Thanksgiving Message from Station Crew

Uploaded by ReelNASA on 18.11.2011

Hi, I'd like to welcome you aboard the International Space Station.
I'm Dan Burbank, the commander of Expedition 30, and we're here getting ready
to celebrate Thanksgiving, just like lots and lots of folks are doing
in the United States right now, back home.
And as wonderful as it is to live onboard space station, experience weightlessness,
have this glorious view of planet Earth below us, there's probably one downside,
especially when it comes toward the holidays, and that's being away from family and friends.
And the one good thing that we have right now is we're able to talk to our family
and our loved ones on a pretty regular basis.
And we can also see them and do a videoconference with them on Sundays.
But still it's not quite the same as being there for the holidays with them.
We do the best we can up here, and we're all fortunate to be here.
We're also fortunate to have some folks that'll cook
up special meals for us, prepare them for us.
So for Thanksgiving, just like a lot of folks are going
to do back home, we're going to have...
let's see...
Well, we're going to have some smoked turkey, home-style potatoes, cornbread dressing, corn,
green beans, plenty of vegetables, just like the pilgrims, and some cranberries.
And for dessert, what could be better than cherry-blueberry cobbler?
So, again, we're going to be missing all the family and friends back home.
We're going to hopefully get a chance to talk to them.
We're going to enjoy some great food.
We're going to enjoy a view of planet Earth from here.
We're going to be real thankful for the opportunity that we have
to fly aboard this magnificent space station.
And we're going to be thankful for the love and the support
of all the folks that we have back home.
So, with you from the International Space Station, best wishes,
best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving and the holidays to follow,
and we'll look forward to seeing you back home soon.