Marvelous Melmo - Marvelous Melmo (Merumo) - Full Episode 4 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Marvelous Melmo
Melmo, Melmo
Do you know about
the red and blue candy
that Melmo has?
Butterfly becomes an egg and baby becomes an adult
You get smaller, you get bigger, it's amazing
To the magical world I've seen in my dreams
Take me again today as well
Melmo, Melmo
Do you know about
the red and blue candy
that Melmo has?
A Captive of Chicchaina
Who is this?
Good afternoon, are you Miss Melmo?
Yes, I'm Melmo. May I ask what it is about?
Excuse me for being rude. I'm the ambassador of the country of Chicchaina.
This is the minister of our country, Guroro Sukaka.
Minister? Isn't that someone great?
How come you are here?
Miss Melmo, we were thinking of inviting you to Chicchaina.
I'll bring my mom.
It seems like Melmo has a mother.
There's no way she does...
Busy, busy...
Thank you for waiting. Welcome.
Ma'am, this is Guroro Sukaka from Chicchaina.
Nice to meet you, I'm Melmo's mother.
In fact, ma'am, we organize world children's festival every year in our country.
Your daughter, Melmo, has been selected as a representative of Japan this year.
How fabulous!
I'd like to escort right away, but ma'am...
how would you feel about it?
I'll get my things ready right away.
Umm, the one we'd like to escort is not you, ma'am, but Miss Melmo...
My mistake!
Huh? This belt isn't coming off.
Something wrong?
Mr. Guroro, can you unbuckle this belt?
Miss Melmo, you seem to know about the magic of rejuvenation.
Hiding won't do. I've already investigated about it thoroughly.
I'd like for you to share that secret.
If you say no,
you won't be able to return to Japan forever.
Rejuvenation? Who am I going to rejuvenate?
Anyone is fine.
If you do the job,
I'll get you back to Japan.
How does this sound?
No! I don't like you!
Get me back to Japan!
Put her to sleep.
Hey! What should I do with this candy?
Throw it away.
Hey, pick this candy up.
She's a girl who was brought to a country she doesn't know at all.
Be a little nicer to her. All right?
I'm sorry.
Open the gate!
I put the girl in the second floor.
You will be in charge of disclosing the secret from her.
It's for His Majesty. Figure it out no matter what.
Leave it to me.
I'm heading to the palace now.
Where am I?
Melmo, you are awake.
You don't have to worry now.
I'll make sure to get you back home.
But not now.
You are a captive.
Sadly, there's nothing you can do.
If you talk a little about it, you will be able to go back right away.
The magic of rejuvenating a person,
whether it's a spell or a method,
you can tell it to this Doctor Waregarasu.
Then, please go ahead.
All right, Doctor?
Whether you are just a man or a doctor, I'm not going to tell you my secret.
I don't think you know the secret anyway.
Kids start to think they are saying the true things
once they start believing in it, even if it's a lie.
I'm not lying! It's real. I'm just not telling you.
Rejuvenation? It's only a myth!
I don't buy it!
All right, then! Check if I'm lying or not!
Look, how is it?
Your trick is pretty good.
You only switched bodies.
You still don't believe it? Then, mark my body with this.
How foolish.
All right.
Look, it's the same, right? Believe me!
Nope! You are hypnotizing me.
You are determined to not believe me, huh?
Then, I'll do it right in front of you!
I don't want you to!
Do you really think you can go back to Japan safely
if you tell the secret of rejuvenation?
You will surely get killed.
I don't want to be! I want to go back!
That's why you shoud escape this place without telling me the secret!
Do you understand?
You are nice! I like you!
I don't care whether you like me or not.
I hate girls clinging.
Don't be so upset and tell me.
What is the king of this country like?
He always sucks up to other countries.
To say it clearly, I hate him! Citizens hate him too!
But why does he do that?
He does politics as he pleases.
He does things no matter how much people object it.
He's a scary king.
So if you rejuvenate the king, it's going to turn into something big.
But is it all right?
If you get heard by someone, you will be in trouble.
You don't neet to worry.
There is no hidden wiretap in this room. I checked several times.
And what about your body?
It's all right!
My! These are not my shoes!
When did I get them switched?
There's mic hidden in this shoe!
I'm in trouble...
What is it?
We are going to dance now.
Let's tap dance.
Oh my!
Did it work?
Just like what I thought. She's down for sure.
Hey, you are pretty good considering you are just a kid.
That's right.
Are you sure you can get bigger again like earlier without using tricks?
That's right.
Then, get bigger and wear this woman's clothes. You are going to disguise as this woman.
All right!
Mister, close your eyes until I say I'm done.
It's not like we are playing hide-and-seek;
I'm going to look at it with my eyes wide open.
I can't believe it! It's a miracle!
Please keep your eyes closed for a little longer.
How come she's taking her clothes off so indifferently next to me?
You can't look this way.
It fits you perfectly like it was made for you!
Will this help us to fool them?
By the way, where is that woman?
This is her?
Yes. I made her into a kid.
Let's put her to sleep instead of me.
She will pass out once she wakes up.
We will escape now.
I'll teach you how to.
All right?
Put this hat on and don't let your face be shown.
Keep walking like this and get on the car.
Will this be okay?
If it were okay, we wouldn't be having such difficulty.
Someone's coming.
It's Bumpkin. Be careful!
Hide, quick!
Get out!
Stupid! What do you think you are doing to the general?
I'm sorry!
You can go to prison for this.
But I will be generous and let you go. Instead, you should get your butt bit by the dog, too.
Excuse me?
I'm telling you to get bit!
Yes, sir!
Bite my butt!
It's an order! If you don't do it, I will go to prison!
Why are you running away? Stop! Stop!
Get in that car!
Two of you, stop there!
Are we okay? They are chasing us!
Of course! Did you think they would let us go or something?
All right? Hold on tightly!
Let's hide!
Now I'm a betrayer.
If we get on a train passing here, we might be safe.
That might be too difficult for a girl, though.
I have a good idea.
I will become a baby and you will carry me into the train.
Stupid! How are you going to turn into a baby?
Become a baby?
It works! If I take a red candy from this bottle, I will get ten years younger,
and get ten years older if I take a blue candy.
So if I take them enough, I can be a baby or an old woman.
No way!
If that's true, then this can also
work for animals for them to be born again?
In other words,
a long, long, long time ago, the ancestor of human was fish.
Fish used to be the smartest animal before.
Over billions of years, it changed
and turned into a frog or lizard-looking animal.
Then it turned into beasts,
then into human beings, at last. This is called evolution.
So a baby goes through this same evolution
inside mother's womb.
In the beginning, it starts off like a fish, turns into a lizard, a beast,
and then finally becomes a baby.
Then, what happens if a baby gets born in the midst of this evolution?
Human being will become another animal.
So if you return to being animal, you will be able to escape without getting caught.
How does this sound? Do you understand?
Surely I'll be able to return to being human though, right?
I think you will, but I won't know until you actually try.
I will try it.
If I were you...
Mister, teach me how I should do it.
Hmm... Two red candies and a little piece of blue candy.
A little piece?
With a little piece, you will be able to change to the form before becoming a baby.
Hey, hey, you! Stop it! I'm not done yet!
How foolish!
Just like what I thought!
She became a mouse!
Do you recognize me?
It was only a logic, but I didn't expect her to really turn into an animal.
You are Melmo, do you remember that?
Do you really remember that?
It's a human-like mouse.
It's here.
Take this too!
What is this candy doing here?
Doctor Waregarasu, when you helped Melmo escape,
you must have figured out her secret of rejuvenation.
I don't know anything!
You are in no position of going against me.
I'm going to sentence you to death if you don't talk.
All right, start talking.
Bring that in.
Miracle candy.
If you take a blue one, you will get ten years older,
and if you take a red one, you will get ten years younger.
What is that? Tell me the details.
It all started with a car accident.
Her mother was killed in a car accident.
I'm not here to listen to that kind of stuff!
The mother died and went to heaven.
In heaven, god said, "I'll grant your one last wish."
And so?
She asked him to turn Melmo into an adult.
As he said earlier, he had to keep his promise.
So he gave that candy.
She appeared in Melmo's dream and taught her how to use that candy.
Then, the one who was watching Melmo turned into a baby because...
Exactly. We made her take the red candy.
Where is that candy?
I threw that mouse and candy bottle into the train.
Before I got caught.
Hello, this is the captain's office.
Yes, I did find a candy bottle.
I'm keeping it.
There are red and blue candies.
Huh? Test it with an animal?
I can't. I will take it myself.
All right. I'll test it with a dog or something.
I really don't get what this minister's doing.
Test a lost article with an animal?
There is a mouse caught here!
It would be the same if I test it with this one.
Here, take each one of red and blue ones.
What is happening?
It disappeared!
Oh my gosh! A ghost!
Mister, I'm sorry I shocked you.
You saved me. Thank you.
I'm getting this back.
This one knows how to use magic.
Don't move! Witch!
Here, Melmo. Now give up and just give me the candy.
No, it's a very precious candy I got from my mom!
I won't give it to someone bad!
Give it to me! If you don't, you will be sentenced to death!
No! No! No!
Melmo, we can't help it. Just hand them to him.
If a bad one uses it, a punishment will surely follow.
His Highness is entering!
Gurorosu, well done.
Hurry and give me those candies.
Hurry, give them to me.
Are you Melmo?
When this is over, you will go to prison for 50 years.
Red ones are for rejuvenation?
Ten years per each one?
I'm going to get 50 years younger and continue to be the king.
You should get younger as well, Guroro.
My honor, Your Majesty.
Then, let's take it.
They just took blue candies.
Guroro must have mistaken something.
He can notice it though, right?
In fact, Minister Guroro had an eye problem
and couldn't distinguish the colors of candies.
He was mistaken and took blue candies.
Thanks to you, this country can now greet a new period.
Children can also be of help, right?
It all happened because you had such things!
I'm not going to let anyone have this.
It's a keepsake from my mom!

Because it's the candy of happiness
I'd like to give it to you as well
I will know about tomorrow now Missing hope,
tears of love
Be quiet and give yourself Don't leave, don't leave
I'm the daughter who carries happiness, Melmo.