Interview with Dendi @ TECHLABS Cup RU 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 18, 2012

- Dendi
- Hello.
- You’ve just beat DTS.
How do you feel was the game?
- It was awesome.
I was feeding too much,
but in general it was okay.
- Did you feel discomfort when DTS picked Invoker?
- No discomfort at all.
We knew that everything was good.
They had almost nothing to fight against us.
It was hard for them to attack.
That’s all.
- What will you say about the Roshan fight?
- I had no ultimate as I casted it on rune instead of teleport.
It was misclick.
The keyboard was not mine.
I used the new SteelSeries one,
as my own keyboard is too shabby.
I didn’t get used to the new one.
- How was the game without Puppey?
- Amazing!
You know, I have something on my mind…
why don’t we shift Puppey with GoD?
- And if speaking seriously?
Or you were serious?
- Playing with GoD was awesome.
- You had a game right after the flight.
Did you feel tired?
- No, I feel great.
- How do you like the administration?
Crowds of people walk here.
They make photos, ask to sign autographs.
- Postsoviet countries move forward.
I’ve never seen anything like this before.
- Is it comparable to China or other Asian countries?
- Well, it is.
- What are your plans for today?
- I’m planning to have a cup of cold coffee
which I ordered before the game.
- I see.
Thank you for the interview.
Good luck.