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The location is India! Anywhere in India.
The time is the Present.
''And our characters... Well, let me introduce them''
Our main characters stay in this house.
''There are a few outsiders, but the majority are here.''
The name of the house is SHANTl NIWAS.
Now don't be mislead by the name.
Go inside and you'll see full-fledged war.
''The owner is a retired Postmaster, Shivnath.''
He named the house after his deceased wife.
Come! Let's meet him!
Meet Mr Shivnath Sharma.
He was an artistic young man! He even sang!
''Meet Shivnath's eldest son, Ramnath.''
He is a Head Clerk in this office.
He is a kind-hearted man but evey evening...
he needs a little cheaply-made liquor.
This is his wife Seeta Devi.
This is his daughter Meeta B.A.
Shivnath's second son Harinath and...
his wife were killed in a car accident.
Their daughter Krishna is a vey sweet girl.
Shivnath's third son is Kashinath.
He is a scholar and teaches at school.
This is his wife Shobha Devi.
As a compliment to her beauty...
Shivnath did not ask for any dowy.
''They have a son, Rintu.''
Shivnath's youngest son Vishwanath or Babloo.
He is an assistant music director in films.
He has copied innumerable English sons but...
no one has been able to catch him to date.
There are a few other characters. Like Mr Arun.
Apart from excercising he is giving his M.A. exams.
l don't know his name but eveyone calls him Guruji.
Then there is one more vey important character : a cook.
Let's go back to where we started: SHANTl NIWAS.
What about myjob? - What's the hury?
l gave up a bearer's job to become a cook.
Now l am neither a cook nor a bearer.
l thought a home would be better than a hotel...
but this home is worse than a hotel.
lt seems as if l am working in some cheap lodging house.
There is anotherjob. But the wages are not high.
What do you think l get here? Fifty rupees... and clothes and a place to stay awake.
A place to stay awake? - What else?
Where is the time to sleep?
The wages are forty rupees.
Also food and clothes and a play to stay in.
Then let's go at once! - Go and settle your account.
l've worked for a month and three days.
l don't mind not getting paid for three days.
l only feel bad for the old man.
He'll need tea.
Why is father calling out for me so early?
Did you hear him? - You also heard him!
What happened?
l don't know when you will all learn.
l've been asking you to get up early since your schooldays.
l'm doing my best. - Nonsense!
Did you call me for that?
l've been dying for tea since morning.
Hasn't the cook given you tea as yet?
Would l have called you had he given it?
Looks like he has also run away.
What? - Is it such a big tragedy?
''ln my days, the women of the house did evemhing.''
''Nowadays, the daughters-in-law are not like daughters.''
They are daughters only in the legal sense.
Now who will get into legal matters so early?
That is why l called you.
Push the box inside.
How often have l told you not to keep jewelley at home?
lt will be stolen some day. Keep it in the bank.
Forget the jewelley and arrange for some tea.
lt's seven and still no tea! l hope he hasn't run away.
Don't talk ill early in the morning.
O my God! The cook really hasn't come! Now what?
What else? Search for another cook!
Krishna! Krishna! - Coming!
What happened?
Make some tea. Quick! - Why?
Has the cook gone? - God knows!
All right! l'll make it.
Why are you strutting about? It's slippey there!
l forgot! - Can't you even see?
Look! l can't handle this eveyday problem.
Now who will cook and clean for the whole house?
''There's Didi, Krishna and Meeta to help you.''
Enough! Don't talk about young nieces!
''As for Didi, she'll get gout when she hears this.''
What can l do? l'm just a school-master.
l can't rent a house and live separately.
Why not? There are just the three of us!
How much money do we need? - It's not a matter of expense.
''lf we stay separately, Brother will poison father's mind.''
l'll be disinherited from the house and estate.
Haven't you seen the box under father's bed?
Yes! l've also seen the huge lock on it.
Why is why l'm quiet.
Your younger brother's noisy music again.
What a madhouse this is!
The cook has left. - Left?
Wasn't he given a medal? - Why?
Has anyone stayed beyond a week?
He lasted an entire month. Should he get a medal?
Get me a cup if you are making tea.
A beautiful tune is stuck in between.
lt will come out once hot tea goes in!
ln a minute. - Yes!
Come in! Come!
Heard the news? - Yes.
Gout has been troubling me since last night.
l can't even die in peace.
Tea! Hot tea!
l knew this would happen! - What?
Eveyone would sit back while you made tea.
So what? There's no shame in doing house work!
They also don't have shame! But they won't work!
Grandpa! Don't you dare criticise my aunts!
Tea! Hot tea!
Look! You've messed up a beautiful tune!
What kind of a tune was that?
Like a railway train on the tracks.
''Don't give your opinion on music, Krishna.''
What do you know about what sells in the market?
Look! A half-beat is in two-four!
Now if we increase the pace of this beat to one metre...
you won't understand all these technical things.
That's true. It's vey exacting labour!
''First get an English record, play it, hear it...''
....record it and then fit Hindi words into it.
So many technical problems!
This is a trade secret.
''lf revealed, it will ruin my market.''
The tea is getting ruined. Drink it first!
O God! The eggs must have become stone by now!
Tea! Hot tea!
Uncle! Tea! - God bless you!
Aunty! Tea! - Also wake up Meeta.
''No, no! She slept at two o'clock last night.''
Here! Don't drink tea on an empty stomach.
Uncle! Tea! - Thank you!
Aunty! Tea!
Pintu Baba! Get up! Up!
Give me a kiss!
What about me? - Wash your face first.
''Come, Krishna! Let's wash the vessels.''
l'll die working for this house.
No servant! And now even the cook has left!
So what? We are here to work! Why else did they mary us?
Cook food... wash clothes ....clean the vessels.
lt's not even a small place! As big as Sri Lanka!
As if they are princesses from Ayodhya! Damn it!
Don't you know it is slippey there?
Why go there? - l forgot!
Are you hurt? - No! l enjoyed it!
Well! What's the score?
Aren't you ashamed? Can't you help her up?
Why should l? Who vowed to help her all her life?
l'll be late. - Won't l be late?
Don't l have office? Is this the way to rush inside?
lf a teacher is late how can he enforce discipline?
Does that mean you'll force your way in?
What can l do? You take hours!
Now it's impossible to stay here.
Ruffians have taken over.
What a zoo! Bloody idiots!
Who can work all day after eating such food?
ls this cury? Not a single grain in it!
We made whatever was available.
Do you also expect us to do the marketing?
What does Bablu do all day? Can't he do it?
He is with his musical instruments all day.
You fool around the whole day long.
Can't you buy vegetables for the house?
Vegetables? l buy them?
l am an artiste! Talk of art to me!
Doesn't an artiste feel hungy?
Eveyone feels hungy but not eveyone is an artiste.
How can a dealer in tunes deal in vegetables?
Get lost! Artistes like you are a dime a dozen!
Now look! l'll... - All right. Now don't fight.
l'll bring something on my way back home.
''Good morning, sir. - Come! Sit!''
Krishna! Bring your books! Arun has come to teach!
Krishna! - What is it?
Help me! Heaven will not fall if you don't study for a day.
Saw that? You teach her free! Even that they can't bear!
Wash the clothes while l look after the cooking.
Here is my soap! Don't waste it.
Keep whatever is left in my room.
Also wash my clothes! Here's my soap.
Keep whatever is left in my room.
The boss has called for you twice.
Please sit down. - l am sory! l am late again!
The most often used word in English is sory.
Whatever mistake the person makes he thinks...
saying sory will solve all his problems.
That's not true! l am really vey sory!
l have a suggestion! Don't feel bad.
You've a year for retirement! Why not retire now?
Don't say that! l'll face great difficulties!
l am an officer and yet l have come 10 minutes early.
You are the Head Clerk and yet you're late evey day.
This will not happen again.
We've a servant problem and so nothing gets done on time.
Forgive me! This will not happen again!
okay! leave.
Thank you sir.
That tender... - Let me settle down!
Laxman. - Yes sir.
The servant you gave us has also run away.
No! It's not his fault. Our house is like that.
''Now get me another servant quickly, or else...''
l'll lose myjob at this old age.
We'll give him another five rupees.
Not a single good news! Problems eveywhere!
What happened? - Look!
Two murders on the front page and...
One! Two! Three! Four!
Four murders on the second page. There's more...
There's a murder even on the playground.
Murder has become a national event.
lt's an international event.
Sometime back there was a newspaper strike.
How peaceful it was then.
No murders! No wars! Nothing at all!
You always look at the dark side.
Why don't you look at the paper's good side?
Did you read the paper yesterday?
A handsome young man ran away from jail.
The police warned that he was a dangerous murderer.
Look at the newspaper today.
O God! An educated young man from a good family...
He poses as a tutor or a servant and...
....enters a house and gains the family's confidence.
Then one day he cleans out the house and vanishes.
Think about it.
Lets move.
Saved! Just in time! Ramu! Get the register.
Take it sir.
Ramu! Get a servant! The house is in bad shape!
Where are you going? - College!
College! There's so much work to be done!
Just for one important class! l'll be back soon!
First give this to Meeta.
Meeta! Get up! Get up!
God! l am getting late.
Get up! It's ten o' clock!
O God! Vividh Bharati must have begun broadcast.
Of course! Would they wait for you to get up?
Drink the Ovaltine. Right?
Aunty! l am going to college! Grandpa! l am going!
How will you go? Aren't you late?
l'll run! It's not far.
Sorry Arun.
l thought you must have gone! l am late!
A good news! - What?
Goverdhandas is dead! - Who is that?
The college chairman! - What's good about it?
The good news is incidental.
He's dead and so the college is closed.
You haven't missed any period.
Let's go and sit in the park for some time.
What if my aunt finds out? - Then go home!
l'll go to the funeral of Mr Goverdhandas.
You get angy vey fast! - You talk like that!
You made me wait for an hour and now...
All right! Let's go.
l didn't mean that! - Then?
l want to watch when Meeta begins her dance practice.
Why? - l like it!
l wish l could also Iearn to dance.
Forget it! Concentrate on your studies.
What's the use of studying? You won't let me work.
How will dance help?
After marriage.
Why are you laughing? - No! You'll scold me.
Tell me! Go on!
Most men tend to stray after marriage.
''So you sit back and relax, while l dance for you.''
WonderFul! Really beautiful!
No one can win against you.
You'll stand first in the competition this year.
l am tired of dancing merely to the beat.
Teach me something else.
Of course! l'll teach you a new song today.
Where did you learn dance?
''No! Call it Nritya, by its traditional name!''
Who taught you Nritya? - Lambu Maharaj.
l've never heard of that name before.
Many talented artistes are unrecognised by the world.
Even l am unrecognised but for you and your mother.
My teacher always said...
A true artiste hankers not for his name but his art.
Come! Let's practice!
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
Let go! Let go!
Let go of my hand!
No! No! Not like that!
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
Let go! Let go!
Let go of my hand!
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
O Krishna! Why does Thou force me?
Don't call me when l am Ieaving? It's bad luck!
Nothing happens when children call out.
Keep quiet! No one asked you to interFere!
Where are you going? - To a birthday party.
What is that bird's nest on your head?
lt's not a bird's nest. It's a bouffant!
Even my father had not heard of it.
Even my father didn't!
l got some vegetables.
Did you get a cook? - l've spread the word.
Look! Better get a cook fast.
Shobha has threatened to go to her father's house...
if we don't get a cook. - Then you can also go!
You say that because you know my parents are dead.
She gets started the moment l get home.
take it. - You go.
Wait! Wait!
Here are the papers. - Where's the change?
Change? You gave me 2 Rupees. This cost 1.95 !
Where's the remaining five paise?
Give me.
Why do you lock yourself up in the house?
Go out and take some exercise.
Can anyone exercise on an empty stomach?
No one has even offered me water in the entire day.
Don't call her! Or no one will get dinner tonight.
Krishna! Eveyone calls out to her!
Why can't they call out to their wives?
Henpecked husbands! Why were they all born in my house?
Pintu! Where are you hiding?
Come here.
Pintu! Come here! - Father will scold me.
''No, he wiill not.''
This is not liquor. It's medicine.
Didn't l tell you in the evening...
Not to enter my room? - Yes!
Why? Because l drink? - Yes!
This is a house! Not a pub! Come on!
Teaching me? Is this a school and am l your student?
Aren't you ashamed to drink in front of children?
What do you mean by shut up?
Can't you drink behind closed doors?
You must bear it if you want to stay together.
And you people should also heed us sometimes
Yes sir! What must we do?
This is a serious matter.
What will you feel if he also drinks openly...
in the presence of your daughter?
What do you mean? l drink with my own money!
He's drinking in his room! Not on the streets!
That's all that's left. - What?! How dare you?!
Go somewhere else if you don't like it.
That's what l'm going to do! Can anyone stay here?
What's going on? Idiots!
l am not dead as yet! It's my house!
What do you think it is? a marketplace?
Why are you interFering? Go! Go inside!
No! You can all go out!
The house and jewelley! As if they will go!
What's this noise? - There's the great composer.
You also get married. - Why?
The fights will become more colourFul.
The fights are already vey colourFul.
Will you heed my advice?
Change the name of the house to ASHANTl NIWAS.
Worthless idiot!
Hello. What you want?
l heard you needed a cook?
''Someone to cook food? - Yes, yes!''
Grandpa. Grandpa.
A man has come on his own Iooking for work.
Call your aunts! For them God will have come.
Go inside!
Aunt Shobha! Aunt Seeta! Come down quickly!
What is it? - Look who has come!
Who has come? - A cook!
Heard that? A cook!
Who sent you? - l came on my own!
Will any person stand guarantee for you?
Only criminals need a guarantee.
No! l didn't meant that.
This is Raghu.
Where did you work before? - With Dr. B.C.
Dr. B.C. Roy?
The Chief Minister of West Bengal!
But he's dead. - Yes.
Where did you work next? - With Mr Naik.
Which Mr Naik? - V.P. Naik.
Maharashtra's Chief Minister?!
l cooked food there! l'll cook here.
The same vegetables and grains.
''Whoever eats it, the potato will always be a potato.''
''A potato is a potato, my dear! Where l eat it or a bear!''
You seem to be vey poetic.
What can you cook?
All kinds of Indian food! Chinese and Continental!
We don't like foreign food! We like simple Indian food.
''True! Whatever else you do, you should eat what you like.''
There is no end to Indian food.
l know how to make 300 kinds of chutneys.
One for evey day of the year.
The point is: how long will you last?
Wait father.
Does anyone know you in this neighbourhood?
No! But l know eveyone.
You are Mr Ramnath! Head Clerk with Rupam Pustak Company.
Mr Vishwanath is Assistant to composers Rajnikant-Nyarelal.
Mr Kashinath teaches at the Ramratan School.
You are a great scholar! It is said...
''A King is worshipped only in his county, but...''
....a scholar is worshipped in evey county.
Where did a cook like you Iearn Sanskrit?
l once worked for Sanskrit scholar Rahulshanti Dayan.
l was honoured to Iearn Sanskrit from him.
l hope you're not lying.
First fix the salay? - Start with forty!
Forty! No! No! In times of such inflation!
You give me thirty rupees.
l know times are difficult.
''Come on! Show me the kitchen. Or else, you'll be late.''
Pintu! What are you eating?
Here's an Indian chocolate! - No! No!
lt's good. It has jaggey and Indian herbs.
Good for your health and helps digestion too
That's a great formula.
l'll make a formulation from herbs for you.
Your health will improve in a month! It's said:
''Herbs are important in a house without a mother''
And they said that..
lt is also said: Herbs can never harm one's health!
Where did you study Ayurveda?
tFrom the noted Ayurved Chandrashekhar Thakur.
l was with him for a few days.
What's in the bag?
''A gift from Mother Annapurna, the Goddess of Food.''
Annapurna? - Let's see!
lt's a strange stoy.
''One day l was sleeping hungy by the river Ganga, in Kashi.''
Mother Annapurna appeared in all her gloy in my dream.
She was holding a silver vessel and smiling.
''She said, My child! Eat!''
l put out my hands and was at once reminded...
of all the hungy people in the world.
''l said, l'll eat if eveyone gets enough to eat.''
Mother said: There's no food scarcity in this world.
But Man has become his own enemy and is...
....snatching each other's food! What can l do?
Correct! - Quiet! Then?
l at once fell at her feet and said:
l don't know about that! Arrange food for eveyone!
She said: Let go of me! l said: No!
She said: Raghu! l said: Mother!
Suddenly she hurled the vessel at me.
l fell unconscious.
When l recovered she had gone and l was holding the vessel.
l made these utensils from that vessel.
So many utensils from just one vessel?
lt was no ordinay vessel! It belonged to Mother!
Come on!
lt's vey slippey here!
Yes! We told the sweeper so often but...
Why tell him? l'll do it! - No! It's not yourjob!
lt's a real pleasure to do something for someone.
ls there coconut coir? - Yes! Yes!
Now no one will fall even if he dances on it.
Come on! Show me the kitchen!
l think he is mad.
Someone who knows about the entire house...
....won't he know that the box under father's bed...
....has jewels worth lakhs?
Dresses like a militay man or a ward boy.
Advice in Sanskrit at evey stage.
l think he's suspicious.
Yes! No one can be trusted! We must keep an eye!
l'm sure eveyone eats before going to the office...
What should l cook?
What will you cook? There are some bananas and suran!
Bananas and suran?
Do we have turmeric? - Yes!
Good! Then l'll make some kebab with this suran!
These bananas can be made into Dum Pukth!
What? - Dum Pukth! What fun!
Its done.
Now let's call eveyone here for tea.
We'll have hot tea and gentle conversation...
l am afraid! - Yes!
ls he a tantrik? - He seems so!
Saw how he cut the vegetables?
Grandpa! Tea! l'll fetch tea at 5.30 eveyday!
l got it only when my wife was alive.
''You get up early, so you must get your tea early.''
''You are a stranger and yet you understand, but...''
my own people don't understand this.
Of course they understand.
Aunt Seetajust told me to give you tea early.
l can't believe Seeta said it.
''ln any case, whether she says it or not...'' tea in the morning is really wonderFul.
Of course you'll get it! l am here to serve you!
First l'll give you a massage and then hot tea.
Krishna! Lay out the covers! Tea will be served here.
Today's tea is like the Prophet Mohammad.
''lf He cannot come here, we must go to Him!''
So! Lay out the covers so that tea can be served.
Come! Sit! - Tea! Hot tea!
Tea here.
Give me.
WonderFul! Which tea is this?
The same tea which you always drink.
This is the first time l realised that...
....tea also has fragrance.
You talk as if you've been getting trash eveyday.
l was blaming the previous cook and not you.
Your tea undoubtedly would be a heavenly experience.
Raghu! Your tea is excellent!
Careful! He may say that he worked with Mr Lipton!
''lt's the truth! If you wish, write to Miss Denzongpa...''
of Resham Bhavan in Bombay and ask her...
....who taught me to make tea. tFrom Darjeeling!
The tea of Miss Denzongpa? - Both!
Give some tea to the aunts.
No! We'll drink it later.
Why? It's so nice when the whole family eats together.
These small things seem as if they have no meaning.
Actually they mean quite a lot.
lt seems as if eveyone is sharing life.
You must have been a philosopher in your past life.
Past life? Do l look vey stupid in this life?
No! No! Give me another cup of tea!
No! No more tea! Have your Iunch and go to school.
The eldest brother will use the bathroom first.
Heard that? Learn from it!
Shobha! We've to wash the utensils!
Why? l'll do it. - No! It's not yourjob.
Eveyone does his own job.
The real pleasure is in doing someone else's job.
l'll get paid for myjob. The matter ends there!
But doing work for someone will earn me real merit.
Such merit is invaluable.
l won't give up this merit even for a double salay.
Shobha! Will it be edible?
Tasty! Get me some more mutton kebabs!
Aunty! Give them some more mutton kebabs!
ln the meantime l'll fix up grandpa's meal.
When did he go to the market to fetch mutton?
lt's not mutton! They are suran kebabs!
How is it that you cannot make out the difference?
Cooking is also an art.
A good cook can make suran taste like mutton.
And even mutton becomes... - Suran!
Forget it! Don't tease!
Who's it? - The two of us!
Which two? - The Ovaltine and l !
Good morning! Ovaltine!
''Who are you? - The new cook, Meeta.''
Who told you my name?
lt's written on that certificate there.
You dance Kathak? - Who told you?
That picture there! - Are you a cook or a detective?
A cook! Now get ready fast! Guruji will be here.
''My respects, Guruji! - Hello!''
Will you have some tea? - Of course!
A cup of fresh tea improves the body and the mind.
Yes! Right.
A cup of fresh tea improves the body and the mind.
And gives energy for the body to dance!
lt keeps the body to fine fettle!
What's fine fettle? - Slim and trim.
Why do you speak such chaste Urdu?
Even you speak vey chaste Hindi.
That's because Hindi is our own language.
Urdu is also our language.
Hindi and Urdu are sisters! Like you and me!
What? We are sisters? - No! We are brothers!
Like brothers stay together can't sisters do that?
ln staying together can the nation progress.
''l mean, move ahead! - Of course!''
May l leave? - Of course.
Meeta will be here soon.
Krishna! Ovaltine! - For me?
''Why not? If Meeta can have it, why not you?''
Meeta has to work hard! Study! Dance!
Even you have to study so hard.
Nonsense! l've been tying to solve this for an hour.
Let me see! - You won't understand Algebra.
Let's see! Divide both sides by (a-b) !
A square minus B square is equal to (a-b) (a+b).
Divide it and take its square root. Simple!
Where did you learn Algebra?
l worked for a mathematician! He was half crazy.
He said pure mathematics gave the greatest pleasure.
l had to learn Algebra or give up myjob.
Well! It proved to be of some use today.
Don't tell anyone or l'll lose myjob.
Let it be! - Give it to me!
Eveyone does his own work but...
....real pleasure is in doing someone else's work.
Kashi! After many days l'll reach the office on time.
Quick! Open your mouth!
The outlook changes when food is good and given on time.
Grandpa! Lunch is ready! - So early?
''We are not Britishers to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.''
Come on! It will get cold.
You've reminded me of my wife once again.
Do you know how to make brinjals?
Why not? But l'll make a better dish for you.
l'll make Sukto. - What?
''Sukto! Made from brinjals, bananas and bitter gourd.''
A Bengali lady taught me! Vey tasty! Come on!
Heard me? Krishna! Is he still here or gone?
Who? - Raghu! Still here!
Raghu is either a saint or a big crook.
He bought so much stuff in just two rupees.
Be alert. Both don't stay at one place for too long.
The saint will bless you while the thief will cheat you.
Take this. Wait.
ls he still there? - Raghu? Yes.
Yes, he is there.
Wait! Wait! - What happened?
Here are some lemon pieces and some Coca Cola.
lt will taste great. - It's moonshine.
Taste it and see! Plus the fried lentils.
lf you must drink then drink in style.
l'll draw the curtains or Pintu will turn up.
The real fun of drinking is to drink alone.
Where did you learn all this?
l worked for a film lyricist! Now don't ask his name.
Wasn't it fantastic? - WonderFul!
You work so hard at the office and wory about the house.
How will you survive if you don't drink a little?
Relax! l'll go.
Can l get some tea? - Here you are!
Tea and a little surprise! Scrambled eggs!
How can anyone drink only tea after working so hard?
Something to eat and look at and the soul is calmed.
What a thought! Vey poetic! Did you work for a poet?
l worked for Poet Laurete Ranjan who often said:
Raghu, "It is so simple to be happy."
"But is it so difficult to be simple."
What does the word happy mean?
lt is simple to be happy.
What does all of it mean? - You don't know?
lt means finding happiness is simpler than simplicity.
WonderFul! How lovely!
l just quoted it without really understanding.
l must touch your feet!
Ranjan said it is the small things that matter the most.
The husband earns while the wife looks after the house.
When the husband comes home and helps his wife...
'' the utensils, how nice it will...''
''The wife will refuse to let him do it, but...''
'' her heart, she will want him to stay with her.''
These are the small things that matter in life.
We waste all this waiting for some big happiness.
The big happinesses are not too many but...
these small happinesses are countless.
Whom am l talking to? You are yourself a scholar.
Please forgive me.
"It is so simple to be happy."
"It is so simple to be happy but.."
.."But is it so difficult to be simple."
What is this? Eggs again?
Even a hen will be bored eating so many eggs.
Have some kebabs today.
Normally nothing is served with tea in this house.
Eat it! Give these eggs to your elder brother.
Why? - He'll like it.
No! He'll suspect me. - Why?
l've never given him a peanut and now a whole egg.
Won't he suspect? He'll think l've a vested interest.
Then give it to Krishna.
''Look! At this moment, l want to build up a sad mood.''
But why ?
Because l want to compose a sad song.
May l help you? - What do you know of music?
l worked for some time with Pandit Omkarnath Thakur.
There l learned music through imitation.
l really like sad songs.
Happy songs are momentay like colourFul sparklers.
Sad songs are like incense which leaves a fragrance.
You talk just like a poet.
''What is it, uncle? - Sit and eat eggs.''
Think you're the hero! - l? No! No!
l know! If you could be a hero why would you be a cook?
l said just think of it! Will it cost money?
Think?- Yes.
Suppose you are in love with a girl from your village.
You go to the city to study further.
When you return the girl is already married.
The girl's bridal procession crosses the returning hero.
He looked at the palanquin and their eyes met.
How do you know this?
This is what happens in films! The hero starts singing!
No! This is where the film becomes off-beat.
The song is sung by the cart-driver.
May l play this tanpura?
What is life without you?
What is life without you?
''Blossoming flowers will wither again''
''Blossoming flowers will wither again''
''lnspite of the rain my heart is on fire''
What is life without you?
What is life without you?
''Ever since you're upset with me, my beloved''
''Ever since you're upset with me, my beloved''
Life is silence without you
The world has become my enemy
The world has become my enemy
Who will share my sorrow?
My own tears fall on my clothes
What is life without you?
Whom shall l tell...
Whom shall l tell...
what l have suffered
''What shall l say if the world asks''
''What shall l say if the world asks''
Who broke my heart?
Who is responsible for this?
What is life without you?
''Blossoming flowers will wither again''
''lnspite of the rain my heart is on fire''
What is life without you?
WonderFul! Forget cooking and become a playback singer.
No! No! But Manna Dey sings vey well.
Get him to sing this song.
Whose song is it? - Mine! l just made it up.
Not the tune! The words!
Mine! l wrote them as l went along.
Now you'll say that you worked for Mirza Ghalib!
Even my father had not been born then.
But l was with Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan.
Tagore? What's your age? - Thirty.
When did Tagore die? - 1941.
l must go now! - Wait!
Tagore passed away in 1941! That's 30 years ago.
lf you're 30 now when did you learn poety?
What kind of a Hindu are you?
Don't you know about Abhimanyu?
The one who learned how to break a Chakravyuha...
when he was still in his mother's womb.
l was in the womb when my mother was at Shantiniketan.
The rest of the stoy l will tell you later.
l must give Grandpa his dinner.
Great yaar.
Shall l get you dinner? - Yes.
Come! Wash your hands! - Who was singing?
Your musical son. - A vey sweet song.
Of course! After all whose son is he?
Now get up!
Good morning. Good morning.
''Please sit down! You sing vey well, Mr Ramnath.''
No! My younger brother is a good singer.
What's the matter?
Nowadays you come early and seem to be vey happy.
The point is: there is peace at home.
O yes! l want that report by this evening.
''You can have it now, sir.''
Good morning sir. Good morning.
Please bring the balance sheets l had asked for.
I'm gone.
He's been asking for those balance sheets for 2 days.
l've tried my best but still cannot balance them...
That is why l came early so as to do them but...
it looks like l'll Iose myjob today.
Don't wory. l saw you were agitated for many days!
So l came early today and tallied the balance.
Are you happy? - Yes!
Even l am happy! Do you know what Raghu says?
He says: Eveyone does the job alloted to them...
but the real pleasure... Go! He must be waiting.
What is this? - You saved me!
Go! He's calling you! - All right.
Yes sir? - Mr Ramnath...
I have got a surprise fir you. - Surprise?
l am vey happy with your work.
Thank you sir.
l am giving you a Rs.30 increment and....
a three-year extension.
Thank you vey much! - Best of luck!
Thank you.
Krishna! Bring the clothes from the terrace.
Here they are.
What? You brought them? And also ironed them?
Yes. l was free and so l ironed them.
Didn't you like it? - Yes! It made me happy.
l am even more happy because l made you happy.
There's no greater happiness than making others happy.
Help Aunt Seeta and see how happy it will make you.
O God! Help me!
What's wrong?
The same old pain! l wish l could cut away my legs!
Wait! l'll heat up some oil for massage!
Wait! There's no need for it. Hand me that balm!
Where is it? - The same place.
Give! l'll do it.
How it has swollen! Really bad!
l'll ask him to take you to the Vrajeshwari Springs.
The sulphur waters will do you a world of good.
What's wrong? Is it painful?
Even my daughter did not serve me like this.
Am l an outsider? - You're like my daugther.
God has made such wonderFul things on this earth.
He has made sulphur springs to combat disease.
God has also given us disease.
Had this pain not been there who needed the springs?
Pain reminds people of God but you're cursing Him!
What else? He would know pain if He had legs and...
had to climb up and down the stairs twenty times.
Did you call me? - Yes!
How come you did not bring Coca Cola and lemon?
You don't need them. - Why?
Your face makes it obvious. - What does it show?
Why does a man drink? To get rid of wory.
lf a person can get rid of his wory...
....his happiness is so great that he doesn't need to drink.
Today your face shows that you are vey happy.
You're right! There's vey good news!
l've been given an increment! Thirty rupees more!
Plus a three-year extension.
Let's distribute the sweets.
No! These sweets are for you! It's all because of you.
Look! Don't tell anyone. - Why? It's good news.
Happiness increases when it is shared.
That is if the listeners are large-hearted.
What are you saying?
Who'll be jealous of you? - All of them!
Just this morning Kashi said how unlucky he was that...
....he couldn't help you and you had to work at this age.
How he wished he could tell you to retire... that he could earn and serve you in your old age.
Did Kashi say that? - Don't you believe it?
No! No! l know that Kashi Ioves me vey much.
Once while playing l fouled and the referee expelled me.
After that Kashi gave the referee such a thrashing.
When l forbade him do you know what he said?
Yes! l know! l know!
Elder brother said that l was worthless and...
had not given a rupee more in three years.
Wrong! Infact he was praising you. - Praising me?
What nonsense!
Just this morning he told me: Look at Kashi.
What a brilliant student he was.
l should have sent him to Oxford or Cambridge...
''but worthless that l am, l could do nothing for him.''
lt is said that the elder brother is like a father.
l could do nothing for him; not even stitching a suit.
Did he say that? - Of course!
Don't you believe me? - It's not that...
Once while playing hockey he was expelled...
and you thrashed the referee badly!
Yes! Yes! - Who told me? Elder brother.
''Whatever it is, you should not beat the referee.''
Why not? He was cheating.
He had taken money to expel elder brother.
Know why? Because he was the best player!
But elder brother was being dishonest.
Don't you dare call my brother dishonest.
He's like a God! l am the worthless chap.
He has to work even at this age.
l can't even tell him to relax...
while l work and look after the house.
''So what? We all want to do a lot in life, but can't.''
Can't we make up for it by giving our love?
Now look! Today elder brother has got an increment.
Who told you? - Elder brother.
How much? - Thirty rupees.
Thirty rupees!
Now what went wrong?
Brother! l am going. - First come in.
No! l am leaving the house.
Why? - l can't bear the humiliation.
Even l've self-respect! How much can l bear?
Who humiliated you? - You!
''l ? -Yes, you!''
How have l humiliated you? - You got an increment?
How is it your humiliation? - Of course it is!
You've got an increment and an outsider tells me.
Why? Couldn't you tell me?
l don't want to stay where the cook gives me...
information about my own brother!
Listen! Come here!
When could l tell you? l've just come in.
''l happened to meet Raghu on the way, so...''
lt is not only an increment but a three-year extension!
What? You are a miser.
Such good news and you're offering me one sweet?
The full box is mine! - Listen!
l must give sweets to the others.
l'll get them sweets but this box is mine.
Still behaves like a child.
Now you're ready for your walk.
Where is it? - What?
My walking stick. - There it is.
Go Grandpa. Go for a walk in the park.
What do l say? l am your elder brother. Go!
Must l do what you say? - Yes! That's duty.
Now don't teach me about my duty. l've my principles.
l don't like this argument. l said: Go first!
You've an intellectual job. Not pen-pushing like me.
What does the job have to do with all this?
l said: Go!
Even as a child you could not hold on for long.
Even you take a long time.
Listen! You decide while l use the toilet.
Go on! Show your chivaly! We're left behind.
Shobha! - What is it?
What is this? Fried peanuts! Who made them?
Who made fried peanuts for you in the past?
Raghu won't even let me go into the kitchen.
He has gone out today so l made them. Eat!
Why did you take the trouble? Isn't the gout painful?
Of course! That's Raghu!
He won't let us do anything. Just eat and sleep.
lf this goes on l won't even get out of bed.
Yes! My weight has gone up by ten pounds.
''lf Raghu stays on, l'll also become like you.''
We'll have to do something! But first eat.
Why so many lemon pieces? - Because you like them sour.
That was because l was expecting Pintu then.
How much you loved me then! Just like my own mother.
You don't love me now. - Silly! l still love you.
You were a child then! Now you're a child's mother!
You wouldn't sit in one place then. Always dancing about.
Dance is worship. Practice will bring success.
You must stand first in this year's dance competition.
lt's a matter of our honour.
A matter of honour.
Shall we begin?
''What happened, Guruji? - Our worship is disturbed.''
How? - Look there!
What are you doing here? - Nothing! Just like that!
ls this a circus? - No! Watching you dance.
shut up.
Brainless idiot! Get lost!
Now shall you go or shall l thrash you?
Sory Guruji! God knows from where she came!
What happened? l am sure something has happened.
Tell me!
''lf nothing has happened, why are you cying?''
''l'll tell you, Grandpa.''
Krishna was watching Meeta dance.
Meeta was annoyed and used vey strong language.
What is there to get annoyed?
Their worship was disturbed.
Worship was disturbed? Is she some heavenly dancer?
Her arrogance has crossed all bounds.
Raghu! You are a man of many talents.
''lf you break her arrogance, l'll give you 25 paise.''
25 paise? - All right. 50 paise.
ls that a promise? - Of course!
WonderFul! WonderFul!
he bullies me
''My fair wrist... he grabbed''
On the banks of the Jamuna...
On the banks of the Jamuna...
On the banks of the Jamuna...
''Why dost Krishna thou force me?''
''Why dost Krishna thou force me?''
''Let go, let go''
''Let go, let go''
Let go of my hand
Tears flow from my eyes...
Tears flow from my eyes...
''What can l do? My heart won't listen to me''
''What can l do? My heart won't listen to me''
Tears flow from my eyes
''Evey moment, l wait for my beloved''
''Evey moment, l wait for my beloved''
''lnto the evenings, l call out to him''
''On the banks of the Jamuna, l look for him''
''On the banks of the Jamuna, l look for him''
Tears flow from my eyes
''l shed so many tears, like a river flowing''
''ln the river is my beloved''
''Like the lotus, he smiles at me''
He won't come to me
''Where will l go...? What will l do?''
l'm so vey restless
l'm so vey restless
l shed tears
l shed tears.
What happened? Did Meeta bring home the trophy?
Not only Meeta! Krishna has also won a prize!
Yes! This time Krishna has come first.
When did Krishna learn dance?
That's because she's a natural artiste.
So you are the new teacher?
l had once worked with Guru Illappa Pillai.
He taught me a little dance.
You're incomparable!
Here's 25 paise. - The reward was 50 paise.
''Yes, but l didn't promise to give it all at once.''
Keep it! l'll give you the rest later.
Please forgive me!
Had l known it would hurt you so much...
....l would never have agreed to doing this.
l was fond of dancing but didn't want to compete with you.
This trophy has given me more pain than happiness.
Because you felt bad.
''l didn't want to hurt you, but...''
both Grandpa and Raghu insisted!
When did you learn dance? - Raghu taught me in ten days.
Ten days?
Yes! Raghu is a magician! Why not learn from him?
Will he teach me? - Why not?
This man is always willing to teach and learn.
ln ten days?
Can anyone learn in ten days? It takes a lifetime!
You've got to be a good human and then a good artiste.
Only a good human can be a good artiste.
Should l speak the truth?
''You're a greater artiste than Krishna, but you lack one thing.''
What? - Humility!
Arrogance can never make you a good artiste.
An artiste should be like a fruit-laden branch.
''The more the fruits, the more it bends.''
Will you teach me dance?
Sure! On one condition! Congratulate Krishna!
Not like that! Kiss her on the cheek.
Now come down! Eveyone is waiting for dinner!
Will you teach me to cook? l don't know anything.
That's the easiest and most satisfying job.
The taste reveals the quality of food.
ls anyone there? - Wait! Meeta go and see!
What is it? - What's up?
What? - You! From the kitchen?
That has never happened in this house till now.
l am learning to cook. - WonderFul!
What about the bird's nest? - The bird took it away!
Send Raghu upstairs. - Yes!
Raghu. Father is calling you.
''Keep a watch! When it turns brown, add the vegetables.''
Guruji! What's the use of teaching Meeta dance?
Why? - Krishna got the medal!
Your daughter has come second.
Krishna did not even Iearn dance.
''No, madam! No one can learn without being taught!''
Then Meeta can also watch someone and learn.
You are not needed! You may go.
Where will we study? Grandpa is sleeping.
Even this room is closed.
Let's go to the park. - All right!
Krishna! You must not go without permission.
How can l help it? The exams are also nearing.
Shall we go and study in my room?
All right?
l've been waiting while you were busy at the gymnasium.
Becoming the gym secretay is like become the Health Minister.
Please don't get angy! Forgive your slave!
The court has been adjourned and all my slaves freed.
Start! The court is adjourned and all my slaves freed!
Let me see the book! - Not from the book!
Let me see! - No!
Say it from memoy.
Let me think. Please.
Sister! Come here! - What happened?
Come with me! Come!
What will be the reward?
Taking your lovely hands in my own hands...
l will weave around them bangles of flowers.
To wash your delicate feet with Ashoka leaves...
What's going on? What's this?
Shameless girl! Killed her parents and now...
wants to bring us dishonour!
Speak up! Speak! - We were studying.
Yes! As if we did not see! What do you think?
Please listen! - You keep quiet.
How dare you do this! How dare you!
We were studying. - Liar!
The moment you slept you brought him upstairs.
Where are you going? l'm going to hand you over to the police.
Grandpa! Krishna is being beaten by her aunts!
What happened? - They are upset...
because she took Arun to her room.
They should be! Why did she take him to her room?
You were sleeping here so she took him upstairs.
You ty to help someone and he criticises you.
Look! l am an outspoken man! l don't like this!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
lnstead of giving this poor innocent girl love...
eveyone is oppressing her!
l will resign!
l will resign!
No! No! Those two women will die of shock.
l cannot bear to see Krishna's condition.
May l ask you something? You are the man of the house.
''lf anyone should beat her, then it should be you.''
Raghu! Get me my cane! - Will you beat Krishna?
No! The other two! l am the man of the house!
That won't be necessay! Just scold them.
That will be enough!
Lock her up in the room! No food from today.
Looks vey innocent but are these your deeds?
What a dirty mind you have! - What! How dare you!
Talk from a distance. - Get out of this house!
No decent man will ever want to come back.
Heard that? - She encourages him!
How long has this been going on? Speak!
What's going on in this house?
How often have we told you not to encourage her!
Keep quiet! l know evemhing! Who are you to beat her?
''What are you saying? She is openly, in this house...''
lt is my house! Get out!
Don't know how to give love! You can only beat her!
ls this your father's house?
Go! Are you going?
Why didn't you wake me up?
What's this? Still sleeping? Are you unwell?
Why don't you answer me? Do you have fever?
Go away! - What happened?
What will you do? Your father cursed our father today.
What? Cursed your father?
He said: is this your father's house?
Why did father say that?
Krishna took Arun to her room and was enjoying herself.
What? Enjoying herself!?
Yes! The eyes heard it and the ears saw it!
Yes! The eyes saw it and the ears heard it!
J ''When we scolded her your father said that.''
What? How dare she!
Why call her? Go and tell your father!
How can we tell him? He's the owner!
lt's better to die than stay in this house!
Shobha! Don't cy! l will go and ask him at once!
Don't cy! l'll deal with it!
Heard it? - Yes! We must ask father!
Where are you going? - To father.
Heard it? Grandpa scolded both the aunts today.
What fun! - What's the fun?
lsn't it nice when elders scold you? l like it.
lt shows that they love and care for you.
Have you ever heard anyone scolding the neighbours?
One scolds the person one loves the most.
True! That doesn't mean he will say what he likes!
No! Now that's wrong!
Your wife is also his daughter-in-law.
''Pintu is your son! If Grandpa scolds him, will you object?''
That's wrong! Tomorrow when Pintu gets married...
....won't you have a right to scold his wife?
''lf you scold her and he comes to you, what will you say?''
Get lost! Hen-pecked husband!
''lf Grandpa has over-stepped, think of his age.''
lt is not the aunts' mistake. Theyjust scolded Arun.
lt is the boy's mistake! - Why talk to father?
Raghu! That boy must never come back to this house...
Tell him those are our orders.
My God! - What happened?
My cury is burned!
Raghu is right. - These wives poison our ears.
As if we have no individual entity of our own.
What? - Entity! Being!
What's that? - It means... l am me.
Of course you're you! You cannot be me!
You've gone mad teaching all those students.
Why are you sitting here? Come down.
He'll never come again! How will l study?
Leave that to me. l'll fix evemhing.
Smile and behave as if nothing has happened.
How can l smile when my aunts are angy?
Leave that to me! Do as l say!
Go and touch their feet and ask to be forgiven.
Why? l've not done wrong.
So what? Why be ashamed of saying sory to them?
''Trust me, my sister!''
Beat her? Because she took Arun to her room?
Even l go to parties alone and come home late...
but you never said anything to me.
You beat her for such a small reason.
Only because she has no parents.
''lf you had beaten me, l would leave the house.''
l'll drop her at her uncle's place tomorrow.
No! l won't go there! If those who have brought me up...
''have no place for me, then...''
l should have died with my parents.
Heard that? Talking like this at twilight!
l've done nothing to make you ashamed of me.
May l die on the spot if l am speaking a lie.
l'll slap you if you talk like that again! Silly!
Silly girl!
''Dawn is here. Darkness is gone''
Dawn drives the darkness away
The world gets light
My heart sings with joy
''Darkness is here... darkness disappears''
''The earth rejoices. The gardens are mery''
''The earth rejoices. The gardens are mery''
''The naughty bee kisses the rose-buds''
''The naughty bee kisses the rose-buds''
The rays smile...
''The blue skies appear beautiful''
''With a message, the Sun rises in the East''
''With a message, the Sun rises in the East''
''He who bears the burden of work, gets to share the fruit of labour''
''He who bears the burden of work, gets to share the fruit of labour''
''Share your happiness together. Have fun together''
''Share your happiness together. Have fun together''
''A new Spring is here... Iet the flowers blossom''
''Think of one another and you will enjoy lifeĆ­'
''Days you will spend in merriment, you will be jo_ul''
''One gets just what one gives another being''
''One gets just what one gives another being''
''With a message, the Sun rises...''
''He who bears the burden of work, gets to enjoy the fruit of labour''
''This is what the new dawn tells you...''
''This is what the new dawn tells you...''
''Stop fighting overs yours and mine''
''A broken pitcher is all they cary...''
''those wouldn't share their water''
''Do today, anything that you have to''
Remember these words of wisdom
''For lost times never come back''
''My son! - Yes, father!''
''Speak in our language! - Yes, father.''
''Greetings to you, father.''
Victoy to India!
Victoy to India!
Greetings to eveyone!
Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. Greetings.
The morning rays are coming!
The happy days are coming!
''Greetings to you, father!''
Victoy to India!
Victoy to India!
Greetings to eveyone!
Greetings. Greetings Greetings Greetings
The time to fetch water has come
The time to fetch water has come
''There is a crowd on the banks of the Jamuna''
''There is a crowd on the banks of the Jamuna''
''The time to fetch water has come''
''O friend! Let's fill the pots with water''
''With the tinkling of their anklets''
''The time to fetch water has come''
''The time to fetch water has come''
Where are you? Sleeping? We are ruined!
What happened? - Go to your room and see!
The jewelley and cash has been stolen.
All that l had kept aside for your marriage is stolen.
How often did l tell you to keep evemhing in the bank.
But who listens to me? Even at sixty you treat me as a child!
What happened? - The jewelley is stolen.
Did you notice something? - What?
The lock was opened and not broken.
Which means the thief is an insider.
Meeta! Where is Raghu? - He's not to be seen.
He won't be seen either! - Why?
First B.C. Roy. Then V.P.Naik! Then Omkarnath Thakur!
Now he must be working at the President's house!
President's house? - For Mrs Indira Gandhi.
The president's house is the president's residence.
What do you mean? - Vey simple.
Do you know that it is nine in the morning?
Didn't you smell a strange odour while getting up?
l also had a heavy head.
Raghu made us unconscious and committed this theft.
ls this your box?
Yes! But how did you get it?
l was going to the gym when l saw Raghu with this box.
l suspected something was wrong and challenged him.
Suddenly he hit out at me and ran away with it.
l followed him and there was a fight between us.
A crowd collected and Raghu ran away leaving the box.
''The box is yours, isn't it? - Yes, my son!''
You saved us! It has jewels worth lakhs of rupees.
You're all worthless! This is the boy you threw out!
We've made a major mistake.
Today you've proved how wrong we can be in recognising people.
Yes! We thought Raghu was so honest and decent.
He was so philosophical! - How else could he cheat us?
We should have realised at the vey beginning.
Who will be ready to work in just Rs.30 ?
Someone who also knew all about music and dance.
How he made us all dance. - l thought he was tantrik.
But he turned out to be a low-down thief!
Thank God he was not a murderer.
He could have killed both of you in our absence.
We should inform the police.
Such a criminal must be arrested at once.
''Had l caught him, l would've beaten him black and blue.''
Don't say such things about poor Raghu.
Raghu is a God!
l had sworn not to tell this to anyone.
Whatever happens to me l must say this.
l told you a lie!
This morning when l was exercising...
l came to exercise! l've heard you're a wrestling champion.
l've won the inter-collegiate award in consecutive years.
Must be some fool! Defeat me and l'll accept it!
l'm a free-style champion! You'll get hurt.
Even l'm a champion! Each to his own style!
Take off your clothes! - No! It tickles.
l'll wrestle with my clothes on.
''Help me, O God!''
WonderFul! Excellent make-up! No! Don't take it off!
You've a greater match to fight and win.
What do you mean? - l'll explain. Come in.
Take it. - What is it?
Grandpa's jewelley box! Give it to him.
Tell him: Raghu was running away with it when you saw him.
There was a fight and you saved it from him.
Why this drama?
This drama will allow you to re-enter the house.
There is no need for me to re-enter the house.
There is a need! For Krishna!
She has no one in this world except you.
''lf not for yourself! For her sake, you must go there.''
''ln this world, good is always weighed against money.''
That is why l have stolen the box.
So that you can go back to that house and make Krishna happy.
But this lie?
Don't get too involved with truth and lies.
Whatever is done for the good of man can never be bad.
Raghu! Who are you?
The name is Raghu and l am your brother.
Seriously! Who are you? Where are you from? What were you?
What will you do with it? - No! l want to know!
l know we'll never meet again.
My name is Prabhakar and l'm from Banaras.
Even l don't know more than that.
l don't know who my parents were.
l look upon myself as a son of this soil and county.
An elderly man raised me and he is my friend and guru.
He taught me one thing: Life is happiness and...
....happiness is gained from Knowledge.
Acquire Knowledge and distribute it.
l acquired knowledge and thought l was clever.
l became a Professor.
l learned music and dance and was vey happy.
''l loved to eat, so l learned cooking.''
l was extremely happy and self-contained.
One day l asked myself: For whom is this happiness?
Just for myself? When this whole world is unhappy?
When people are pestered by small dilemmas?
That is because people have forgotten love.
l asked myself: what am l teaching? Just talk?
l gave up teaching.
l found a house which had evemhing but peace.
l took up a position as a servant in that house.
l did not teach them anything but merely reminded them...
....of the small things they had forgotten.
All l did was brush away the dust that had gathered.
They knew peace and happiness! My own happiness increased.
That then became my mission.
l went from one house to another till l came here.
Eveyone is happy except my little sister.
Her happiness is in your hands and l came to ask you for it.
May the Lord bless you.
One more thing.
Do as l say! Don't tell anyone this.
''Now whether you accept me or not, l don't care.''
But please don't say such things about Raghu.
Raghu has done a lot for us! Can't we fulfill his wish?
l am the head of this house.
l give her hand in yours.
What happened?
Will you go away like this without even tellling us?
You gave us so much love! Doesn't it mean anything?
No! It is painful to leave after such involvement.
But what can be done? l must go!
Why? Why must you go?
Your house is settled but there are many houses...
which still need me. l must go. It's my mission.
Both of you can do the work l am doing.
Give your love amongst the people.
Save them from their dilemmas.
Thus we will develop a small force of workers.
Soon this world will become a beautiful place.
There will be so much peace.
''May l leave now, my sister?''
Be happy and at peace.
Raghu went out in search of another unhappy home.
We hope that house will not be your house.