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A movie produced during the vacations
By G. Schützer and Lésio Munácio
Hey, dude!
so... why are you in your pijamas?
it's 15 to one...
in the morning...
oh... So we could spend the night up!
Sure, dude! See, I brought my camera!
thats... thats awesome! I wanna see the sun rising today!
let's go!
(It's a Metamovie)
but don't expect any metaphors
it smells good!
the attack of the bubble!
Dude, let's change clothes!
Why? You think you're in a 15 year old party, or something?
- Let's change! - Yeah!
- Dude... you know what would be cool? - What?
Immagine we could make clones!
- Dude, that's easy! - What do you mean?
How you doing?
Duuuuude! That's cool! How do you do it?
Er... Focus. I don't know, I just know it works... Just focus!
I'm gonna drink some Toddy.
... on a second thought, I'm gonna drink some Nescau. I don't like Toddy.
- Why? - It reminds me of Toddynho. It's to sweet. - No, it isn't!
Ok, I'm gonna have some Toddy. But it's too sweet.
Remember those times when you travel away with your family...
... then you stop in a bakery early in the morning to eat a bread with cheese and a Toddy?
so, I always think the Toddy will be good, but when I drink it, it makes me sick!
Of course not! I've allways been able to drink a lot of Toddy, and I always wanted more, with some bread and cheese...
Raul Seixas is no rock, dude...
Raul Seixas IS rock!
hm-hm, it's good, but...
- Raul Seixas is no rock. - How would you classify "Sociedade Alternativa"?
- I don't know, but it's not rock, it's different... - It IS rock, dude!
It isn't! They say it's rock because of media stuff...
No! Have you never seen him singing elvis presley?
Ok, but that's Elvis Presley! Raul's songs are not rock...
That's just because people wanna say there is Brazillian rock!
- "Eu Nasci há 10000 Anos Atrás": is this rock?? - Yeah!
- It isn't! - Is! - Isn't!
The line of the bass...
"Quem Não Tem Colírio Usa Óculos Escuros" has a guitar solo!
Never heard this one...
How come??? "Como Vovó Já Dizia"!
Let's take this for an example...
It's a sort of a vinegar gel...
Tell me, what do you think of it?
It's weird, dude... it's soft...
- Would you use it in your salad? - No. - I wouldn't!
Where is your mobile phone?
I forgot it in the car!
Look at this margarine... It's butter flavoured!
How cool would it be if the lighs went off?
It would be awesome!
Dude... wanna hear a funny word?
Hey, dude!
"It's a Metamovie"
by G. Schützer and Lésio Munácio
special thanks to: Woody Allen (for the inspiration, in the beginning), Art Blakey, Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, Focus, The Sims, John Williams, AC/DC (for the bells),
to the Computer (for the cooperation) (NOT) and Rowan Atkinson (for the inspiration at the end).