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For your second essay you will be writing on Joan Didion’s essay “On Going Home”.
I expect you to continue building on the skills that you focused on in your first essay. This
paper, which should be 3 to 6 pages in length, should demonstrate an understanding of Didion’s
main points, as well as an explanation of the things that a less careful reader might
miss. This means that you will need to reread Didion several times, and perhaps reread the
postings on the discussion board or do some research for the essay. Beginning with this
essay you will need to cite all quotations and sources, including Didion’s essay, according
to MLA guidelines. That means you will correctly cite sources within the paper, and then include
a Works Cited page (not a bibliography) at the end. I will warn you that many students
tend to try to reduce Didion’s relationship to her home by using the simplistic cliché
“home is where the heart is.” Perhaps this is true for her, but it doesn’t really
sum up the complex relationship she has with her home. Good luck!