Freaks! - Freaks! - ...or treat

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Viola, Viola, Viola, Viola!
Viola, Viola, Viola!
What can we do now? What can we do?
We go back.
- OK. - No!
What are you fucking doing? There's a corpse here!
Let's get out, guys. Let's get out, come on!
- Come on, come on, come on! - Give me a moment to think!
When you go back, stop Viola immediately!
Yes, I already know what to do, thank you!
Where's Silvio?
- Silvio! - Fuck.
- Here I am. - Where were you?
- I way trying the new coat on. - Shut up, I can't do it.
- OMG. - I can't. I think about Viola.
Wait, I'll help you. I'll concentrate.
What the fuck is he doing?
No, I can't feel anything.
Crap, crap. Wait.
Hey, stop!
What the fuck are you doing here?
I don't know, you brought us along.
Where the fuck are we?
Kill me. Now. I wanna die right now!
Fuck! What is this? A toilet? A crapper?
It's a public crapper! What the f...
- Who was he? - Lucky!
You're welcome.
OK, so what can we do next?
We have to be careful.
Our doubles are going around.
So we mustn't be seen. Got it?
- Why? - 'Cause if they see us, we're screwed.
We'll change history.
- Where were you two today? - I was at your mum's.
- OK, and you? - Here and there.
I left the coffee shop, I've run back home...
then I've found out that Viola lost her sight.
Yes, but later you'll explain why we're here.
Silvio, please... Sorry.
Sorry for the wait but we don't deal with these books.
Here it is. It should be this one.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
You're into physics?
Yes, it's been a while.
Mostly I'm interested in how some things work.
I see. Do you need anything else?
Yes, actually yes.
Do you have something about... the "Uroboro"?
Right, the snake biting its tail.
- I don't know. Wait, I'll go check. - Thank you.
Another unique subject. Sorry, we don't have anything about it.
Alright, I'll just take this one.
- OK, you can go to the counter. - Thank you.
For your study... break a leg!
No. It's not true.
I know it looks unbelievable, but it's true.
Guys, please cut the crap. I'm waiting for my period and I'm kinda hysterical.
You lost your sight and you can see only when you touch people.
You saw me before.
Yes, but you didn't get that Giulia will bite your neck off in two hours from now.
Fuck. It's true, we all saw it.
Next time I won't listen to my horoscope, I'll jump in front of a car, I promise.
- What do you wanna do? - We'll take you to them.
Can't we just tell everyone about it?
No, because the us from the past must believe that you're dead,
otherwise they won't go back.
We'll be stuck forever in this dimension with our doubles.
Exactly! We must get rid of them to avoid getting trapped in a time paradox.
I didn't get a thing.
If you don't do as they say you're screwed.
I got it.
But how can we get rid of them and save her?
I don't know.
OK... You don't know anything, alright?
What if things don't go as planned?
If they don't go as planned we'll go back in time again.
Until things go the way we want them to go.
It's fucking awesome, isn't it?
Hey, call Andrea.
OK, guys.
We must find a way to save her.
Otherwise she'll die?
No, we're just killing time. Isn't it obvious?
- So she doesn't die? - Of course she dies!
The problem is we have to find a way to scary us.
Otherwise I'm screwed too, right?
- That part you got it right! - Come on, is not so hard!
We need some ideas...
We should put up some crazy show...
Something plenty of blood and explosions...
Or we need a lucky strike.
Come on, Silvio. Concentrate.
Let me, let me.
She loves me, she doesn't, she loves me, she doesn't...
She loves me, she doesn't, she loves me, she doesn't...
....she loves me!
- Guys, she loves me! - Come on!
Did you see?
Cool. Let's do something else.
OK, I feel it. You can do it. We believe it. I'll count to three.
One, two... three!
The ball!
Feel the ball. I'll count to three.
One, two... three!
Let me touch it. You'll never know.
Are we safe here?
Yes, relax. Imagine to be on a carousel, OK?
No, it looks a bit...
With great power... comes great dicks in the ass!
See how many people getting close?
I'd better go.
- Stop! - What?
It didn't work.
- I told you it was cool. - But there's blood!
Silvio! I can't concentrate!
Yes, you're a bitch. And you know what? Your pussy stinks!
This time you got very hurt.
What a crappy power.
Where's Andrea?
He's... he's peeing.
The piss...
and your urine.
- I piss on her? - No, the fluids. Your fluids!
Silvio, the blood! Your blood!
- Have you brought the syringe? - Yeah.
So you think we'll accomplish a miracle with the transfusion?
I dunno.
What's up with you?
What do you want?
Let's go!
It could be temporary.
- I can't do it. I'm tense. - I'll do it.
How can we fucking do it?
In a short while Giulia will go psycho.
- Why? What's going to happen to her? - Are you retarded?
Can you stop saying that?
- You don't know what's going to happen? - And you're a jackass.
- What? - Stop it.
You don't know a fucking thing.
- About what? - About Giulia, Viola, the accident...
- It wasn't him! - What?
Here's Silvio. Andrea, you must stop him before he goes back inside!
- What can I tell him? - Dunno, make something up.
- Improvise, go. Run! - But...
- What do you want? - Nothing.
Man, did you see that guy?
Yes, I've noticed it too.
He's jealous, he's jealous.
Let's go over there. They might hear us here. Let's go over there.
- I can't believe it. - Yes.
Now you go into the bedroom and you ask Viola to come here.
And tell her who you are.
And don't let Marco and Andrea get out.
OK. But later you'll explain everything.
Yes. But I'll keep this one.
Viola, can you step outside for a bit?
He's jealous of you. 'Cause you're cool.
He realized that Viola
is still looking at you, actually.
- You think? - Because you're the best!
Silvio, you're fucking awesome!
Marco, are you here?
Watch out! Be quiet!
- You over there are pissing me off. - I know, I'm sorry.
- I'd like to tell you. - No, you shouldn't tell me.
- Marco... what are you doing? - What?
What the fuck do you have in your hands? No, Marco!
- Put that thing away. Why a syringe? - Viola, shut up!
Why you have a syringe? Why you need a syringe?
This is Silvio's blood.
It's the pure essence of luck.
Do you trust me?
Marco, what the fuck are you saying?
Break a leg!
What a crappy day.
- Do you want to talk about it? - No.
Come on.
- Marco, please, I'm tired. - Viola.
- Can you talk to me? - No!
Why are you like that? What did I do?
Marco, you don't get it. You're such a jackass!
What is it?
It happened.
You wait here for me. Don't move, don't move!
Marco, when you go back, stop Viola immediately!
Yes, I know what to do!
Where's Silvio?
- I was trying the new coat on. - Shut up, I can't do it.
- I can't do it, I think about Viola. - Wait, I'll help you. I'll concentrate.
- What the fuck are you doing? - Shut up!
Are you retarded?
Everybody left.
It's a relief.
I was so scared.
And it hurts.
I can see that.
Thank you, Marco.
Don't mention it.
Hey, guys. Giulia disappeared.
Well, in exchange a new friend...
come to say hi.
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