NaVi going to tournament venue from hostel

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 7, 2012

- Werewolves committed a murder here recently.
Three young men had an intention to make a barbecue.
They were grilled by werewolves instead.
- Pasha is so beautiful.
- I have a feeling that someone’s missing.
- He do is beautiful.
- Look at the trailer.
- Is circus here?
- We are going to the circus.
- Is everybody here?
Let’s go.
- Yellow hoods!
Don’t film yellow hoods.
We look terribly in the morning.
- Who was riding this truck?
- ceh9, there’s something missing on your back.
- If you look at us from behind, you’ll understand, what’s missing.
- Something interesting is missing.
Your hood!
- Aaaa
- Pull it.
Don’t be a black sheep.
Uhhh. What a sexy hood!
You’re my pretty babe.
Are you really filming it all?
Gamers walk on foot.
Now it’s 9 PM. We start At 11 PM.
Warm-up will take an hour.
I’m not sure if they give us an hour.
I heard they give 5 min for plug-in and 10 min for warm-up.
Cruel times.
Crisis broke down.
Putin won the elections.
Everything seem to be very sad.
Look, what beautiful creatures swim there!
Right after winning the first game we’ll join them.
I see a girl Zina.
She usually hangs out by the river in the city of Kharkiv.
Her friend Lyuba is also here.
Lyuba, hi!
As I said, someone gets 5 min for warm-up,
while the other one buys a vase for $ 10 K.
We won’t tell their names, but such people live in our country.
That's the way the cookie crumbles.