06 Miriam & Rebecca - English&Spanish subs (cc) - 7 Dec 2010

Uploaded by MiriBecca on 07.12.2010

Oh, hello Rebecca! How are you doing?
Fine, thank you!
There's Constantin. Let's ask him some questions.
Hello, Constantin!
Hello! - Hello!
Hey! Would you like something to drink?
Err... no, thank you. Or yes, a coke please!
And? How's it going at the flatshare?
Well, with a little child. That's surely a big change, I think.
Right, Rebecca?
Yes, yes, right, I think so too!
Well, I got myself some earplugs for sleeping, and other than that the little girl's really sweet.
Well, I got the impression that the two of them are pretty much out of their depth.
Well, considering they've never had a child before, I think they're doing pretty well.
Yes, especially when you haven't had a child before, you should appreciate it when other people are trying to support you, and not offend them.
Yeah, Charlie and I kept an eye on Lilly yesterday. And we told them our opinions about some things.
Yes, but that wasn't welcome.
Here you go.
Hello everyone! - Oh, hello!
Imagine! The two of them want to go on a bike tour with the little girl, in the middle of winter!
So what? Sounds nice!
Yes, but it's way too cold for that.
Yes! What do you say, Lydia?
Well, I think you shouldn't interfere in the parent's business, without being asked to.
Exactly! Shouldn't Christian and Olli gain their own experiences?
Of course, they should. But a few tips won't hurt anybody.
Yes, right, a few tips.
But if everyone butts in, then everything get screwed up. You should know!
Yes, sure.