How to repair Wood Furniture At Home by Pottery Barn

Uploaded by PotteryBarn on 15.09.2010

Furniture Repairs Made Easy
This is our entryway
bench and antique ride and today what I want to do I want to show how to
how to repair some of these damages. We need
a rough patch, a soft patch
the plastic card,
the hard one and a wax stick
and a touch up pen and and pretty much
all these items
available locally at your grocery store or hardware store. Before we start
and go ahead and work on that
we look at the surface
the first thing is to check on the color tone,
of the pen to see it's matching
to the surface that we will repair,
and it's a very very good match,
here we have a lot of holes
and it looks quite damaged and what you do is you take your wax stick
and you rub in some wax
and see how easy it is to fill it? Now we can see I've filled all these holes of the damage
and to test it now
the plastic card drive or whatever you have,
I just put the sharp edge here,
that on the surface and we remove the excess wax.
Take your pad and you rub
in the grain direction,
and you clean up
all the excess
wax on the surface,
it looks really amazing, there are just a few spots where substrates of the wood
is looking through,
and what we do,
we take our white touch up pen,
dab a little bit,
on the surface and just take your time
look at how nice that looks,
you let it dry for about two or three hours
and then you can use it.
We want to repair our Montego pedestal table
in our Mahogany finish. We want
to repair that really deep
damage what we have here, we have the mahogany color tone here
burnishing here
the dark area here, so the way we start out is first
Color tone
all the very deep scratch
with the Mahogany tone, you do that very very light, and rub away the excess material
so you've blend it in right away.
What we do
first is we rub very hard with a lot of pressure,
and just fill it,
and then you remove the excess material,
look at how clean that looks here.
And then on the edge you just take your pad,
and recreate the way you use the table edge, and now you can see the difference
from the Mahogany, expecially on the edge.
We will start off first with a black edge,
and we feather in the color tone,
and now we're using our
mahogany color tone marker,
we do very very small dabs, and it blends in
to the surrounding surface.
Okay now we are done, with great results repairing the furniture,
It looks amazing the final result.
Pottery Barn