RammNews #3.5 [Special episode]

Uploaded by RammNews on 24.06.2012

Hello! With you, Marina and Maxim and you watching special episode of RammNews
Today is the 45th birthday of solo gitarust and founder of Rammstein, Richard Kruspe.
RammNews Team and Russian fan site Rammclan.ru, congratulates Richard with his birthday. We wish him good health, more joy and happiness in life and continued to please us his mad energy and mastery of the guitar. We wish him devoted friends, and success
And now, some part from biography of Richard
Richard Kruspe was born on June 24, 1967 in the town of Wittenberg. Up to 17 years, he lived in a tiny village Weizen with parents, brother and sister. But soon his parents divorced, and he was in Schwerin, in house of his stepfather. According to the terse stories of Richard, the relationship between them at once did not exist. --- When I was 12 years old - (says Richard) - in my room hung a poster of KISS. Moy's stepfather once tore it from the wall and broke into small pieces. I have not slept all night, but next day the poster was on its place.
Interesting in music, which began with the imitation of his favorite band KISS, grew to something more: "I was 12 years old and I was listening to music all the time. There were a player to the left and a tape to the right. I sat in the middle of all this and sang alone. Once I found out I have a talent. Then I started practicing: 2 years in a row, about 6 hours every day. " Richard's abilities were noted by his school music teacher, who said that the boy had a good sense of rhythm and he must study in a music school.
As a result, Richard was the only Rammstein member who has musical education. It happened not because of parents instructions, it was a wish of his heart. There was one story. When I was 16, me and friends visited Czech Republic and at the end of journey I bought a guitar. At first I wanted to sell it, because in GDR guitar costs quite expensive and money was quite important for me.
When I was getting back, we stopped at a camp. I was sitting near a fire and a girl asked me to play. I explained that I can't play, but she insisted. I took a guitar and started pulling the strings. The louder I played, the more she liked it.
Music was Richard's hobby, but not a profession. He went the most incredible ways to earn money. GDR had the same system of school education like the USSR. High school students chose a specialty and had classes 1-2 times a week. Richard's specialty was a cook. And although it wasn't his profession for long time, these skills were useful for him. Richard works as a truck driver (but he lost his driving license after accident), as a window cleaner (gave up with it because of afraid of height), as a seller and as even as a shoemaker (he made shoes and sold them in a market). "Thanks God, my hand are growing from the right place, - says Richard, - so when I'm hungry, suddenly I become resourceful".
It was 1989. There were some months until the Berlin Wall fell down. The country was in deep political crisis. The capital was captured by wave of demonstrations. Richard was involved to the one of them, when he was going out from subway. "I was surrounded by police and taken away to a outskirts in a truck. - Richard says. - After hours of driving the truck stopped somewhere near Waisensee. They've kept me for 3 days. I must stay near the wall for 6 hours and if I tried to move, I was beaten. I wasn't wrong, but the police didn't care about it. After 3 days I was fed up with it and decided for myself that it's enough. Soon I ran away to Austria through the Hungarian border. I went to West Berlin. I understood it wasn't the best solution.
Music became more important in Richard's life. He found a common language with the lokal music scene quickly. He played with various bands and took part in demo records of young West Berlin bands.
After a year in West Berlin, Richard returned to his homeland in Schwerin, where he began work on the project Das Auge Gottes, which ended on it's beginning. That's when Richard became acquainted with future singer of Rammstein, and then - still only drummer First Arsch, Till Lindemann. Around the same time is the most famous project, which was attended by Richard - Orgasm Death Gimmick
But one day Orgasm Death Gimmick seemed too boring for Richard and he left the band. He started planning another band. After this Richard played in Die Firma where he met future Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider. Then there were first words about new project, which hasn't been called Rammstein yet. Soon Richard and Till flew to America. After this trip they got an idea - how important to save their identities. And they got an idea to create a project associated with a German music.
In 2002, after a crisis, which nearly destroyed tha band, Richard move to New York. However, unspent creativity didn't allow Richard to live peacefully. During working on their 4th album "Reise, Reise" Richard was a one of the causes if this crisis. A solution was found when Richard got permission to make his own solo project.
The project called Emigrate saw the world in 2006. After release Richard was looking forward for tour with his own album. But he was stopped by starting work on a new studio Rammstein's album - Liebe ist fur alle da
So a simple boy from Wittenberg became a talent man. And in conclusion once again we congratulate Richard with his birthday and hope that next year we added some new special facts and achievements of Herr Kruspe!