Gönülçelen )) Episode 20 - Part 6/6 [English Subtitles]

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(Gülnaz is mad cause Cobra gave credit to Saime for Hasret's success)
why are you so silent..
did I say something wrong on tv?
no.. but do you think it's wise to talk so much about Murat?
It might be misinterpreted
Also you shouldn't speak much about your past either
why not? I was telling the truth
I mean I talked about my feelings
look Hasret
If you want to get a place in this market
you'll have to forget about your feelings
The important thing is your name and yourself
It won't be good for you when you talk of Murat so much
This might even hurt you.. also it's strategically wrong
you must attract the attention to yourself not to other people
I know this is your first live interview
and I must have expected more than you could give
You'll learn in time
But until then just follow my lead.. OK
And don't speak so much of Murat in your other interviews
OK I'm not saying don’t use the information he taught you
But If you want to be successful
You must look ahead not behind you
Murat is now in your past ok?
Oh calm down Nesrin
I can't be calm
She kept talking about him.. he taught me to sing.. he trained me..
are you aware of what's going on?
Hasret was live on Tv
so what?
well she kept talking about you.. she used you to be famous
look mom I don't care about such stuff..
so don’t be upset.. good evening
ok.. we'll get over all this.. don’t be upset..
It must've been a tiring day
very tiring
you should get used to this tempo
are you trying to scare me off?
no I'm telling you the truth
would you like an advice?
don’t think tonight and go to bed immediately
I'll try
- Good night - to you too
do you want me to help?
no no.. It's finished anyway
this could be Hasret..
welcome.. It was so nice.. So good. You spoke beautifully
oh my dear sweet sister…
Oh did you grow up and go on TV?
You were so beautiful
we couldn't take our eyes off you
Balçiçek was so jealous she turned purple.. Oh my dearest..
ok.. Sister.. that’s enough
Oh I can't help myself
I wanna hug you and squeeze you..
come on upstairs and tell me how it was?
Did you see famous people there? Were the cameramen handsome??
would you like to tell us who it is?
he's a very valuable person
he taught me what real music is
I learned how it felt to sing properly
he lives for music he's unique.. one of a kind
not many people receive so many compliments nowadays
do you know how good it feels to see you on TV?
I was so proud.. beaming..
my hands went all cold
and those 5 minutes felt like a thousand years
but you spoke like a professional.. oh my lovely sister..
I hope Murat hoca won't be angry about what I said
why should he?
let me reheat this tea..
does Mr. Murat have a magic wand!
no he doesn't have a magic wand
It's just that he has infinite knowledge about music
All you have to do is surrender yourself to his able hands
and feel the music that is in his heart
I made egss and potatoes.. will you have some?
oh you've lost weight.. eat some.. give her some
and you?
I'll take some later
no no I won’t have tea.. I've to go
what do you have another interview?
No I have other stuff to do with Levent
ok Bye
good morning
are you going out?
I'm going to school. Why are you up so early?
I was actually going to call you
but I thought it would be better if I came and spoke to you
so it must be important
did you watch the live broadcast yesterday?
yes Hasret was live on Tv
oh.. so?
well when they were speaking she mentioned your name
she said you tutored her
so? What’s the big deal?
I don’t know
Maybe you thought I made her say it
for advertisement purposes you know
But I didn't make her say those things
She said it on her own accord
so nice of her.. well I am off.. I'm running late
(Kadir goes out and says he's going to work)
(Cobra and Gülnaz follow him to see what he's up to)
oh Koray I forgot the newspapers
can you bring them to me please?
(By chance Kadir’s boss wants him back)
(So Gülnaz thinks Cobra has been lying to her)
(He swears he saw her with a girl the other day..)
(Gülnaz does not believe him)
“Is there a new Love in the horizon”
hello sir
what are you doing here?
I want to attend your class as well