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DanceOn hits the red carpet for Glee the 3D Concert Movie.
Glee Project tests contestants believability, and
POTENTiALcelebrity re-caps the Teen Choice Awards.
This is Just Dance for August 11, 2011.
It's me, Sheena.
It is a gorgeous summer day here in New York City.
But more importantly, I am super excited about the fact
that DanceOn was at the LA World Premiere
of Glee the 3D Movie.
Now, I know a lot of you guys can handle a lot of Glee in
your lives, but can you handle it in 3D?
This summer movie documents the entire tour across the
United States and Europe of the Glee cast.
And DanceOn was there.
Let's check out what went down.
MALE SPEAKER: How was it adapting the
choreography for the tour?
ZACH WOODLEY: Well, we actually had two and a half
days to put the show on its feet.
So we had a great group of dancers that worked as a
skeleton crew that we intertwined the whole show and
set it all on them and then showed the cast and then sat
back and crossed our fingers.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: If you missed the tour or you want re-live
it in 3D, this movie hits theaters tomorrow, August 12.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: The more I've been watching The Glee
Project, the more I absolutely love it.
I can't wait to find out if there's going
to be a second season.
It seems producers are in talks for it, so we'll keep
our fingers crossed.
Right now, we are down to the final five, only two more
episodes left.
Who is going to take away that spot on the
third season of Glee.
MALE SPEAKER: Tell us about when Zach
tested your dance skills.
How was that?
Zach's always pushing us.
It was great.
I needed it.
I really did need it to see where I was, where I was with
dancing, and how far I could push myself and become better
of a dancer.
MALE SPEAKER: What has been the hardest challenge you've
had the whole season?
ALEX NEWELL: I would have probably been Tenacity.
With the slushies and the dancing on the floor--
yeah, that was pretty hard.
HANNAH MCIALWAIN: Honestly, I think the lesson that I've
walked away with is just know who you are and know that
you're good enough.
And just be confident and believe in yourself.
As cheesy as that sounds, that's
really what I've learned.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: What did we think of the long-awaited Teen
Choice Awards?
We've been keeping tabs with Kevin from The Skorpion Show
and also, POTENTiALcelebrity Mia, who we're going throw
this to right now for her thoughts
on some of the winners.
MIA: Hey guys, it's Mia, POTENTiALcelebrity, and I'm
back to tell you about the TCA winners.
Best reality female star went to Kim Kardashian.
We all wanted Laurieann Gibson to win for her new reality TV
dance show.
So You Think You Can Dance's Cat Deeley, the host, she
presented an award.
And she looked beautiful--
gorgeous as ever.
Ultimate Choice went to Taylor Swift, and you can tell in her
acceptance speech that she's very genuine.
She was very thankful.
Rebecca Black won Choice Web Star--
no comment.
And TV Comedy for the second year in a row went to Glee.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Ever since the season finale with Lady
Gaga on Saturday Night Live, I have been
craving a new episode.
Enough with the re-runs.
Well, my wish is about to come true.
The 37th season is about to drop, its premier episode
being hosted by Alec Baldwin.
Once Alec hosts this episode, he will be at 16 times hosting
the show, surpassing the record held by Steve Martin.
Everybody knows the famous line, "nobody puts Baby in a
corner." Well, you're about to hear it again, because the
Dirty Dancing classic is about to be re-made by director
Kenny Ortega, who was the choreographer for the original
1987 classic, which is pretty cool.
We'll see his new spin on it.
What I'm really excited about is casting.
Who is going to play Baby?
Let me know who you think would be a good choice--
nifty comment box.
Last week on So You Think You Can Dance, the Top 6 performed
for Christina Applegate and Lil' C. In my opinion, this
was some of the best choreography and the most
heartfelt performances of the entire season.
Loved Sonja Tayeh's jazz routine featuring
Caitlynn and Marco.
Tyce Diorio came out with an awesome contemporary piece
using Sasha, All-Star Kent, and the wall.
And also, I think Spencer Liff really proved himself as a
choreographer with the Broadway routine between
Melanie and Tadd.
In the end, we had to say goodbye to Caitlynn and Ricky.
Great dancing guys, and we'll see you on tour.
Let's see what happened when DanceOn ran into our Final 4
on the red carpet of the Glee movie premier.
MALE SPEAKER: Did you guys even feel the past month?
I feel like it went by like that.
MELANIE: So quickly.
I don't know.
I'm so surprised that there's only a week left.
TADD: Yeah.
MARKO: We're definitely just trying to soak it in, try and
enjoy this last week that we have, and
then go on tour, baby.
Don't forget to buy a ticket.
SASHA: So excited for tour-- so excited.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Last night, our Top 4 had the biggest
night of their lives, dancing for the grand prize of
$250,000 and the title of America's Favorite Dancer.
Click here to check out what they had to say.

Well, it wouldn't be summer if you didn't spend at least one
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And that's exactly what this next music video
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It's entitled "Different" by
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And choreographer Michael Rooney brings tons of fun to
the music video by adding in synchronized swimming, a
little boy with flippers dancing around, old ladies
lunching at the pool.
It's just super cute and you have to check it out.

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