Elias - PART 18 (English subtitles)

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Where do you find these people?
First you brought the gay from abroad and now that hippie.
Elias is wonderful.
Matleena has been going through a lot lately, please be kind to her.
Hey, that's a cool dress! Where did you get it from?
You can't even ask her to be kind.
Why Vanessa?
Vanessa is going to crush that walking flea market.
You can buy this from nowhere. I made the dress myself.
I thought it has be a very unique piece.
It's so retro that last time a saw something like that was... Well, never.
I made it from mum's old clothes. Do you do handcraft?
Yes I do. I knit with my grandma every friday night.
Sounds lovely! Maybe we could knit together sometime?
Sorry, but I'm very busy.
Jane Austen book club takes all my freetime.
Do you read Austen too? I've read Emma at least 10 times.
Did you see? I made friends allready!
You mean Vanessa?
Do you know her?
I know everyone here.
I have so much in common with her!
Maybe we're going to be friends.
Hope so.
Don't you like Vanessa?
We, she's very... Interesting girl.
Vanessa is a pathetic bully. Can't you see she's only laughing at you?
But you said they were nice girls.
You might wanna ask him again.
Sorry, I knew Vanessa and others were laughing at you.
Why did you say nothing?
I didn't want you to get depressed at your first day at school.
Lies don't make you feel any better.
Tale has a good reason not to tell you.
What do you mean?
Now you weren't affraid of Vanessa. You can't show them they're hurting you.
Otherwise they are only going to bully you even more.
Have they bullied you too?
They do that always if you're even a little bit diffferent. And thay have bullied Tale too.
Have I gotten lost to some support group of the bullied ones?
You're going to be fine. I just wanted to warn you.
How can I know I can trust you? I don't even know you.
It's time to get acquainted then.
Elias Vikstedt. I'm your sister's son. So hello aunt.
How was the first day at school?
I met some interesting people, e.g. your son.
Oh no.
Why is that? Elias was very nice.
Yes, but I should've told you.
But I already knew I was an aunt. Though, it was a suprise that we're at the same school.
I can believe that.
Elias told me that you're have nothing to do with each others. Why is that?
It's a long story.
I have time.
First you have to tell me what he said.
He didn't wanna talk about you at all. But he helped me with all the school stuff. Your turn.
Elias is angry with me because I didn't tell him I'm his mum.
I wanted to tell him, but I didn't have the courage to and then he found out by accident. And now he think I don't care about him.
Have you tried to do something about it?
It's like you said, he doesn't even wanna talk about me.
Hi again.
What are you doing here?
I live here. You didn't know, did you?
Don't care. Information moves slowly at this house.
I just found out my real mother is living next door. Your sister, I mean.
Cindy had her reasons not to tell you.
She can keep those reason herself, like everything else so far.
Why don't you wanna talk about it with her?
Why I have to talk with her immediately when she wants to talk? She's the one who lied to me for years.
What if she had to give you away?
What do you mean?
Our father is very strict and he used to be even tougher.
He said that Cindy's pregnancy was Satan's trick.
It was Sebastian's trick, actually.
Even though my father was against it, Cindy gave birth to you. And because of you, she left the community.
Why didn't she keep me then?
She was at our age! Would you be ready to be a father?
And if you want to know more, you have to ask her yourself.
The food is so good.
You have changed mum's recipe, haven't you.
Well I added more spices.
How was the first day at school?
Some girls tried to bully me, but it's okey.
What? Why didn't you say something? You don't have to tolerate something like that.
There are few idiots in school.
But you're allright?
Of course. I had new friends too! And I have you guys.
That's the spirit! And they won't be bullying for long since you don't care about it.
That's true!
Who could be at the door?
Probably the neighbours are smelling the food.
That could be! It would be good for Lasse Sievinen to forget the eternal deermeat and taste this.
Aren't you going to open the door?
I guess I am then.
Please, do take more food.
Sorry I'm late.