How to Make Mashed Potatoes : Garnishing Mashed Potatoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, this is Richard Buccola of New York City and on behalf of Expert Village, today I am
going to show you how to make some mashed potatoes. Now look at that. That is going
to serve 6 to 8 people easy. They are light, airy, nice. So you want to get them all in
there and push it around and make it nice like that. You might want to take a little
parsley. Just put a little parsley flake on top like so just to give it a little color.
I know what you are thinking when my aunt said you didn't want color. I like a little
parsley on top. It looks nice, doesn't hurt for decorations. That's it. You might also
want to at this point, take a little bit of butter. So you take a small bit of butter.
Just cut it and put it right on top like that and that is how I bring it. You will see that
butter will start to melt nice and that is how you will serve it. Just bring it to your
table. It's done, everything is finished, jut put some Saran wrap and it goes right
in the refrigerator.