Jonne Aaron @ Tutka Roadshow Tampereella 19.07.2012

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Jonne Aaron, welcome to our Radar Road Show!
-Thank you.
We are now in... Are we on Tammerkoski's bridge?
-Near to it.
The bridge is there behind us. We don't have a camera operator with us, who could have shown it a little.
We aren't feeling very summery here in our leather jackets, but what kind of summer do you have ahead? What do you do on summer?
We should get some studio tanning. We're sweating in our rehearsal place and working on a new album. I'm spending some peaceful time by myself.
When are you releasing the new album?
We'll see, we're trying to publish it in the beginning of 2013. That's, like, our preliminary plan.
Where's your rehearsal place?
There are lots of factories here, as you see.
Our rehearsal place is located in an old tricot factory in Onkiniemi, near to Särkänniemi's amusement park.
A tricot factory suits our habitus.
Yes, you're all stripy.
I'm acting like a bandmate, too.
We used to have a rehearsal place in Pyynikki but it was taken down, it got a sledgehammer to its side.
Our current rehearsal place is also under the same threat. Uniklubi and Lovex rehearse there, too, and...
Why are they taking the old buildings down? -Yeah, they are so fine.
I don't know. They are the milieu of this city. The buildings are a part of the habitus
as Tampere is an old blue-collar city and factory city. That should be retained. -Right!
It's like Matti Näsä
But that's so wrong. They'll build some new ugly apartment buildings to replace them.
They built a parking lot right there. Market forces are taking over.
That's the reason why we have visited the small gas stations and bought local food and all during our roadtrip.
You've supported that kind of things. Way to go.
We haven't driven in the freeway but on the small backroads. Sometimes they might have been slightly too narrow.
Let's boycott the big corporations and take some money to the small entrepreneurs. We'll stop making albums if we don't have a rehearsal place to rehearse in.
Oh my God, we'll have to contact the people who make the decisions in this city and ask them if they understand what they are doing; they'll stop the music production by taking everybody's rehearsal places down.
And Tampere has always had a strong band culture. Starting from Popeda and all.
Do you all know each other? Do you go to drink coffee together?
There's a cafeteria called Amadeus in Tammela. It was a strong social community where bands used to hang out but then the place started to be packed with German and Russian...
Yeah. Then it was ruined. People didn't go there that much earlier. I remember when I went there once and there was this huge queue. They no longer let people in, the place was...
Fans got in and you didn't?
... overpacked.
-Yeah. -Oh God, that's embarrassing.
It was but we've changed places after that. But of course everyone knows each other, more or less.
Our bass player has a side project, Jupiter, with Teemu from Uniklubi. It's, like, being fishing friends.
Do you get to walk here in peace? Ok, well German fans must be more passionate than Finnish fans.
I can walk here in peace, yes. Tampere is great that way. Sometimes people come to hang out in my yard but then I just close my Venetian blinds.
Oh wow!
I hang out with a half boner in my undies there.
Way to go.... I miss that, too.
Now you can tell us which are the places to go in Tampere. -Summery places!
I left my bike near to Cumulus.
I came here by a bike, I like it. This is a good milieu to it. And I like to live near to water,
here's a rapids on both sides, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. I've run here after drinking moonshine and been on the grass with clay in my pants.
Well, no. A few years ago. I remember the days the school ended and May Day. That's when the youth gathered together. I've had some wild time here.
There are very good cafes, nature places and nightclubs in Tampere.
I live in Tammela and I like to go to Tammela square. You can buy black sausage and mushrooms there.
That's what we've gone to eat.
And Pyynikki is lovely. Have you climbed the stairs there?
I've run there sometimes. The Rosendahl beach is very popular. It's nice to watch beautiful people there.
That's true. -We should go there, too. Yeah, we should.
Take towels with you and put some oil on.....I don't get tanned, I just burn. Then I'm red like a fire truck and everybody laughs.
Yeah, we talked about how we have gotten tanned at least a little. Or well, Sauli is all black...
You are nicely tanned.
You can't help it under the sun of California.
True. Now we're off to throw a couple of rods there to the... no, I mean...
A couple of rods there to the river? I think your fishing skills leave a lot to be desired.
We'll see if we'll get some fish. I've heard that one can get lots of salmon trout from this particular place.
Well I don't know if you can get much of it but people usually fish there in the upriver.
The members of my band fish there secretly.
Uh oh...
And this is a good time and place to mention that.
Yes, Have a lovely summer, Jonne. -Have a nice summer! Let's enjoy Tampere and go fishing and see if we can get some fish. Thank you for the interview.
-Thanks. -Thank you.