da! - Da!
- Da! - Da!
"Look, crazy people, don't do this."
"Don't tarnish the name of Ram."
"Don't tarnish"
Give me a pistol.
"Ram, your Ganga has got tarnished."
"Cleansing the sins of sinners."
"Cleansing the sins of sinners."
"I took your name."
"I missed you."
"I took your name."
"I missed you."
"I missed you."
"I took your name."
"In the middle of the night."
"The pleasant night."
"The pleasant night."
"Take the blessings of the father."
"May you get a happy family."
"May you never remember your maternal house."
"May you receive so much love."
Where are you? Father!
What kind of a constable are you?
- Why did you make our girl weep? - Just a minute. Listen to me.
- I'm not a constable. - Then who are you?
I'm a film actor.
I'm performing a constable's role in the shooting that's going on.
Ishwar Girdhar Pandey, Means I.G Panday.
- I'm Ganga. - Ganga who?
Your mother!
Mother? Mother!
It has been years since you passed away. Where are you calling from?
You old man! Give the phone to my Babul!
What's this combination of Ganga and Babul?
Ganga? Where from?
Iím Ganga!
Please call my Babul.
I'm Ram speaking.
I swear, this Ganga is yours. And she will always be.
So what if I've run away from home?
I'll return home some day.
Are you all right?
- I'm perfectly fine. - In whose company are you?
I'm in Mr. Ballu's company. He's a very nice person.
Yes, I'm in safe hands. Don't worry at all.
Come back. Come back.
This game is not meant for you. It's not a good game.
Where are you?
I'm calling from Kinara Hotel on the Belapur Road.
Belapur road, Kinara hotel.
- How long will you be there? - We are going to Mirzapur now.
We aren't going to Mirzapur, but to Dholpur in Gujarat.
- Who are you? - I'm the Gangaram of your Ganga.
My name is Ballu.
Why did you lie to my Babul that we're going to Dholpur?
Darling... we are criminals on the run.
Even the police can hear our conversation over the phone.
Ah, yes!
He is with her.
He will surely go to Mirzapur.
Because I know.. his truth... and his lies.
"If some body can stop me, then stop me.
"I am dancing."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"If some body can stop me, then stop me.
"I am dancing."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"With great difficulty, I have taken out the time."
"With great difficulty, I have taken out the time."
"Ride faster, O driver."
"My heart is burning with desire, such a desire, such a desire."
"Hey, I am leaving so ungratified."
"Hey, I am leaving so ungratified."
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"I shall turn to ashes slowly burning within."
" have written a letter to my beloved."
"You donít come I am coming to you."
"My beloved."
"I am leaving after waiting long for you."
"I am leaving after waiting long for you."
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"This God, this Silver, These diamonds, These Pearls"
"They all are worthless names without My beloved."
"Worthless names."
"Worthless names."
"Whatís the use of my heaving bosom?"
"How long should I be behind veils? Oí heartless, heartless?"
"I am going around without head scarf shamelessly."
"I am going around without head scarf shamelessly."
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"If some body can stop me, then stop me.
"I am dancing."
"I am going in a palanquin, all dressed up.
"I am going to my beloved's house."
"I am going to my beloved's house."
It will be dawn soon. And you haven't stopped boozing still?
You were looking very beautiful last evening.
- So? - I couldn't sleep the whole night.
- I was thinking about you. - What were you thinking?
I was thinking as to what is this Ganga?
Is she elegance, stirring, kindness, nobility, divinity, rebel..., water, breeze or a flood?
What exactly is this Ganga?
Then I thought... whatever it is, it is something known as love.
And today this Ballu is going bonkers about this sensation.
What are your intentions?
To embrace you and die.
Move away! You've boozed a lot. Go and sleep.
You love me, don't you?
- Yes. - I too love you.
I'll take you to a temple tomorrow and marry you.
You'll become my wife.
- I will. But tomorrow. - No, today.
I love you. You love me?
Today Ballu has come to you like a bee.
You're my rose-petal!
You may assume that we are already married. All right?
The police has surrounded us from all sides.
Get up, Ganga. The enemy has attacked.
Now we've to take the same pledge. We'll live and die together. Right?
- Yes. - Let's go.
Head quarter. - Yes sir. This is inspector Sudhakar here.
Ganga! Come on.
He has escaped.
- Come here. - He is trapped.
The police has surrounded us.
Where were you?
- Come on. Come with me. - Me? Where?
Look, our lives are in danger. Stay close to me.
No, leave me.
Leave you? Didn't we take a pledge to live together?
Come on.
Don't misunderstand me, Sir.
She's Ganga, my wife. If you wish, you may fire.
But the first bullet will hit her. It will hit a woman.
You saved me well.
These are policemen. They can never fire at a woman.
Shall I fire?
Come on! Come on!
He has run away!
Where is Ballu? If you don't, I will make life miserable for you.
He hasn't returned home since the past six years. - Tell me!
I don't know anything.
Any of his friends. Somebody mustíve come.
- Nobody came. - You're lying.
Iím not lying. I don't know where Ballu is.
I don't know. I don't know.
- You are... - What're you doing?
What I am doing?
Playing with my love and my wife.
What say, Ganga? You would marry me, won't you?
Come on. Let's get married in this temple itself.
But before that, you will have to tell me about your family.
Why? Don't you know?
Iím a dancer!
- A dancer?! - Yes.
Or one who makes other dance?
Tell me truthfully. Your name, your work, your residence.
You won't? I will tell you.
Shall I tell you the real name of this dancer?
- Yes, go ahead. - Look...
I've one card in my pocket
It is an official card.
And it contains her photograph too.
And it indicates her real name.
Ganga ganotri devi.
Profession: Sub-Inspector in Nasik Jail.
Now you will ask me how I got hold of this identity card.
What is behind the blouse?
That night, when you were singing this song, I entered your room.
I found the pistol in your suitcase, and the identity card was under it.
You continued to play with me, and I continued to play with you.
The way you protected me today, I liked it a lot.
Keep protecting us like a shield just like this.
And if the police comes, you face the first bullet.
I'll face the second one.
We will live together. We will die together.
Tell me, will you deceive me?
Would you deceive me?
Would you deceive!
No! You won't!
She won't deceive! She won't!
Come on... welcome her! Welcome Ganga, the policewoman.
Sound the bells!
It has been wonderful! Ballu is in demand all over the world.
Ballu will be owner of millions once he reaches Singapore.
And you will be his darling.
He's in Maan Singh's mansion right now, 800 miles from here.
Didn't I say that I will not eat the food? Never!
Tell Ballu that when Ganga left home...
...she was prepared for death.
And today too, I am not scared of death.
I dare you lift the gun and eliminate me right away!
- You mean you won't eat food? - No, I won't.
I won't eat the food of you sinners even till my last breath.
She will eat the food. She will surely eat.
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is beneath the veil?"
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My heart lies in the veil."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My heart lies in the veil."
"I will give this heart to my beloved."
"To my love."
"My skirt is of silk."
"My skirt is expensive."
"I lift my skirt and walk."
"I drop my veil and walk."
"What all things should I take care of?"
"O Ram! O Ram!"
"King is useless without the queen."
"Queen is useless without the king."
"You know what you want."
"I know what I want."
"I give my youth to you."
"To you."
"O girl!"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is behind the blouse?"
"What is beneath the veil?"
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
"My hear lies in the veil."
"I will give this heart to my beloved."
"To my love."
"My heart lies in the blouse."
Do you think that an indication of friendship is a manís weakness?
Neither will I kill you with a gun, nor with a sword?
Look at this! Do you know what it is?
It's a blade.
With this blade, I will first cut your lips from here...
...then from here, then from here, and then from here.
I will ruin your face and then burn you alive.
You're a decent policewoman.
Be decent and let us reach our destination...
...and then we will let you go alive.
There's also a 50 per cent chance...
...that you could get us arrested in the name of friendship.
Serve food to her.
Ram Shina, listen to me carefully.
This voice is of Ballu's boss...
...who has forced you and your men to roam about all over.
You'd better release the four men that you've arrested recently.
Ballu has just caused you sleepless nights.
But I will make your life miserable.
So what if you may have not one but 200 bodyguards.
You mad dog! What's the daring in barking over the phone?
Come face to face!
Come to my home, come to my office...
...come on the open road. But do come!
And you won't find any bodyguard.
You will just get Ram Sinha's body.
He disconnected the connection. He disconnected it!
You coward! Dog! Scoundrel! Tell me where you want to come?
Tell me, Scoundrel!
Tell me, where do you want to come?
- An urgent report. - What is it?
Ballu's mother is alive. She's in our custody presently.
This is her file and her photographs.
How will it be of any help?
You will keep his nmother in your custody?
You will make announcements on television or radio?
You think that the heartless man will be influenced?
A monster who declared her living mother as dead...
...why would he bother about her mother?
- But Sir, if his mother? - The same nonsense again?
Throw it away!
I won't spare you! You know everything!
Answer me! You'll have to speak!
Who came to meet you? Where is your son?
Tell me. I will kill you.
What is this method of conducting an enquiry?
She's Ballu's mother.
She's the mother of a terrorist. - Shut up!
I say you shut up!
Yes, I am Ballu's mother. Iím a sinner's mother.
Kill me. Hang me to death.
Hang me to death. Kill me! Kill me!
This woman won't stay here. She will live at my home.
How can he take the mother of such a dangerous criminal to his home?
He can. Because Ballu's case is in the hands of C.B.I. and Ram Sinha.
- What could be his intention? - There must be something.
But this secret should be restricted to us.
Why did you get the doors closed?
Because I want to speak to you in private.
Calm down. Take these medicines. I will explain everything.
My son, Ballu, has left me six years ago.
- I don't know anything. - Take the medicine at least.
I don't want medicine. Please let me go to my village.
Village? Where?
To Mr. Shaukat's place or to Shanmbhu Master?
Shambhu master!
Do you know him?
Look at this! Look!
Isn't he Shanmbhu Master?
The one who used to sing the song 'O Maa Tujhe Salaam'?
And this is you?!
Yes... I was a teacher, Sir.
And he's your son, Ballu?!
Yes, nmy son Ballu.
And this is Babla... he was his friend, wasn't he?
Yes, I used to teach both of them.
And I am that Babla!
Yes, the same orphan who could study till the eight standard...
...with the fees paid by you and with books given by Ballu.
Then he came to the city and became an officer.
- You became an officer? - Yes.
And the same officer is searching for your son.
In that case, you can save him, can't you?
Yes, but I will need your help for this.
Where is he now?
I will be staying for 2 to 3 days with the madam.
Keep me informed here.
We will meet Ballu tonight at the farmhouse.
Elections are in progress at Sheikhpura.
Ballu will pass through that area in a policemanís uniform.
Rascal! You dared to go and vote against our candidate!
Everybody has been ordered not to come out of their homes.
We will have to go through from here.
Help us, Inspector. Saraswati's son is being beaten up by crooks.
- Why are they beating him? - Mallu Singh...
...the most notorious crook of this village... contesting the elections against this village's Sarpanch.
He has restricted villagers from casting their vote.
Crooks are stamping the papers on their own.
Somebody please save my son!
We'll not get involved in this complication. Let's go.
Anybody is here?
Inspector, please save my son. Or they will kill him.
Please save my brother!
Beware! Don't beg for help from the cops!
What was the crime of my son?
He had gone only to cast one vote.
I will surely go. Mallu Singh is a crook. He's a dacoit.
Sukhram is a noble person. Every person has a right to vote.
You can scare other villagers, not me.
What did you say?
Look, he has been beaten enough.
Now you may go, stamp the papers, indulge in looting, enjoy yourselves.
Hey, Uncle!
Get lost, will you? Don't you know?
The cops have been given a leave of two hours.
- Listen to me, at least. - What did you say?
Scoundrel! How dare you raise your hand on a cop?
Keep your mouth shut. Or you too will be dealt with!
- Get lost from here! - What did you say, Baldy?
Mallu Singh! Shame Shame!
All glories to the Inspector!
- Mallu Singh! Shame Shame! - All glories to the Inspector!
Mallu Singh! Shame Shame! All glories to the Inspector!
Iím cornered!
- I've removed the bullet! - It's paining severely.
Could the poison have spread? You're suffering from high fever.
Did you get to know anything about a doctor or a hospital?
The neighboring village is under curfew. There are cops all over.
Where is Ganga?
- Ganga escaped with the motor-cycle. - What? Catch her!
Dead or alive! Go!
I've brought the doctor.
But why are you standing here? Come on... lie down.
- And you... please come. - Yes, yes.
She's not here.
- Underneath Your Bed... There is a bottle of liquor.
- Give it to me. - I won't let you drink today.
Give me the liquor!
Whatever you have done for me today, I thank you for that.
But if you think that I will let you go home, you're mistaken.
All right?
- Shall I ask you something? - Go ahead.
Looks like you love your mother a lot.
How can you be so sure?
When you were screaming with pain,
you were calling out for your mother.
In times of pain and misery... calls out the name of a person who is most dear to him.
- Who told you that? - Ram says so.
Ram who?
You mean Lord Rama?
- So you believe in Lord Rama? - Yes, he's my lord.
You love your mother a lot, don't you?
I don't know.
I suppose your mother is alive.
- She is. And she is not. - I don't understand.
It has been 6 years since I saw her.
He can forget me. But I can't forget him.
It means Ballu didn't come to see you since 6 years?
He hasn't.
- Any of his friends. Any message? - None.
What happened 6 years ago? Why did he leave you and go?
- The world of crime. - The world of crime?
How did he enter the world of crime? Through his father?
His father? His father was a respected lawyer.
His grandfather had sacrificed his life for the country's freedom.
Then why did Ballu start killing others?
A monster had cast his evil eye on him since his childhood.
Which monster?
Roshi Mahanta!
Roshi Mahanta?
- Who is he? - His Master.
I still remember... when Ballu was very young...
...that monster had visited our home on a Diwali day.
Greetings, Madam.
- What is all this? - It's nothing.
It's just sweets and crackers for the children.
Speak clearly. What's the matter?
That police commissioner has accused me...
...of having incited violence and having burnt down colonies.
You're representing the government in this case.
If you like, you can save me.
You mean you are trying to bribe me?
Trying? Iím not trying. Iím offering you bribe.
We are poor people. But we are not a broken tree.
Our family roots are very strong.
Even my roots were very strong.
But after freedom, the storm of wealth uprooted my roots.
But my roots are strong. And they will continue to be.
Court natters are discussed in courts, not at home.
Is it?
Come on, pick up everything.
Long live.
Hey, why are you hiding it?
Son, take this. Take all of this.
I had brought all this for you.
It doesn't matter.
It happens. It happens. That's the way it is.
The roots are strong.
I don't know whether they will remain strong.
Greetings to all of you.
May you live long. Good luck, Son!
He's just a kid!
He embarrassed me in that thief's presence.
All kids fire crackers on the Diwali day.
If you don't bring crackers for him, what will he do?
Your blind love will ruin him.
One day, you will hear dynamite in these very crackers.
Don't weep, Ballu. Don't.
She always lied to father for my sake.
Mother loved name too much.
And father hated me too much.
If there was anybody who understood me correctly to some extent... was my elder sister,
who was a social worker.
Is it true that you had gone for a job with Roshan Mahanta?
Yes, it is true.
You know, don't you, that he has served a 6-year imprisonment?
I know.
And that he makes young boys sell hashish and cocaine?
- I know. - Still you will work for him?
Yes, I will.
Because I've ten explanations.
One, mother has grown old teaching at school.
Two, people have rejected father being an honest lawyer.
Three, you haven't got a job since the past two years.
Four, Father can recommend, but he won't...
...because he is the son of Mahatma Gandhi's friend.
- You will work for Roshan Mahanta? - Yes, I will.
The grandson of Jagannath Prasad, India's revolutionary...
...will sell cocaine for Roshan Mahanta?
That sign on the road is of your father.
Shree Jagannath Prasad Chowk.
And straight in front of that, is this house.
...whose rent hasn't been paid since the past 10 months.
...whose son hasn't received admission in college since 2 years.
You are sitting under this family sign.
I want to sit on a sign where...
...everybody, from a peon to a minister, makes money.
Only money!
Ever since that day, he became a slave to Roshan Mahanta.
Yes! I preferred Roshan Mahanta's slavery...
...than being a slave to poverty.
Once I was jailed. And my own father refused to bail me out.
Roshan Mahanta had come to release me.
That was my last day.
I asked mother if she would come with me.
- She said... - No!
A wonman's real honme is her husband's honme.
And the son?
A son comes only after the son.
Don't go, Ballu! Don't!
After Ballu went away, I fell sick.
And the same night, I wonder where Sunita went.
Roshi Mahanta!
Send back my motherís son back to her.
Otherwise, I will set your bungalow on fire with the help of...
...1000 men from the colony.
All right. All right.
Return me my brother.
All right.
Who was it?
It happens. It happens. That's the way it is.
Police Commissioner! Shame Shame!
The police has killed your sister.
That Commissioner has killed your sister.
Fire the pistol!
Fire the pistol!
In the growing terrorism, one more youth turn a terrorist.
Ballu, Balram.
Ballu is the grandson of the renowned freedom fighter Jagganath Prasad.
At the moment, he is on the run along with his gang.
After my husband's demise, he had come to meet me one night.
Mother left me. I was heartbroken.
Father died saying that I, a villain, should be hanged.
That day I realized that love, affection, feelings is all a lie.
This world cares for none.
This world is selfish.
And you too are selfish!
You wanted to name me sentimental so that...
...I get influenced and go back to jail?
But my destination lies elsewhere. And I will reach my destination.
And nobody can arouse my sentiments. Nobody.
I anm a villain. And I will continue to be a villain.
I've no mother. I've no mother.
I agree...
Öthat it was my love and affection which spoiled him.
But how can I forget him?
He is my son. He is a part of me.
I've waited for years.
Sometimes on the streets. Sometimes in the temple.
Now you will kill him.
And it will be unbearable for me to see him dead.
Save him. Save him.
A mother is begging for her son's life from you.
Save him. Save him.
Save Ballu.
"Oímother, I salute you"
"Oímother, I salute you"
"You love your children whether they are Rawan or Ram."
"Oímother, I salute you"
"Oímother, I salute you"
You stole my pencil?
How dare you beat Ballu? Will you beat Ballu?
I will. He has stolen my pencil.
"Ghanshyam was such a naughty"
"That entire Gokul village was weary of him."
"Yet Yashoda insists and says,"
"They all are wrong."
"My dear child is unnecessarily being maligned."
"Oímother, I salute you."
"Oímother, I salute you."
"You love your children whether they are Rawan or Ram."
"Rawan or Ram"
"Oímother, I salute you."
"Oímother, I salute you."
"You love your children whether they are Rawan or Ram."
"Rawan or Ram"
I am I.G. Pandey speaking. Iím speaking from home.
Now you realized how Ballu took away Ganga in your cop's presence...
...and you could do nothing.
You should hang your heads in shame!
And when he had escaped from my jail...
...all of you had ridiculed me.
You had tried to get me suspended too!
Are you shut up the bloody fool commissioner.
I was just talking to the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister just asked me what should be done.
I explained everything to him, and he had understood.
He said...
Pandey dear don't worry. All in the family.
You want to know the solution? There's only one solution now.
You, Sudhakar and Ram will have to come to my home and...
...ask for forgiveness from me, from my wife...
...and Ram will have to forget Ganga, and get married to my wife...
No, not my wife... he will have to marry Tiny, my daughter.
And he will have to accept all that my wife believes in.
All right.
Now you shut up! That's all for today.
- Who were you speaking to? - To the Commissioner.
- Everybody is scared of me. - I too had become scared.
How come?
- I suppose your health is fine. - Yes, my health is fine.
Then who were you speaking to without a connection?
All in the family.
To tell you the truth, I hated you bitterly till yesterday.
But after hearing your story, I felt that...
...there's a good human being inside you. A good Indian blood.
Indian blood?
You should call me a villain. A villain.
There's a hero hidden somewhere inside every villain.
There was heroism somewhere even in Ravana.
You can become a hero! Shall I help you?
A human being can become an animal.
But how you ever seen an animal turning into a human being?
I've left the right path far behind.
What was he saying?
With such a dirty beard, and such dirty clothes...
...not only does a person look like an animal...
...he even thinks like an animal?
- Me? An animal? - Then what?
Didn't you say that you are an animal?
Ram! - Yes.
Why this wrist watch?
This is a special watch. Always wear it.
Wherever you go, it's contact will inform us of your whereabouts.
Look over there!
Ganga, look over there!
First tell me how I look.
You are laughing too?
No, no...
You're looking fine.
You're looking fine!
Do you know when I was 15 years old...
...and I had made my beard the first time... mother had laughed a lot. She had laughed a lot.
When a person changes one's appearance all of a sudden...
...this is what happens.
It's you who has made me change the appearance.
Alas! If I could change you too!
Looks like you will change me very soon.
Look what I've brought from the fair in the village.
What is it?
It's something which you are very fond of.
Show me, what is it? - No!
Open it when I go out of here.
Iím very happy today.
"Come my love, come."
"Come my love, come."
"My dear beloved, my lovable darling, my innocent lover."
"I crave for you, please come My heart beats, please come."
"I crave for you, please come My heart beats, please come."
"When will we meet, please come."
"Come my love, come."
"My dear beloved, my lovable darling, my innocent lover."
"I am thirsty all over."
"What kind of Ganga of my Ram?"
"I am a Ganga only for name sake."
Please come and make me Ganga.
Please come and make me Ganga.
"Please keep your words, come."
"Come my love, come."
"The one who has burst and rained."
"The one who has burst and rained."
"Every one say, this is a clouds."
"These are not clouds."
"They are the kohl of my eyes."
"This is not lightening but the dot-mark of forehead."
"This is not lightening but the dot-mark of forehead.."
"which spark, please come."
"Come my love, come."
"Come my love, come."
"Please come."
"Please come."
How amazing! I had never imagined that...
...the girl who posed a danger to me would become so important to name.
I know that I've spoken several lies in my life.
So you won't believe the truth that I am about to say.
But it is the truth.
Would you like to see what the truth is?
This is the truth.
I've brought this mangal-sutra for you.
And this will be the first truth of my life.
- The first truth! - Enough! Speak no more.
For God's sake, stop there itself.
Why? What happened?
What shouldn't have happened has happened.
- What do you mean? - Look...
I respect you. I respect you very much,
but I don't love you.
- Why? - Because...
I've already given my heart to somebody else.
Look, my life, my love, my husband is someone else.
I beg of you...
Don't think on these lines.
Why shouldn't I? After all, it's you who has given me these thoughts.
I? How can I give you such thoughts?
I belong to someone else.
Whom do you belong to? What is his name?
I won't tell you his name.
Do you know why a child becomes a villain?
Because the knife of deception hurts him in his heart.
I'll become the true villain now.
I'll show the world what a true villain is.
The police has surrounded the hillock from all sides.
You slip out from the valley in the rear.
Stop it!
- Move away from the path. - You won't shoot him.
We've received shoot-at-sight orders.
You won't shoot him.
You are betraying your police.
You won't shoot him.
Follow and shoot him!
I am arresting you for the crime of allowing the criminal to slip away.
You won't shoot him.
Ganga has gone with the Commissioner.
Yes, Sir.
Looks like Ballu is hiding in the surrounding jungle.
Yes, Sir. There are a lot of snakes and scorpions here.
Looks like the sun will set by the time we leave.
It would be better if we wait here for the night.
And as soon as it is morning, we enter the jungle and attack him.
Yes, sir. Thank you. Okay sir.
Yes, the madam is fine.
Hey! Where is that woman?
She was eating meals here a while ago.
Have you seen my son around?
Here? No!
How does he look?
How does he look?
He looks like that!
He is the son of God.
Is your son lost somewhere?
Yes, it has been years since I've seen him.
Pray to God. You'll surely meet him.
God bless you.
First tell me, how did you come here?
How did you come here?
I escaped from the police.
But why did you come to me?
Iím your mother. So I've come to you.
That's the reason why I've come to you.
I can roam around like a living corpse...
...but I cannot see my son's dead body is my lap.
That's why I came. That's why I came.
"Your heart tore as you lost life."
"So long I was annoyed with you but how soon I gave in."
"How soon I gave in!"
"I listened to my name from the lips of my dear."
"O' mother!"
"O' mother I salute you."
Mother... you cheated me?
You cheated me?
You brought the police along?
No, Son. He's not police.
He is Ram, your childhood friend.
Babla! Babla!
Don't you remember Babla...
...who used to take your books for studying...
...who used to fight with others for your sake?
Ram is the same person.
Why don't you tell him, Ram?
- So the police used this ploy? - No, Son.
Look, there are cops all around.
They will kill you with a bullet in one moment.
And I won't be able to bear such a moment.
That's why I say... go along with the police. Go to jail.
At least you will remain alive.
Otherwise I will die.
Listen to what mother is saying.
Listen to what mother is saying.
You used my mother to win a medal!
- Stop, Mother. - Move away!
Mother... don't beat me!
You're beating me for that cop's sake?!
Then you may also...
You beat mother? You beat mother!
You beat mother? You beat mother?
Ram, Don't!
Get up! Get up!
You beat a mother who waited for you on the streets for 6 years?
Yes, I did. She is my mother.
I can do as I like with her. How are you related to her?
Her son! I am her son!
You are not her son. I am his son.
Then listen to her and surrender to the police.
Not at all! It's one of your ploys.
It's not a ploy. We are trying to save you!
- Leave it, I say. - Move away, Mother!
Leave him, I say!
Why are you beating him?
- Leave him. - Move away, Mother!
Leave him, I say!
Get up!
Listen to Mother!
Get up!
You don't interfere, Mother!
Recognize her? Recognize her?
She is the same Ganga.
And this Ganga belongs to me.
She's my Ganga.
My future wife.
And for my Ganga, I would've cut you into pieces.
I would've blown you apart...
...if it had not been for her affection.
Don't test my patience and friendship to such an extent.
I've been patient enough!
You want to eliminate me and my gang under the pretext of affection?
But before that, I'll eliminate you!
Yes, I've seen him turning into a human being.
The police could've arrested him. But it has no right to kill him.
How could you do this, Ganga?
You have done something which was not expected of you!
The whole world is taunting Ram that...
...his Sita went to Ravana, and with him...
Keep quiet! Keep quiet!
You should silence the world which is causing embarrassment to Ram.
You mean Ram too is giving importance to the world? O Lord! O Lord!
If Lord Rama could listen to a washer man and give up Sita... too it is a Ram Sinha.
Love... look, darling...
I've developed severe hatred for love.
I want to become the most evil person in the world.
I know.
But by feeding dhatura (poison) to your mother...
...he has made her emotional.
Yes, dhatura. Not only does it make a person emotional...
...but it can make the person insane too.
Yes, Roshi!
I want Ram's corpse...
By tomorrow.
By tomorrow!
And I want my mother back!
- By tomorrow? - Yes, by tomorrow.
All right. Your mother too will come here by tomorrow.
You're blessed, Ganga.
Your Mother has sent for you.
"Yes! I'm a villain."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"You are a heartless and callous person"
"You don't value this love, you don't deserve this love."
"I'm not a hero I'm a villain."
"I'm not a hero I'm a villain."
"I'm a heartless and callous person"
"I don't value this love, I don't deserve this love."
"I'm not a hero I'm a villain."
"Though you are so colorful, yet you are blot on the name of love."
"I donít remember buy this that Nobody is mine and of none."
"The thing you donít desire you get that, so I am just going."
"I too would have lived a decent life but Iím afraid of gentlemen."
"Everyone knew I am weak, So today Iím something else."
"I'm not a hero I'm a villain."
"I'm a heartless and callous person"
"I don't value this love, I don't deserve this love."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"Youíve toyed with many toys"
"Yet you are so lonely, alas."
"The story written in my childhood has, how changed my youth!"
"All oceans are within me"
"But Iím thirsty for a drop of water."
"My thirsty.."
"Mother who looked at me so lovingly"
"She too has become one with the world."
"I am such robber whoís robbed My motherís bosom too is lost to me."
"I'm not a hero I'm a villain."
"I'm a heartless and callous person"
"I don't value this love, I don't deserve this love."
"You are not a hero You are a villain."
"I'm a villain."
Mother! You slapped me?
Alas! If I had slapped you when you stole pencil in school.
Alas! If I had slapped you when you touched this monster's crackers.
Alas! If I had slapped you...
...when you insulted your father's ideals for the first time.
I'll go and tell every mother in the world...
Look! Look!
Those mothers who shield their children's misdeeds...
...with their affection...
...their children grow up to become such villains!
From today, you're dead for me.
So you are no more a mother too?
I am a mother, but not yours.
Then who's mother are you?
I am Ram's mother.
I am the mother of that Ram...
...who, in return for a couple of obligations in his childhood...
That's enough!
You want to go, don't you? Then go to them. Do go!
But before you go, do this much for me.
Here's the pistol... in your hands. And here's my chest.
Fire the bullet! Come on, Mother!
Today you may also see how your villain son...
...sacrifices his life for his mother's sake.
Fire the bullet.
Fire the bullet, and kill your son, the villain.
Fire the bullet.
- Mother! - If I've to kill...
...why not kill this monster...
...who ruined my family and the kids of this country.
Roshi Mahanta!
The entire country is waiting for you.
Every Ram is waiting for you. Every Ganga is waiting for you.
You've gone mad, Mother! He's my Master. He's my leader!
He's the enemy of our country.
Mother... whatever I've today, it's all because of him.
And whatever you don't have today, it's all because of him.
We've taken a pledge to protect his life even by risking our own lives.
Leave me!
It doesn't matter. She's a mother.
I think she doesn't want to stay here with us.
Why not send her back to the village?
No! The enemy has fed dhatura to her!
She will remain here. And she will accompany me to Singapore.
He's hiding somewhere around the island.
We will have to take the route from behind the sea.
Okay move.
You won't eat food? You won't drink water too?
- No! - Now look, mother...
I will still take you with me.
You can take along a woman, not a mother.
What will I have to do to take mother along?
You will have to ask for pardon from Ganga...
...who is in jail because of you.
And today all...
You mean I go to jail, and get eliminated?
The cops just know how to shoot. They don't know how to pardon.
Hello! - Ballu!
We've received the signal that the police are arriving.
You reach the ship that will leave for Singapore.
Don't worry about mother.
We will ensure that she reaches another ship through another route.
After all, the bullet from the police could hit anybody.
All right. Make mother sit in another ship. With Roshan.
Ballu's mother has become his weakness.
And we've taken 12 crore rupees to send Ballu to Singapore.
- Now what, Sir? - What else?
- Eliminate Ballu's weakness. - How will we do that?
Ballu's mother can jump in the ocean and commit suicide. Can't she?
Ballu has been locked up in the ship...
...and his mother has been dispatched in the boat.
- Both at the same time? - Yes, at the same time!
Fool, I had told you to send his mother after Ballu's ship leaves.
You idiot!
It's a deception!
What? Police!
Hurry up!
Mother! Mother!
Don't worry, Mother.
Bring the boats.
No! This cannot be!
No! This cannot be!
Follow me.
Roshi had plotted to kill your mother.
He even killed your Sister. I couldn't hide this secret from you.
That monster is nobody's friend.
Shoot him!
Dump Ballu's dead body in the ocean!
Identify the smell of this blood!
This blood belongs to the Mother whom you tried to kill.
You cheated me!
You killed my sister!
You tried to kill me. You're a hypocrite.
Here's a pistol, Boss!
How dare you challenge me!
Get my helicopter immediately.
Yes boss!
Everything will be fine. Have courage.
Take madam in your boat. You accompany me.
Roshi Mahanta!
You could cause havoc among the youth...
...of the country by misleading them.
But you cannot make a bullet go through an Indian cop's chest.
For that, you'll have to expose your chest and fight a battle with me.
Open up your chest! Show me your strength!
How dare you mislead the youth of this country!
Would you break this country into pieces?
Would you spread terror?
Where is Ballu? Where's Ballu?
Look your death.
Your end is the beginning of a new world.
Ram sir.
Ballu's accomplices have taken him to some secret spot.
Iím the boss now!
Yes, Ballu Boss. The Intelligence Agency from Singapore...
...has declared you as our leader now.
They've even arranged to send a helicopter to take you from here.
It will be arriving soon.
It means I've become the most dangerous villain?
But before leaving India, make sure you read this news.
- Why? - So that... don't have regret on your past memories... to what your mother desired!
Aha! Roshan... you read!
Illicit Relations Between Ganga and Ballu
It has been established now that...
...Ganga got entangled in Ballu's love-trap and rescued his life...
...and has thus betrayed the police and the country.
Since Ganga has rescued Ballu...
...she has been declared as a traitor by the entire country.
Even Ram Sinha couldn't clear the allegations on her.
He is also thinking of giving her up.
The court will take a final decision in Ganga's case tomorrow.
A minimum of 10-year jail sentence is likely to be granted.
The essence is that today's Sita remained with Ravana...
...and brought disrepute to Rama.
Today's Sita remained with Ravana and brought disrepute to Ranma.
Today's Sita remained with Ravana and brought disrepute to Rama.
Miss Ganga has committed both moral and legal crimes.
On this basis, the court sentences her to a 7-year-inmprisonnment.
Don't weep, Auntie.
- What do you want? - Justice!
Neither can law give justice, nor can the police.
Only a human being can give justice to another human being.
And this monster has understood this thing today.
You? Ballu?
Yes, I... Ballu Balranm!
Your honor.!
I cannot take an oath of Geeta...
...because for me, be it a Geeta, a Bible, or a Koran... is that woman there, my mother!
And I take my motherís oath and state that Ganga is pure.
She's as pure as Sita.
Ram was there in every drop of her blood. And he still is.
And Ram... who is truly a Ram... a true son of India...
We always believed that the police and the law knows nothing...
...except for firing bullets for passing death sentences.
But no...
Even today, there are Ramís and Ganga's in our country...
...who can sacrifice all they have to give life to a villain like me.
I am the person to be blamed for every allegation leveled on Ganga.
Punish me however you want.
But don't separate this Sita from her Ram.
Please don't!
I knew that there's a hero hidden in every villain.
Look... today you became a hero!
All in the family.
On 10th October at 10 o'clock in the night...
...Ballu will escape from your jail.
In which year? I don't know that.
All in the family.
All glories to Ram Sinha!
All glories to Ram Sinha!
All glories to Ganga!
All glories to Ganga!