Vacations & Private Planes : Booking Private Jets

Uploaded by eHow on 29.11.2008

Hi everyone. Russ Handler, travel expert. We are on scene here at Albert Whited Airport
in St. Petersburg, Florida, a lovely day to be chartering a jet. There's a few things
you need to keep in mind if you have the ambitions, one day or in the near future, to charter
a jet. There's a couple ways you could do it. First of all, consider whether or not
you need a jet, or whether or not a prop plane will do, or an even simpler plane. So, keep
in mind that you're needs are going to dictate how you move forward. There's a couple ways
you could do it. Number one: you can charter a jet, or an aircraft. And when you choose
the charter method, what you do is, you pay one price and it's all inclusive. You get
a crew, you get a pilot, and everything else that's involved. Now, when you're renting,
keep in mind, you need to have a licensed pilot with verifiable hours who will then
have to sign that lease. So, unless that's you, you might want to stick away from that
method. There is also a time share option that you could do. If you travel between four
and six weeks out of the year, you might also want to consider a time share on a luxury
private jet or smaller aircraft. I'm Russ Handler, and that's how you do it.