Wegmans Rack of Lamb with Pesto & Panko

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 24.10.2011

Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
I'm gonna show you how to make a very impressive
yet super easy to prepare dish.
We're gonna make lamb racks.
I'm gonna grab these guys here.
It's our Australian lamb racks.
We're very proud of 'em, have a very nice clean flavor.
We're gonna put a little crust on the outside of 'em,
they're gonna be great.
We're gonna build a flavor layer between our lamb and our crisp crust,
so we're gonna use this Basil Pesto sauce here.
Imported straight from Italy, it's got classic flavors
of basil, some pine nuts, some Grana Padano cheese,
and it's gonna offer a nice green color to it
which'll look beautiful when we go to slice it.
Last thing I need to grab is our panko breadcrumbs.
It's a Japanese breadcrumb which,
when we apply it to the outside of the lamb,
is gonna offer us a crisp yet very light texture
on the outside of it.
Let's go put this thing together.
All right, let's show you how to put this
easy yet super impressive dish together.
First, I have my lamb rack here.
What I'm gonna have you do is we get started on a plate here.
We're gonna reserve that, and I'm gonna season this
with salt and pepper.
And I season it a little aggressively here, right?
Little salt, some cracked black pepper.
Right, and I like to get both sides of that.
And this is just about all the prep
that you're gonna need to do to the outside.
We're gonna make a little crust first.
Pretty easy to do, and then what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna take a cup of our panko breadcrumbs,
and we're gonna do a tablespoon of our basting oil.
And this is gonna be the outside crust for this.
We're gonna flavor it a little bit.
The basting oil actually helps this to brown nice and even as well.
So tablespoon of that.
And we're gonna mix this together.
This recipe here actually does enough for two lamb racks.
I'm gonna show you the one today.
So we mix that pretty well.
And then, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our lamb rack--
we can start on the backside--
and we're gonna take three tablespoons.
Reserve the three tablespoons for the other.
Three tablespoons of this, and we're gonna actually spread this
on the outside of our lamb rack.
So again, like I mentioned before, this is gonna be a nice flavor layer
between that and the panko breadcrumbs.
Gonna take the rest of our panko breadcrumbs
and place it on here after I put this sort of like a glue
on the outside of our lamb rack.
Right there.
And then what I'm gonna have you do,
take that plate that you had before
and place your panko breadcrumbs out evenly on there.
Then simply take this up like this
and place it and press that down inside,
and what you're gonna have is a nice even coating
of that panko breadcrumb,
and you can even get your hand on there
and place it on the top edge.
So you get a really nice coating on the top,
and then, it's gonna be as simple as this.
You're gonna have an oven heated up at 450 degrees.
The oven stays constant the whole time.
About 20 minutes for a medium temperature,
which is 130 degrees.
I'm gonna pull it out of the oven at 125,
allowing for that last five degrees of carryover as it sits and rests.
All right, what I've done here is I've pulled this out of the oven
at 125 degrees,
and then we've let it rest for ten minutes,
and that's what we have here.
And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place this on the cutting board,
'cause the meat's gonna relax and the juices are gonna redistribute
to the outside, so when I go to slice this,
and I'm gonna go right in between the bones here,
so what you do is you lift it up to the top.
I'm gonna go right in between the bone.
I'm gonna pull, and that's gonna be a gorgeous...
medium on the inside of this, right?
So then, all we're gonna do is we're gonna place this
on a platter much like this.
What you wanna do is you wanna show your guests
how beautiful it is on the inside of this.
I've got a little pesto on the side here,
which is always great to serve with it.
I don't know what it looks like from over there,
but it looks delicious from over here.